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Old 09-29-2007, 06:17 PM   #16
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I used to collect cicada shells as food for space flight back home. I never made it back, (obviously)

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Originally posted by europop2005
I nearly fell off the grand canyon when I was 6 months old
I went to the Grand Canyon this year. It's so dangerous because they don't even have rails in some places.

Gee, I wonder why they've had 600 falls?

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I would write plays for my cousins and brother and I to act out for our family. I would get the best part (naturally), my cousins would get good parts too, but my poor brother would always be the evil person who would often end up killing us. I had quite the imagination as a child, and my plays were rather violent.

We would also record ourselves singing, playing our musical instruments, or doing various talk shows. My mom still has one cassette left of these, and I hope it's destroyed. So. embarrasing.

My brother and I would often put sleeping bags over our heads, and hurl ourselves down the stairs. It was a lot of fun, but once my parents realized what we were doing, they put a stop to it pretty quickly.

A friend and I once made "stickers" that were coloured pieces of scotch tape and sold them to our parents. We would also put on magic shows, and sell our art in the intermissions.

That's all I can think of right now.
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^ You just reminded me of something else I use to do. I loved Shel Silverstein and I use to act him poems out. I once wasted an entire box of banadages for the "Band-Aids" poem.
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My sister and I made up elaborate soap operas with our Barbie dolls which included marital affairs, secret pregnancies, murder, fugitives, face lifts (aka just grabbing another doll and pretending it's the same character) and sex changes (like the former, but grabbing a Ken doll to replace a Barbie )

Sometimes we'd pack the Barbie cars with dolls (this worked even better with the Barbie limo, because you could fit like eight dolls in it) and launch it down the stairs, to see how many dolls came flying out when it made impact at the bottom. We tore up so many plastic vehicles that way.

I was also a really big fan of making tents in the living room. I'd pull all the dining room chairs into the living room so they formed a circle, then drape blankets over the tops. It was fun until it collapsed. Actually, once when it collapsed, it was even more fun, because my sister and I were lying on the floor, holding up the blankets plus one chair that had fallen over on top of us with our arms and legs, pretending we were in that scene in Jurassic Park when there's nothing between the kids and the dinosaur but the collapsed sunroof of the car.

I never really made mud pies, instead I made leaf soup. Basically I'd find some kind of bucket or similar container that would hold water, fill it up, and add various leaves, flowers, dirt (for "spices"), and stir it with a stick

Also my best friend and I somehow managed to rip almost every shingle off the side of my dad's shed because we liked to pretend they were credit cards

My siblings and I liked to stay up late in the summer, but we'd get yelled at if we went to watch TV/play video games, so we usually just hung out in our beds, talking in the dark. It was fun though because we'd do accents and make up characters and storylines.
And when we got a little older, we'd venture to the kitchen for snacks. This often included sandwiches made from Mrs. Grissom's brand chicken salad, which led to us pretending our kitchen was a restaurant called Mrs. Grissom's Kitchen. My brother and I still refer to it from time to time

I always used to make up words to go with instrumental tunes that I heard a lot. Mostly video game music, but I also made up a really long song to go with the "demonstration" tune on a synthesizer we had

I bet I'll remember more later
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My sister and I turned our whole basement into a little pretend town. We had a school, an arena (I would perform in front of the stairs for my 'audience'). We turned the bedroom into a hotel...we turned another small area into a restaurant...we had a bar...We even had a shopping cart (the ones the bagger uses to take your bags out to your car) and we turned it into a taxi.

We used to jump off the stairs onto a "bed" of pillows, blankets, etc and see who could jump off from the highest stair.

My sister and I created a "duo" band and named it Animated Illusion using the background of an electronic keyboard and made our own "album". We even "released" an UNPLUGGED album where we sang lyrics to the tune of a HARP.

We used to "swim" under the blankets and pretend we were mermaids.

Ahh we were such dorks.
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My sister and I thought that having a white car was far too boring so we decided to paint it We used flourescent orange spray paint. When Dad sold it years later it still had orange paint in the foam bits next to the windows.

I have no recollection of this, I'm sure that my parents must have confused us with some other naughty kids
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Oh- and the classics.........

School and House I used to make nametags for my friends who came over and I set up my den like a classroom
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I used to go out with a BB gun and i would go out side and act like i was hunting animals with an australian accent....:tsk;
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We buried a dead baby bird in a little box, then dug it up a couple of weeks later to see what it looked like . . . ewwwww!
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*As young as five, I formed a "Big Wheel" gang with a few of the boys in my neighborhood (I was the only girl). We'd often bully other riders. I dropped out only after one of my own poked me in the eye with a branch.

*At my sister's basketball games, at half time, I used to run down the bleachers, on to the court and pull my pants down.

*For years, I would pretend to take the vitamins my Mom served me by hiding them in every nook in cranny in the house. . . she discovered them all upon selling the house (nearly a decade after she started giving them to me).

*I would often pretend that I was dead by lying completely still on the ground, halting my breathing for as long as possible, just to see my Mom overreact each and every time.

*I would pretend that I had drowned in our swimming pool by floating face down as long as possible whenever I would hear my Mom call for me, just to see her overreact each and every time.

*I would fool my friends into thinking that my family set up a pee detector in our pool. According to my fib, if one were to urinate in the pool, bells would go off, along with red lights flashing frantically, and the "pee police" would come and take them away.

. . .This is just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, I was a terror as a child. I'm just grateful my parents managed to never beat me or put me up for adoption (justifiable actions in my case).
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I tried to build a involved a cardboard box and lots of tin foil, i was set on being the first kid in space haha
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Originally posted by ylimeU2

On a more dangerous note, my bother and I would "sled" down our stairs. We lived in an old house with 25 hard wood, uncarpeted steps. At the end was a landing and very hard wall. We would lay head-first on our sleeping bags and and go down. Our parents never knew until there was an incident where my brother crashed in the wall and got a concussion.
We used to do that too, but they were carpeted. We had a wall too and I smacked into it once, no concussion.

I used to eat crayons, and sometimes the insides of my mother's cigarettes, when I was a kid- maybe I had that pica thing going on. And I would eat Wintergreen life savers in the closet to see the sparks.

We also used to spin our kittens on a turntable and put them in our toy Winnebago camper and push them around.
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We built a fort on the side of our house complete with bunk beds, escape hatch and a hinged locking door! It was awesome. We also tried to make bigger "skateboards" by nailing wheels from skates onto pieces of plywood. We had a Slip & Slide we'd slide downhill on our front lawn, that was fun. We had fruit wars in the orchards surrounding us (apricot and cherry in No Calif and orange and grapefruit in So Cal). We clipped playing cards to our bike wheel spokes so they sounded like motorcycles too. We had pogo sticks, hula hoops, and Dad made us some stilts which were the hit of the neighborhood! Good stuff. Good times.
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I wrote plays I think I still have some of them hidden away somewhere I always had grand ideas for them, but could never finish them

My friends and I had a strange habit of getting really silly and recording ourselves on blank tapes. I have no clue what we were going on about or what we were thinking, but they were really ridiculous I'm pretty sure I destroyed all the evidence.............

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