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Stupid Tommy commercials

I think it's a Tommy commercial. Anyway, they're playing "Fortunate Son" by CCR and showing the U.S. Flag, and all this artificial so-called American except for the people that really live here crap. Anyway, it's stupid, because the song is a vietnam protest song, and they play the "Some folks are born to raise the flag, yeah the red, white and blue" but cut it off before the real song gets started, the whole "it ain't me" part. It's stupid. It's anti-Vietnam, against what the US was doing at the time, and they're using it to sell an "all-American" product. Sheesh.

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I read an interesting column the other day(don't remember where), which talked about how mainstream America (whatever that means...i guess media, pop culture, opinioists, commentators, etc.) are trying to embrace the Vietnam years; spin doctoring them to make the war and America's participation in it more positive, to help get over the bad taste it left in everyone's psyche's and how divisive it made the country (kinda like the revisionist revival around Ronald Reagan, and how great and visionary he was). Interesting used all these examples of people (like the Toronto Blue Jay's ex-manager, and some famous university professor, etc...forget their, i'm forgetting a lot of things!) who've said recently they "fought in 'Nam," when they were no where near Vietnam...they were back in the States. I think this is all sort of an outgrowth of America after the Cold War, left as the only super power. Kind of a "we won and we can't do no wrong" attitude that leads to a semi-revision of history, which can be dangerous. But, that would probably be giving too much credit to Tommy Hilfucker. Most of that company's demographic was probably born in 1979 and after. However, these kids' parents, who probably pay for the kids' clothes, remember those '60s songs...prolly makes them misty and nostalgic enough to hand over their wallets and Gold Visa Cards to the kids and blow the money on clothes probably made by some 10-year-old kid in Vietnam. (Ok, ok...just kidding for rant's sake. I have no clue where Tommy H. makes his clothes!)
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