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Old 02-18-2002, 09:22 PM   #31
I serve MacPhisto
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Originally posted by zooropamanda:
Z Edge are you saying that its not actually a play on words?

Angie will kill me if it isn't!
Of course _ooropamanda, you know there is always another meaning to what I say if you look hard enough.


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Daisy, obviously my name. Bean is a nickname that I got when I bunch of my friends and I were being silly and calling each other dumb names, and Bean kinda stuck.


She's standing at the station with her face pressed up against the glass.

"Jon, why can't you do what Bono says"--The Daily Show

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Originally posted by Sicy:
Of course you do, all whores like bananas.

The Flying Banana
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The Original
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To most, skeek is merely “squeak” misspelled in an unlikely way. A way that
could probably only happen to someone in a drug induced stupor or someone
who is not at all proficient at the ancient art of spelling words close to
the way they appear in a dictionary. To others, though, a skeek is
something else.
Having said this I can now assume that some readers whose minds are more
curious in nature would fancy knowing what this something else I referred to
in the above paragraph is. For those of you who have no desire to discover
what the something else is, I offer my sincerest apologies and suggest you
stop reading this article before the beginning of the next paragraph.
The word skeek will not be found in any dictionary. Skeeks are (or are
not, depending on your willingness to believe fanciful claims of a
particular individual) creatures.
A skeek is small (six to ten inches tall) and is a curious hybrid between a
feline, and a primate, with bits of other nasty or otherwise creatures
thrown in for good measure. He or she will have large, cat-like ears, a
long tail, and will walk about on two legs attached to a human-like body.
The hands and feet are primatial but are proportionately large and have
retractable claws. When content or luring prey, a skeek will purr.
Skeeks live in wilderness areas and form curious communities with a social
structure based on however the members of the community are feeling. The
diet of the skeek is comprised mainly of berries and berry juices and skeeks
in general (excluding some young upstarts) are quite content with their
diet. As with any idealistic fantasy folk, a skeek doesn’t have to worry
about becoming obese because that will only happen if it is convenient to
the plot. Plot of what? I have no idea.
The skeek is a rather eccentric little fellow. These eccentricities (too
numerous to mention in a short document such as this) are highlighted by an
insatiable lust for objects of high luminescence (Examples: diamond rings,
valuable jewellery, metal rulers). This quirk puts the average skeek
directly at odds with the stereotypical unfriendly farmer who tries to kill
the friendly skeek. Conflict drives drama, so skeeks are a bunch of fun
when it comes to Ping-Pong.
Another eccentricity of the skeek is his/her curious sense of logic. A
skeek will for no reason take one thing to mean another or connect
inappropriate situations together. This can be lots of fun, or very
annoying. It’s no fun to fall off the roof of your house and have a skeek
go to fetch an ice cream sandwich. This behavioural trait is not, however,
carried to the extreme, because that would grow redundant.
As well as the logic and amiability toward shiny things, a skeek is also
quite mischievous and likes drawing on that pool of mischievousness to do
all sorts of hilarious but nasty things to unfriendly farmers.
If you have read this far, I assume you know something more of skeeks than
you did before, and may also have developed some interesting theories regarding the
author’s grasp on reality.
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Blue Crack Distributor
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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4:
*is scandalized*
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I serve MacPhisto
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I didn't see any whores in that picture?
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My last name backwards.

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Calluna is the botanical genus for the Heather plant and my real name is Heather.

We plants are happy plants.
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i usually use my nickname 'nellie' in almost all of my instant messenger applications. it is a childhood nickname, and how i got that nickname was because i used to watch Little House On The Prairie, and I used to snitch alot too, so thats how i got my nickname and I've been using it for my messengers ever since.

lilsparky: did you like the pics i took of my favorite band?
viktor: actually had a dream about larry mullen last night...not a gay dream but a weird dream.....
lilsparky: really?
lilsparky: what was it about?
viktor: yeah...we were going to a party and all my high school friends walked along him and then Bono rushed out and said something weird and that guy from the pouges...shane mac Gowan came and we all showered in sugar
viktor: weird
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I chose my name because I guess it would be my #1 U2 related wish.
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Well, I wanted a U2 related name, but I couldn't think of anything good. So since I was always amused by the gigantic mirrorball lemon I decided to name myself after it. I also love the Pop era.
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An Angel In Devil's Shoes
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I don't exactly know why!

"It's Evolution Baby!"
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The Fly
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