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He was pretty subdued as young Don Vito in the second one though, interestingly enough. I have that DVD, so I'm going to go watch that extra thing now.

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For all those who don't have the boxset.

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happy birthday , bob , number 64 and many , many , many more to come

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I think Denzel sucks. He's played the same guy in every one of his movies.
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He just opened up a Japanese resturant here in Oz for those who don't know. I was there for the opening and I asked him a question and he said, "you talkin' to me?"

No he seriously did.
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Sorry a little late to this thread.

Has anyone seen Flawless, a little seen film from the 1999 with De Niro and a still relatively-unknown Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

De Niro plays a cop who is shot on the job and loses some of his motor skills, including speech. For some reason, the only person he can get the speech therapy from is a drag queen and singer who lives in his building, played by Hoffman (I know this sounds hard to believe, but it's true).

It was directed by the much-maligned Joel Schumacher, who after the abomination of Batman & Robin tried to scale back his career and work on some smaller films, including this one and Tigerland, which pretty much launched the career of Colin Farrell (the subject of Lance's next "I Hate..." series?).

Anyway, this film doesn't have a huge number of supporters, but it's worth seeing for both perfs. Hoffman shows what a huge range he really has, and even if you're laughing at him you're going to see the humanity behind what he's doing.

De Niro is what's really underrated here. Most veteran actors who take a role with a disability play it for sympathy, trying to wring all the tears they can get from the audience, or play it over-the-top, which is what Pacino did in Scent of a Woman (one of his most overrated perfs and least-deserved acting Oscars--Denzel should have won for Malcolm X that year). De Niro does some very understated work here, and his character isn't even very likeable, at least for the majority of the film. He definitely has a prejudice against his teacher, and they make for a very odd team.

If you contrast this with De Niro's other "disabled" performance in Awakenings, you'll see a completely different set of choices that illustrate how unique of a gift he has as an actor. Playing someone with a speech impediment of any kind is so easy to play wrong, or too broad (there are so many examples I can't even think of one to single out), and what De Niro does here is pretty miraculous simply because it's not eye-rolling.

Not a great film, maybe not even one with award worthy roles, but if you're looking for any proof that Bobby done something decent since Jackie Brown (there's not a whole lot, to be honest), here you go.

I'm really hoping Scorsese can breathe some life back into his career, but to be honest Casino, great as it was, didn't feature a very memorable De Niro. That they're doing another crime film seems a little unambitious. I'm much more interestes in their other projects, like Bobby's reteamings with Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Jodie Foster, and Barry Levinson (who used him wonderfully in Wag the Dog), or Marty's projects about Spanish (or maybe Portugese) missionaries in Japan and the early life of Teddy Roosevelt.
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Great post Lazarus, and I might try to check out that film some time.

I too hope Marty's next film, Frankie Machine I believe it's called, can be a revilatization for all those involved (those who need one anyway, I mean).

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