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Old 03-03-2005, 07:29 AM   #1
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so if your trying to eat right and you dont eat at home...

besides salads, what's considered "good food" and then, what's considered "bad food"?

i have access to a supermarket, plasticware, paper plates, and a microwave.

salads are great, but i'd like more variety.

maybe this thread can be used to enlighten other interlanders who work alot...

this morning i had a blueberry bagel with single serving of cream cheese. i know its alot of carbs and its probably bad.

anyone have any ideas of what's ok and not?

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When I was working during the summer I used to eat things like

Vegetable soup
Fruit and a big sandwich (no butter or mayo, just things like salad or tuna inside)
Chicken salad with wholegrain bread is something I really like because it's very easy to make

When I have classes I bring 2 pieces of fruit with me each day and a sandwich. It's really hard to find healthy places to eat because they are mostly places like subway or chip shops or only sell lunches like paninis with lots of cheese on top.

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Maybe a yogurt, a whole-grain roll or soy protein bar, and some juice?
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Old 03-03-2005, 09:56 AM   #4
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I like the lean cuisine meals or lean pockets
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Old 03-03-2005, 09:58 AM   #5
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I always pack my lunch. I usually have peanut butter on whole wheat, a piece of fruit, a cup of yogurt, a juice box (only 100% juice, now, mind you) or just water, and some baby carrots or broccoli florets or something.

If I haven't made my lunch the night before or I run out of time in the morning, I will grab a Healthy Choice meal from the freezer--I usually get 2 or 3 every week or 2 when I go to the store so I'm not running out for McDonald's or something.
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I'd stay away from frozen ready meals as they're often really high in salt and other additives. Soup is great, but have wholemeal instead of white bread as this will keep you from feeling hungry for longer.

Muesli or porridge in the morning also keeps you feeling pretty full up and stops snacking. Add honey or fresh fruit as you like.
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My standard breakfasts are:
Raisin bran with skim milk and a banana
Poached egg (done in microwave) and toasted english muffin
2 low fat waffles with tablespoon of jam (instead of syrup)
One package on instant oatmeal (lower sugar versions )

Besides salads I take:

Sandwiches - don't be afraid of a sandwich. Just make sure you use whole wheat bread that is made with whole what flour. Look for bread that is high in fibre and low in fat/calories. Use mayo and butter type spreads sparingly even when using the lower fat versions. Avoid cheese in your sandwich. Use lean cuts of meat such as chicken, some hams and fish (tuna and salmon). One egg has only 70 calories and with a little mayo and curry you can have egg salad for lunch too. Pile the vegies on: lettuce, sprouts, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes. If you are concerned about your sandwich getting soggy - put the vegies that are soggy into a ziploc bag and add them just before you eat the sandwich. And don't forget you can always use a tortilla and make a wrap sandwich. Low fat cream cheese will help it stick together.

Low fat pudding - has saved me when I needed that chocolate fix

Low fat yogurt - I found one that tastes like apple crumble

Vegies - cut up a bunch the night before and take them to work. My favourites include baby carrots, red peppers and cucumber. I like to dip them in Kraft's no fat honey-dijon dressing

Fruit - Apples and oranges that are cut up and then I dip them in my yogurt. If I have been really keen I have made some fruit dip with equal parts of low fat yogurt and ultra low fat cool whip. I also buy those little packages of apple sauce

Water - drink lots of it

Lean cuisines are great time savers and not too expensive but as smooshcat said they are high in salt. I like the cheese ravioli and the roasted vegetable pizza ones

Subway - there is one close to my office and I love their low fat subs. Get the whole wheat sub, skip the cheese, go easy on the sauces and pile on the vegies. I like the chicken teriyaki one.

If you like to snack (and who doesn't) make sure you take something to snack on. If vegies aren't going to make it - buy some slim fast snack bars (not the meal replacement ones). The peanut ones taste like crispy crunch chocolate bars If you like chips - I buy Skinny Sticks - they are organic and taste yummy.

I have more ideas....just let me think about
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Trader Joe's carries a line of Thai noodle soups as well as a pretty good tuna thing--comes in a box and you boil it in the bag--with amazingly good ingredients. I'm a label-reader and I couldn't believe how good the ingredients are. I bought this stuff for emergency food, for those nights when I get home late and don't feel like cooking, but I find I'm eating them all the time because they're so good. And CHEAP!
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My wife has this thing called the "Body for Life Cookbook" - I think it is part of one of those fad diets, but the food is brilliant. You might want to check that out.
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Eat fish or chicken and cut out red meats.
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A lot of those frozen dinners are low in calories and very tasty. I've had a lot of success losing weight using those. I don't care about fat or salt, it's the calories that matter and it works!!!
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I think soup is a good choice to eat at work. Maybe try bringing some Butternut squash soup and warming it in the microwave.

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