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Old 11-21-2002, 06:17 AM   #1
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*sigh*.............Is it just me, or are most Car Dealerships like this! (b*lloxy)

tell me, please, has someone else been through hell with their Car-Dealer?

I tell u why I need to cry............this is the 7th/8th week and Im still waiting for a new car to arrive, where other pple have picked there's up after 6 weeks.......even my Dealer said that.........

now, to cut long story short........oh around 2 weeks/almost 3 weeks ago, finally chose Spoilers.......rang up and confirmed with two of them..........inc. one guy I signed for car with.........Monday just past (18th) he rings me and says he'd like to 'get the ball rolling' by having Spoiler painted that day, and order the Alloys in.........checking again, I told him for 3rd time 'Phoenix' wheels.........now, he rang on Tuesday and said there is a back-order for them, and they wont be in until early Dec........2 or 3 weeks away.........(plus went on to say theres another customers order they're still waiting on a month down line).........but why, when I told him what I wanted, couldnt he have helped cut time and ordered them back 2/3 weeks ago? why now?

then, THEN, he told me last week that last Monday (11th) it was to be built, Monday 18th he tells me it wasnt and that it was due to be that day.......everything was put back a week.

he rings Tuesday to sort me with a Reg number and says on both Monday and Tuesday he would ring me yesterday to confirm progress on car.....

.....Im still waiting....

.....and still wondering....

.....and I BET I have to wait another week which will turn it into like 9th week......

Im gettin fed up, on Monday when he told me 99% chance car will be here, I was like a frenzied maniac with excitement.....now, its all gone, and Im worried I wont be as enthuastic or excited when it does eventually come....

either that...or this is a jinx, a sign, tellin me I got wrong car..........wrong time..........and I bet I go out and get involved in a big car-crash or somethun............

*sigh* is it just for women? Cause men think women are thick about cars, so they brag shit? I wish more WOMAN dealers were out there! Or are Dealers like this in general?

Anyone out there with same probs, or had similar probs?

Even with the last Vauxhall Dealer, it felt like everyone was hiding and slumping about......

Only Honda, have been the top one for me, for a test-drive................but top car, top Dealership! AND if Id choosen Honda, I woulda had the car within a week apparantly......

and I even had some terrible response with my Insurance Repairers - slow-goin and dont communicate well with each other........hell after the 30-day 'any probs come back to us' deal when I got my car back after accident.............3 things were missing! By then I was NOT bothered to ring back and find out only to be met with the likes of 'huh?'.......'not us'......or 'No *yawn* nothin here'.......................

<Maddie is feelin

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Maddie...I understand...Although I bought my car off the lot...I asked about getting my car in a different color and the dealer said it would be about a month.....I was too impatient to wait.

All I can say is keep calling them.....make sure you know what is going on with your car.

It almost sounds like you are getting a bit of a runaround. Once you get your car make sure to send a nasty letter to the dealer and the manufacturer for all this delay.

"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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Old 11-21-2002, 06:41 AM   #3
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But I cant Daisy, I havent got it in my heart to be tough, or be able to 'fight-a-point', or be very straight-up in my peevness, or be a bit rude to make them gallop..........its just not me........I let anyone walk over me....most times.............its the way it has to be for me Im afraid.........

Someone in my work said I should ask for Spoiler for free given all the hassle in waiting!

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Old 11-21-2002, 11:14 AM   #4
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maddie, just tell me all the details and i'll write the letter for you.

- queen bitch
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Old 11-24-2002, 03:00 AM   #5
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Free spoiler?! Lordy girl they'd be wanting to do better than that!

I take it this is a new car? Obviously, 2nd hand takes about an hour to purchase...You still having probs with them???

Find out where the car is being manufactured. There could be legitimate delays now that Christmas is coming up and there are end of year run outs on many models. I cant see why this is taking so long for them to get your car to you! Usually you can expect a couple of weeks delay while the factory ship it to wherever the presale yard is, most often somehwere central in the city closest to you, then in presale it sits there in its ugly mess while they clean it up, add the rest of the interior and finish off all your requirements like wheels and spoiler, particular paint job etc. It just doesn't take 7-8 weeks to get your finished car to you. If you are buying accesories off the dealer, usually you get genuine or 'approved' accesories and they have these in stock most of the time, as they come in raw and are painted due to order requirements. Something stinketh about this maddie....and it doesn't sound like they are giving you the run around cos you are female.

Kick up a real fuss, dont be mean if you cant, but hassle them. If you haven't paid for it yet, I'd go so far as to tell them you are cancelling the deal. You'd be surprised how quickly they can get themselves sorted and freebies added to make up for all this trouble. if you have paid, tell them you are taking advantage of the clause in the contract (which it should have as standard) of a 10 day cooling off period and cancelling it anyways and that you now require your money returned in full.
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I thought of our local forum car dealer when I saw this.
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apparently u ladies never heard of a "diamond-deal"

thank u
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