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Originally posted by Popmartijn

Yep, I'm resurrecting an old thread since I have almost the same question. For my trip to the USA I can choose from 3 airlines:
United Airlines
Continental Airlines
British Airways

Which one is the one to pick. United has a slightly better connection than the other two. Then again, I do have to spend 8 hours in a plane.

Anyone has some good advice?

I would go British! I love them!!!! And they treat you well on the plane!!

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Originally posted by Rono
I am looking for some information about delta airlines and US airways . I am on the point to book my trip to the US but this two companies have some financial problems. Should i book a ticket on a european company ?
Originally posted by Popmartijn
For my trip to the USA I can choose from 3 airlines:
United Airlines
Continental Airlines
British Airways

Which one is the one to pick.
I've flown all 5 of these airlines numerous times, and while I agree that BA is overall the best, none of them are bad, particularly if your trip is for pleasure rather than business. (Overseas flights are tedious no matter which airline you fly with, but the tedium will definitely get to you more if you're enduring it for your employer's sake.)

Delta and USAir may not make it in the long run, but if your trip is this year, don't worry about it. Filing for bankruptcy isn't the automatic death sentence in the US that it generally is elsewhere. And while Delta certainly had some catastrophic problems last December, neither the luggage issues nor the delay issues are typical, at least in my experience from years of flying with them.

I would say go for whichever airline offers you the best combination of low price and convenient connections.

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Originally posted by Popmartijn

I'll be staying in New York from (probably) 14 May until 24 May, after which I go to Washington until 28 May.
Sorry, I can't make it to the Philadelphia party.
But I will be there for the New York get-together.

BTW, what happened to your name, paxetaurora?
Well, maybe we can get together in NYC nonetheless...

Drunk Sicy chopped off the "etaurora" for me. It was like having a breast reduction.
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Join Amnesty.
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Originally posted by pax

Drunk Sicy chopped off the "etaurora" for me. It was like having a breast reduction.

Maybe she wants to chop off my 9797's!!!!!! I'm tired of people asking me what it means and when someone calls me arw9797 instead of arw I feel like I did something wrong
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Originally posted by melon
Northwest, which is owned by Dutch KLM, is probably the most financially sound American carrier. I really wouldn't worry about them going belly up. But I've also flown U.S. Airways before, and have never had any problem with them.

I do quite like British Airways, though, although I hear some people really hate them.

Melon is wrong (I know...VERY rare - and I HAD to take the opportunity - he knows I mean no harm). Northwest and KLM have a partnership, but KLM does not OWN NWA.

Originally posted by Popmartijn
Somehow, KLM/Northwest don't have many (any?) flights to New York and from Washington. Or at least, not at the price BA (or others) are offering them.
Remember, I'm Dutch, thus a cheap bastard.
NWA/KLM flies Amsterdam to JFK and Newark daily. They also fly from Dulles (outside of D.C.) daily. It might seem odd, but you can also fly to Detroit and connect into any of the NYC or DC airports.

For a cheaper alternative (despite the fact that I work for the above mentioned airline(s)), you can do Icelandic Air from AMS to Baltimore (BWI).

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