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I agree with you about the Stones Brazilian Fly

I hate it when people say they don't want U2 to end up like the Rolling Stones. A band could do a lot worse than ending up like the Stones. I think what the Stones have should be the ultimate goal of every band, it would be mine if I had a band. I'm not worried about the 'nostalgia' thing, hey, when you have a career that long, with that many songs that have become a part of the lives and culture of millions of people, that's going to happen but I consider it a compliment. I also don't care if they're 'relevant' or not. They are 60+ now, no teenager is going to relate to them the same way they would a younger band. But that doesn't mean people of all ages can't enjoy them and their long back catalog of great music as long as we have them alive and standing!

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Originally posted by anitram
Haha, old news. At least it's slightly better than Bob Dylan and Victoria's Secret.
I got his free CD when I was shopping there a few months ago!!!

and after listening I now really like his "Spanish Leather" song.

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To Bob Dylan's defense on the VS ad (although the ad itself is disturbing - he looks like the devil - disturbing in that good disturbing way). He had mentioned decades earlier that if he were ever to "sell-out" it would be for "ladies undergarmets"
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Old 06-18-2004, 02:33 AM   #19
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Originally posted by TheBrazilianFly

It's very easy for people to say that The Rolling Stones are now just a nostalgia act because of their age and the lack of popularity of their newer releases with the MTV crowd. But still their newer stuff is of very good quality. The prejudice because of their age is what keeps MTV from showing their videos and maybe of their record company of promoting their singles. I totally think that if a song like Saint Of Me if well promoted and given a chance on radio and the TV it would kick ass on the charts. The same thing is happening with Bruce now in my opinion and that sucks. MTV sucks. Thatís why U2 from now on will promote the hell out of their new albums cause if not people will think that itís just another old band putting out another record full of fillers as good as the album might be. The great thing is that U2 might change this a little because they still seem to be able to be quite popular at their age but still there are a lot of people who will not listen because they think a 40-year-old man cannot communicate with a 15-year-old kid.
I didn't say the Rolling Stones were little more than a nostalgia act because of their age or the "lack of popularity of their newer releases with the MTV crowd". I said it because they rely almost exclusively on their back catalog (let's face it, how many people do you think they would get if they played music only from new work at their shows?), and because in my opinion, their newer work (and I mean the last 30 years) is not even close to the quality of their early material. That is what I meant by nostalgia act.

Also, my favorite singer/songwriter/musician (I also love his writing and painting) is turning fifty this year. And you know what? He's doing his best work now. Not that his earlier work was bad, because it certainly isn't, but his lyrics, musicianship, and vocals are more compelling than ever. Hardly an MTV or radio darling (I think I've only seen MTV three times in my life...I was not impressed). And there is no reason at all why this shouldn't be the case for many musicians...unfortunately, it isn't often the case.
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Originally posted by Hewson
Yeah I think the Stones may have been the first of the major bands to go for big bucks in a high profile commercial
I guess I didn't consider Genesis as a "major" band(It was Michelob beer wasn't it?), I know they were pretty big at the time, but I was thinking in terms of your real big bands, Stones, Beatles, Zep, Who, that level. Completely forgot about Plant and Coke.

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