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Sinners & Saints (and all things Mark & Rob Lind) appreciation thread.

it's been a while since i've started a thread on a subject which no one around here probably gives a rat's ass about, but i don't care....

the bands being appreciated here - all projects (past & present) either of charleston, MA's lind brothers have been involved in (i'm only going to list the major bands, i'm not talking about "oh well mark played bass on 9 of the 10 tracks from far from finished's new cd, so they count!"):
sinners & saints (rob & mark lind)
ducky boys (mark lind)
dirty water (mark lind)
blood for blood (rob lind)
ramallah (rob lind)

so for anyone reading this who doesn't know...(disclaimer: if you already know what i'm talking about, then go ahead, appreciate with me. i'm not trying to be a condescending douchebag or anything).

blood for blood - boston hardcore, really fuckin pissed off
ramallah - more hardcore. also really fucking pissed off, but in a slightly different way. i'm not 100% sure how to describe the differences, so just read what thorp records have to say about them.
Blood for Blood

ducky boys - well, the first two albums definetly fall under "boston fucking street punk", and i admit mark lind's vocals (or maybe it was the stuff mike marsden sang, i don't really know now) pissed me off for a while before i started to really get into the stuff. the new stuff, i guess you could say is a little more accessible....
and guess what...they're also on thorp!
The Ducky Boys

dirty water - now, the way i undedstand it (becauce i was out of the loop, thinking the ducky boys sucked), this was the post-ducky boys project. it's more rock n roll. i think a lot of folks on here would like it if you could track down a song or two.
fortunatly, has "are you dying" up for free and legal download.
and has "it starts with you"
( - i tried to post the actual link of the file, but the computer wouldn't let me. stupid thing.)
now if i could only find an mp3 of "doin' time" or "second son" we'd be all set. not to slight "ashes" or "this plauge" of course....and that pretty much takes you to the end of dirty water.

and i've been saving the best for last: SINNERS & SAINTS. maybe not the "best", because comparing dirty water to ramallah is laughable, and even more ridiculous than the cliche of apples and oranges. basically, to quote what rob lind says on the enhanced cd video feature, it's just "honest fucking rock n roll". personally, it's up there as one of my favorite albums ever, by any band. supposedly there's a guns n roses influence, i have to admit i never listened to enough gn'r to really have any clue what that's all about. the intro to "never too young to die" sounds a lot like "baba o'riley". "the sky is falling" (the title track) fucking rocks, fucking rolls, does everything it's supposed to do. same with "marquee lights" - the other best song on the cd. so freaking awesome. has some babbling about springsteen meets weezer...i don't know how i feel about that one, either, to tell you the truth...
[and this is where i wish i had some mp3 links. if anyone stuck with this thread this far and wants to hear a couple tracks, i will hook you up with some slightly-not-so-legal mp3s. hey, i bought the album at least.)
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