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Old 08-17-2001, 09:46 PM   #1
The Fly
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Well I couldn't agree with you more block, and I also believe that teachers should pass the tests. I have had many ignorant teachers that did such a poor job teaching me the material that I had done all of the learning on my own time. I believe most teachers, in Ontario (the only ones I have had experiance with) have lost the drive to actually help students. I believe that this could be attributed to the whole ideas Mike Harris brought into play, regardless I find it rediculous that teachers wont even consider taking the test.

I am also sick and tired of teachers actually thinking that they are superior to their pupils. I have been told by teachers such things as "you shouldn't be allowed to breed" now I dont know what you consider abuse martha, but in my book that is not healthy to a student's mental well-being. Most teachers dont even care for the students overall success, both in shcool and in life.

Now I'm not saying that there are no good teachers out there, but they are too few and far between to make an inpact on students. The whole education system in Ontario is going downhill, but it is not because of the changes imposed by Mike Harris, but because of the teachers inability to see past their own bloated ego, and to realise that teaching is not some sort of holy job. It is a job that like all others should be well done, and should like most other jobs have criteria that employees must meet. Take the tests, because after all if you know the material there should be nothing to worry about.

And please martha dont flame me for this... I am by no means saying you are a poor teacher, but the majority of teachers simply dont care anymore

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The Original
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I have plenty of good teachers. And it's usually the good ones that are most concerned with what Harris is doing.

I also have lots of bad teachers, and strangely they seem to be more in support of Harris than the others. Maybe it's just a weird coincidence, but it is certainly weird.

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I ain't bitin' and I ain't checkin' back. Have a fun life.

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The Fly
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ya, i replied again in "EXPLAIN TO ME WHY!!!" , i don't feel like copying it into this so if you want to see what i had to say (mostly its for you martha) just check it out
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