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Originally posted by namkcuR
Back To The Future II

1985 to 2010 to Alternate 1985 to 1955 and Doc gets zapped to 1885 at the end. Wrap your mind around that.

And that scene in Alternate 1985 when Doc explains Alternate 1985 to Marty by drawing a line on a chalkboard - 'say this line represents time - here's the past, here's the present, here's the future'.

Great stuff.

That's such a great movie, but it's missing something that made the first one so timeless, you know what I mean?

And with Batman Begins, it doesn't count as a sequel to the Burton/Schumacher Batman films because it establishes a different canon for a different series of movies.

So Batman Begins does not count.

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Wow Snowlock, I think I almost disagreed with everything you said. How can you possibly think T2 was terrible? It's practically the best action movie ever made. It completely revolutionized the motion picture industry. And it's just plain awesome.

The Matrix films are tough for me. I'd attest that the original film is probalby the most well made of all three, but personally, The Matrix Reloaded is my favorite of the trilogy.

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Originally posted by Lancemc

Take the Batman series for example. In my opinion, Burton's original is far and away the best of the lot. Now, Batman Begins was probably the best Batman film since the original, but it sure doesn't beat the original. So, just because it's better than two of those god-awful sequels, it still doesn't quite qualify.
I like Batman '89 but I have to admit much of that derives from nostalgia. Unlike Batman Returns, it really hasn't dated well, what with the Prince product placement etc. The film also suffers from terrible pacing in the middle and an almost non existent plot.

It's basically Jack playing Jack in make-up at the cost of real character development; indeed, the main character Batman is only in 10 - 20 per cent of the film.

And I won't even go into Joker killing Bruce's parents
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To me, From Russia With Love was the best Bond film but I'm probably in the minority.

Two others that I'd add are The Road Warrior and Faraway, So Close!
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(without reading the other replies)

ALIEN was a classic motion picture but ALIENS was superior in every way!.....loved it!

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