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Symphonic Album Mini-Game: Round 5, Heat 5

Please vote for the tracklisting you LIKE THE MOST.

Welcome to the fifth and final heat of the fifth round of the Symphonic Album Mini-Game. The object of this game is to see which forum member can create the best concept album no longer than 80 minutes.

In this heat, Irishteen and COBL_04 go head to head. Below are their playlists. An update on the standings will be posted after the completion of each round.

If you don't know the songs, or wish to hear how each tracklisting flows, leave your e-mail address and we'll help you out.

Forum Name: Irishteen

Title: This Is Where Your Sanity Gives In...

Concept: It took ages for me to come up with a concept for this competition, but one day it all came to me. A Story just popped in my head and I tried to put songs to it and this is the end product. In short "This Is Where..." is the story of a Crime of Passion in which a man, finding out his wife is cheating on him, leaves his home and heads to a motel. His heartbroken thoughts soon turn to anger and this leads him to decide to kill his wife. However after doing this deed, he realises he can't live with himself and takes his own life as well. Several Songs tell each part of the story. Songs 2 - 7 are about the wife cheating on the husband and him finding out. Songs 8 and 9 deal with the time in the motel, while songs 10-12 deal with the anger taking over his mind. Songs 13-17 deal with the Murder-Suicide itself. The first and final song (especially their opening and closing lines respectively) give a brief summary of the playlist as a whole. So that's basically the story/concept of my playlist, but what I think is most important is that you enjoy it, so...please do.

1. The Cardigans - "Paralyzed" - Gran Turismo (4:57)
2. The Smiths - "Pretty Girls Make Graves" - The Smiths (3:43)
3. The Verve - "Space and Time" - Urban Hymns (5:36)
4. Joy Division - "She's Lost Control" - Substance (4:54)
5. The Boomtown Rats - "(She's Gonna) Do You In" - The Boomtown Rats (3:54)
6. Franz Ferdinand - "Cheating On You" - Franz Ferdinand (2:36)
7. Electric Light Orchestra - "Evil Woman" - ELO's Greatest Hits (4:21)
8. Gary Moore - "Empty Rooms" - Victims Of The Future (6:35)
9. Modest Mouse - "Little Motel" - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank (4:44)
10. Queen - "I Want To Break Free" - The Works (4:18)
11. Nouvelle Vague - "The Killing Moon" - Bande a Part (3:38)
12. Halves - "Take Exact Revenge" - Halves EP (3:45)
13. Morrissey - "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" - Ringleader Of The Tormentors (2:59)
14. Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" - Talking Heads: 77 (4:20)
15. The Cure - "Siamese Twins" - Pornography (5:28)
16. U2 - "Exit" - The Joshua Tree (4:13)
17. The Decemberists - "We Both Go Down Together" - Picaresque (3:06)
18. Radiohead - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" - The Bends (4:12)

Total Runtime: 1:17:19

Forum Name: COBL_04

My playlist from the start was not going to be a concept where each song told part of a story, as I said I don't have the brain for that, wish I did though! My concept is basically just centred around how my life kinda is. There's a lot of gloomy moments, but plenty of reasons to keep plugging away. At the heart of this playlist is a man who is quite depressed about his life, unhappy, down in the dumps. This is the first half of the playlist, where experiences anger (Chop Suey!, Stockholm Syndrome), Sadness (Mad World, Heaven Can Wait), constant worry (This Unavoidable Thing Between Us, Don't Forget Me, The One, The Gank). He hits rock bottom when thoughts of suicide creep into his mind (Quicksand). But all of sudden, WHAM! Life takes an unexpected turn for our protagonist. This is represented perfectly by Good Morning Good Morning, because the song goes bang and straight away wipes him out of his slumber, but the early lyrics are still despondent. But then everything changes with the lyric 'heading for home you start to roam then you're in town". Now everyone this man sees is full of life, as opposed to the total darkness he was seeing before. From here on there is not much of a story, just a few songs I pieced together because they express (to me anyway) happiness and are uplifting, although in most of the songs you can still see the doubt in the back of this man's mind. The final piece is Eclipse, which expresses happiness in the music, but if you look closely at the lyrics there is still some doubt there. I wanted to end on a 100% happy note, but wanted to express that even though this man is now happier, there are still times of doubt and despondency.

My final note is that I feel that people will probably have some quandaries with my playlist, and the interpretations of some of the songs. I just want to say this is how I have interpreted the songs, and they feel in the right place to me. I tried to focus on the music and the lyrics together. If you disagree, say so, but I am proud with the turnout, so, well, deal with it I guess.

Thank you!

it's twilight breaking through - a different kind of blue

1. System of a Down - "Chop Suey!" - Toxicity (3:30)
2. blink-182 - "Stockholm Syndrome" - blink-182 (2:41)
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Don't Forget Me" - By the Way (4:37)
4. Evermore - "This Unavoidable Thing Between Us" - Dreams (5:02)
5. The Wallflowers - "I Started a Joke" - Zoolander Soundtrack (3:08)
6. Gary Jules - "Mad World" - Donnie Darko Soundtrack (3:07)
7. Meat Loaf - "Heaven Can Wait" - Bat Out of Hell (4:41)
8. Nelly - "The Gank" - Nellyville (4:48)
9. Limp Bizkit - "The One" - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog 10. Flavored Water (5:43)
11. David Bowie - "Quicksand" - Hunky Dory (5:07)
12. The Beatles - "Good Morning Good Morning" - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (2:41)
13. U2 - "A Sort of Homecoming" - The Unforgettable Fire (5:28)
14. Silverchair - "Straight Lines" - Young Modern (4:17)
15. Crowded House - "Recurring Dream" - Afterglow (3:24)
16. The Verve - "Bittersweet Symphony" - Urban Hymns (5:56)
17. Passengers - "Beach Sequence" - Original Soundtracks 1 (3:31)
18. Paul Colman Trio - "I Dream" - New Map of the World (4:44)
19. Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed" - McCartney (3:53)
20. Pink Floyd - "Eclipse" - Dark Side of the Moon (2:04)

UP NEXT: Screwtape2 vs. Axver

Competition master list.

Have fun!

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This one is actually a bit closer than I thought it would be. I'll have to think about it.

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Guess I'll have to vote for myself, because so far no one else has
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Irishteen all the way.

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Irishteen. His list has a great concept and nothing by Limp Bizkit.

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Irishteen. All the songs are good.
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Originally posted by Lemonchick
Irishteen all the way.

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desert island

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