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Songs For Mom-Please Help!!

My mom, as some of you around here know, is one of the coolest mothers ever to walk the earth. She's funny as hell, cool, and has helped and given me more support this year than anyone else I know. I owe her my life, quite literally.

Anyways, I was thinking of how I could show my appreciation and the thought of making a cd for her came to mind. I plan on writing a letter to go along with it, and she's big on sentimentality, so she'll love this.

So, I need suggestions for songs to put on the cd. I'm having trouble filling some slots, as I have added funny songs, songs that will remind her of times we've had together ("Micky" by Toni Basil is going on this cause this summer we were going to some flea market and this came on and she just started singing it and we had a hard time calming down after laughing so hard, lol), but I want there to be a good mix of, "you supported me, I love you for it" songs too. Does that make sense?

Any help much appreciated.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters always works in these kinds of situations

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Sort of a 'duh' - maybe too cheesy? "Wind Beneath my Wings"......
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I was gonna say Wind Beneath my Wings too...that song always makes me

"Have I Told you Lately that I love you" Rod Stewart

"Time in a Bottle" Jim Croce

All I can think of is sentimental sappy stuff.....
"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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There was that one Boyz II Men song...

A song for Mama or something like that
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Sarah McLachlan wrote the song "Good Enough" about her mother, so maybe that would work?
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i know, daisy, sappy stuff is all i've been able to think of, too, lol

Ok, here's the list so I said, some are "fun" songs. Some might be removed, but let me know what you think, even though this is a personal cd to my mom, opinions are nice to have. lol

Because You Loved Me -Celine Dion (sappy as fuck, I know, but it's really true)
Wide Open Spaces -Dixie Chicks
Drive You Home -Garbage
Just the Two of Us -Dr Evil (we have jokes about Austin Powers, )
Fields of Gold -Sting (this song reminds her of her dad)
Good Mother -Jann Arden
I'll Stand By You -The Pretenders
Summer Rain -U2
If I Should Fall Behind -Bruce
Free Fallin' -Tom Petty
Salt of the Earth -The Rolling Stones
Mickey -Toni Basil (reasons already specified earlier)
Perfect Day -Lou Reed
Winter -Tori Amos (any other suggestions for Tori songs? I can't think of a one)
Two of Us -Beatles
In My Life -Beatles
Stand By Me -John Lennon
Promise To Try -Madonna

I like the S&G suggestion, and the Wind Beneath My Wings also, never thought of that. But yeah, this is going to be for Christmas, so...

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!
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i only got to the 3rd post in this thread and

I had to are very thoughtful POP-angel. I don't know you or your mom's story, but she sounds a darlin'.
i was moved when bonosloveslave suggested Wind Beneath My Wings.
I don't get to see my parents much, just o'night in school holidays. They are getting elderly now. During my last visit my dad said, "I don't want a funeral" he was very definite and He also said you'd better play "Wind Beneath My Wings" at your mother's funeral...great gosh almighty..reality.
So yes, tell your mum you love all the ways you can think of. Did I see "Fields of Gold" as I scanned thru the list? My sons are learning that song and Fragile on guitar at the moment. That makes me reap a reward , right now
I'll go read the rest, now I've got that bit out about my mom and music....

aww that is a great collection of beautiful songs and artists you have there. The sharing of music and it's deeper meaning is a nice a part of life eh? I have couple of tapes with the label "Mum's Music" on them for when my mum comes to visit.
We're so lucky to have them aren't we?
I hear a great long medley of songs 1930-80 when I think of my mother, she can play piano for hours...and hours. She's tops.
ahh another memory. Visiting with my hub's family in Melbourne for the first time..I was so nervous. After dinner his very very elderly grandfather played piano. I was!!!I somehow forgot my nerves when I heard him start to play a song that my mother also played . I sang it with him and I think it helped me connect with the dear old man. His wife had died not that much before then. It's an Irish ballad...Mother's an old old song

For I love the dear silver that shines in her hair and the brow that's so wrinkled and furrowed with care
I kiss the dear fingers so toil worn for me
Oh God bless her and keep her
Mother Macree

It's a bit(very) old-fashioned now, I just can't think of any current suggestions. I know a couple of Sinead and Queen songs about mother's but they are a bit sad really....
Mum's medley...Moonlight Bay, U are my honeysuckle I am the bee( bit U2ey that , wild honey , a common theme ), Cruisin' down the River and Sailor..I liked that one. She had a gazillion, she still has.
I am getting excited about Christmas really, mainly because of her. Thanks love


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