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Old 04-12-2003, 09:52 AM   #1
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Sk8er Boi: Modern Day Where The Streets Have No Name?

Anyone notice the similarities of the two videos? Like causing trouble on downtown Los Angeles by having an unannounced gig.

There is also a contrast with If God Will Send His Angels and I'm With You. The former has Bono singing in fast forward, while the latter has Avril singing in slow motion.

It's also worth noting that U2 had punk roots being heavily influenced by the Ramones. Avril's band all came from previous punk bands.

U2's members except Adam, used to be in a religious group. Avril used to sing in church.

U2 wrote a song titled "Tomorrow" in one of their earlier albums. Avril also has a song with the same title in her debut album.

Avril and U2 both never lip-synch. Fans of both sometimes complain how different the voice is live from the album, and how hoarse it sometimes is. But both of them don't give a damn as long as they do their thing live (unlike Britney etc.).

Avril writes or co-writes her songs. Bono writes U2 songs or co-writes with the Edge.

During the ATYCLB period, U2 went away with all pretensions and costumes and just dress up they way they'd dress up in their daily lives. Avril is under the same mentality saying what she wears is just what she'd wear to the mall - that's why you don't see skimpy or pretentious outfits. The theme of Avril's album is two words is "be yourself."

So here's a young teenage girl who has joined the music biz around the same age U2 did Boy. But unlike U2, Avril already has Grammy nominations up her sleeve (although she hasn't won yet). And surely it will be some time before she will start winning Grammies, but then U2 had a long wait themselves but when they started winning they couldn't stop winning.

Here's Avril - a teenage girl being herself, being in a real band, writing her own songs, which is right against the norm of teenage girls dressing up like whores and singing and dancing to songs with sexual innuendos. When U2 started, they went face-to-face against the norm of new wave in the 80's, grunge revival in the 90's, and boyband manufactured music in the 00's. Avril seems to be going against the current tide, just like U2 had in the past.

I think Avril has the potential to be the next U2. Or even bigger than U2. She will put Napanee, Canada on the map, just like U2 did to Dublin, Ireland. I think Bono was barking up the wrong tree when he decided to do a duet with JLo. He should have chose to duet with Avril instead - it would have been like a symbolic passing of the torch, just like U2 and the Police in Giants' Stadium way back in 1986.


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very interesting indeed, kudos to going to such lengths to compare avril to u2

very original

it would have been cool to see bono do a duet with her, he could have dressed up like a skater boi, maybe learn to do some tricks for the video, i can just imagine the possibilities

hopefully someday
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Eh... what?
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Old 04-12-2003, 01:13 PM   #7
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I'm still thinking there's no possible comparison between Avril Lavigne and U2.
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It's easy to compare any artist with U2.
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Big difference: I LOATHE Avril Lavigne. I LOVE U2.
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Okay, that was pretty funny.
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Originally posted by DaveC
Big difference: I LOATHE Avril Lavigne. I LOVE U2.

couldn't have said it better

you're just trying to piss people off jick, arenT you?
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Funny stuff, jick!

Uh, you WERE joking, right?
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Wait, has anybody ever seen U2 and Avril in the same room?

Think about it!

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