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Even though I don't like rude or offensive comments myself, I can't understand the value of a 'shock jock' who isn't allowed to shock! No matter what you say you're going to offend someone. Is it okay to offend some and not others? Or will it get to where you're so afraid of offending someone you can only discuss cake recipes? I really hate to see a person's life ruined over such a stupid mistake.

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Originally posted by Canadiens1160
Can we fire mainstream rap artists as well, please?
I am with you there.

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Originally posted by U2Kitten
I really hate to see a person's life ruined over such a stupid mistake.
How is his life ruined? A millionaire temporarily out of work?! Oh my, his life is ruined!!!
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Originally posted by Carek1230
I am glad Imus got fired too. Next up Sanjaya. Please!

this doesnt make any sense. why would sanjaya get fired? he made no racist comments.
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Freedom of speech as guaranteed in the First Amendment has been redefined/interpreted over the years.Flag burning has come up repeatedly as an issue of speech versus action, because some maintain it shouldn't be protected and some congressmen have even tried to introduce bills banning flag burning and making it a federal crime.
My view is that Imus works for a private radio company (and MSNBC, which simulcasts his radio show on TV) which has advertisers. Those advertisers have the right to pull the plug on sponsoring his show (and some are doing just that from what I've read on the net), so he can say what he wants, but he has no right to "maintain himself" in the industry by doing the crass insult type of humor he specializes in.
If people in the marketplace say they don't want to hear it, and advertisers follow suit, he's got no leg to stand on.
His right is to stand in a public place like a sidewalk, library, etc. and spew his venom, but if MSNBC axes him for ratings, moral concerns, whatever, they are within their rights to do so.

His history of racism and bigotry, not to mention vile statements against Jews, gays, women, etc. is well-documented.
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I do feel badly for his wife. I was reading an article this morning about her work with a foundation that researches environmental factors and cancer in children. She had a book about the subject released this week, and she had to cancel her book tour (well, she didn't have to, but she knew her book wouldn't be the center of audiences' attention). Hopefully her foundation and work in that area won't suffer because of this whole mess.
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Originally posted by BonosBaby12

I don't think they would believe it would have just been a slap on the hand and telling him that he was bad. Imus's termination was well deserved. Was completely disgusted with what he said not just about the racial remarks but the overall negative attitude towards females.
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deep, that was crossing the tasteful sarcasm line...
Originally posted by Justin24
Can you please explain to me why Isaih Washington from Grey's Anatomy was not fired for calling a fellow actor a fag, and later apologized, but Imus says this and boom he is hound to the point he lost his job? Is it because he is black??
Can you please explain why Imus was not fired for the several times he called someone "faggot" or "lesbo", the many times he called Arabs "ragheads", for snickeringly envisioning out loud Al Sharpton being put in prison so he could get "porked in the heinie", for calling Oprah Winfrey a "fat flatulent cow", Gloria Estefan a "Chihuahua ho", Howard Kurtz a "boner-nosed beanie-wearing Jew boy", CNN's anchorwomen "dyke broads", Paul McCartney's (amputee) wife a "pogo stick", Contessa Brewer a "fat-assed skank", and many many more such niceties? I'm not for firing people over one comment either, but Imus has been drawing sharp criticism and protest for years now--why do you suppose CBS and their sponsors opted to look the other way so many times, before finally deciding this was one embarrassing liability too many? Is it because he is white??

Does Isaiah Washington have that kind of history with slurring people from a public platform?
Originally posted by Justin24
And Forgivness is BS now. Imus Apologizes and the stripper does not and neither does Jackson and sharpton.
While it would definitely be the right thing for Crystal Mangum to apologize, she has no incentive beyond that, as Imus did, to do so: she had no high-paying position of influence to lose and no credibility left to protect either; for the rest of her life she will be ' that pathetic drunk black stripper who slandered those poor Duke boys' and most likely nothing else. Sharpton was not involved with her case, and Jackson's only involvement was to offer to pay her college tuition "regardless of the outcome of the case" rather than have her continue to support herself by stripping, which she declined. They have nothing more to publically apologize for than the millions of people who initially reckoned the Duke lacrosse players were probably guilty would.

At least Prosecutor Nifong did offer an apology, though it was not a very impressive one. The other connections you're drawing here are misplaced.

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