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i never watched star trek , prefered Star Wars anyways
however , it's so sad that they're closing
hope and think , they will re-open the freakin thing
yes it's cheap
but the bald guy and the singer guy ( william shatner ??) were quite good
they need new ideas , that's all

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I think Star Trek is great. It has a hopeful idealistic view of the future. Many of their concepts have become real devices in our everyday life. Star Trek introduced us to computers that talked, automatically opening doors, little devices called communicators without wires, other devices which could detect air or mineral quality called tricorders, little computers which could be held in your hand and hold large sums of information. Other science fiction has talked about devices like these too but Star Trek was a household name and everyone knew what the shows were about. It's impact on pop culture and science is without comparison. Remarkably, all these devices exist in our world today. We have voice activated smart home technology, automatic doors are common,cellphones are everywhere, scientists have invented a device dubbed the tricorder in honour of Star Trek which does tests on atmosphere and minerals, and laptops and palmpilots are popular too. This is the gift of science fiction. It awakens the imagination and scientists have been working on teleportation for years now but are far far away from figuring it out. Ion propulsion was used on a recent probe sent out to explore the universe.

Star Trek was also groundbreaking in its mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds including an alien many years before it was considered to be acceptable . At the time, the was still a great amount of discrimination in society. Discrimination still exists and always will but it has been greatly diminshed. Today, in most parts of the world, people work together with others from all over the earth.

Gene Roddenberry had a wonderful vision of humanity and the Star Trek legacy has tried to bring that vision to life. Unfortunately, in our disposable 500 channel entertainment world, it is more difficult for a Star Trek show to capture the imagination of the average television viewer. Apparently, people want more Star Wars science fiction as opposed to the lesson based, higher learning and moral views of Star Trek ( although recent Star Trek developments have attempted to focus more on entertainment yet still did not capture the attention of the masses)

They will be back in a couple of years.


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