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Old 12-19-2005, 04:42 PM   #16
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Originally posted by ~unforgettableFOXfire~
I think Rivers is refreshingly normal. Celebrities are all normal people; the only difference is that he makes no pretense about this, he simply is himself. Other celebs put on big dog and pony shows, buy huge mansions, get bodyguards posted outside everywhere, travel in limos with huge escorts and entrourages, etc... but for what? They're just normal people. Without stylists, makeup artists, writers, publicists, drivers, chefs, etc they'd all be Joe Normal living like you or me. Celebrity is horseshit, really. It sickens me that we idolize celebs, place them on a pedestal, and try to change ourselves into what they are - when what they are is a cheap, fabricated, empty image. Noone is perfect, and the people who seem to be are lying - pure and simple.

Who cares if Rivers is a little moody, indecisive, etc? Nobody goes around and nitpicks your habits and your life, or your behaviours. If you leave the cap off your toothpaste, noone is going to go batshit and decry you like some sort of a freak -- so if youre a celeb and don't fit the everything-in-its-place faux-perfection celebrity model, why would they decry you as a freak for that? That seems silly and pointless to me. So what if he didn't want to make time for Rolling Stone to do that interview, or a plethora of other things - just because he doesn't buy into the celebrity schtick there's something wrong with him? I don't buy it. Cobain hated that shit too, and he's been practically deified by the music-listening public - so what does that say? I think I'd be pretty safe in suggesting that it doesn't mean that Rivers is more of a freak than Cobain, cause Cobain was fucked up at times and not in harmless innocent ways like Rivers.

Personally, I wouldn't volunteer to spill my guts to a public who would twist my balls and say my life is a shambles if the doormat to my house was crooked, or (heaven forbid) spit on me if I had hobbies that didn't involve yachting, polo, and spending money on expensive girls to escort me around town and make me look important.
No one was saying that here, and I'm quite sure that most people know that celebs are normal people just like us. Some are certifiably crazy. Like alot of rock stars (I'm not sure if you've spent time around some or not to know either way) Rivers does have alot of pecularities about him though - and like I said, that RS article was just an excerpt. Some people really are freaks - and anyway, I could care less what Rivers does in his private time, if he puts insulation over his windows and sit in blackness or sits in a closet for days. Good for him. Whatever. The point was that I was jokingly telling her to watch out for him since she was addressing his celibacy and ending it.

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love, blood, life
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Further to what you've said - the deification of celebrities in our country is disgusting. Why people care about Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson or any of the like is beyond me. I don't hold Rivers up to any standards, and I certainly don't admire anyone who needs a driver or a yacht. Hell, my idea of a celeb sighting is seeing someone from Interpol just walking down the street.

I have nothing against Rivers. He can do whatever he wants. And if the entire RS article was there for you to read, maybe you'd understand more of what I was jokingly getting at should a girl hit on Rivers.

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Old 12-19-2005, 06:00 PM   #18
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ok, i actually hung out with Rivers Cuomo one night when i was studying in paris. this was in 1998- i believe he was still at Harvard at that point (or had just left it). i was out with my friends in the Bastille section of the city, and we were at some random hole-in-the-wall bar. i met a really nice Irish girl while waiting at the bar to order drinks, and she invited me to sit with her and her friends at their table. so i end up going over there, talking to all of them. turns out one of the guys went to my high school (graduated about 10 years before me), and he tells me that this other guy sitting across the table was the singer of Weezer. i was so shocked- not that i would've recognized him, but he looked really... normal and scruffy. so anyway, i end up hanging out with the big random group of people all night, and we go back to some guy's massive apartment. he has a roofdeck and we all watch the sun come up. i talked to rivers for a couple of hours- he's very very odd. at first it was off-putting... but after talking to him for a while, i warmed up to him. he told me that he had a real problem with his legs (he had to wear leg braces growing up), and that he suffered from massive depression. i dunno... it was a totally random night. but rivers is in my book.

and just in case anyone was thinking it, i did NOT hook up with him.
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Old 12-19-2005, 06:07 PM   #19
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I for one love celebrities.

Every time you have a bad day you can read about one of them, acting out in all their idiotic glory, and giggle.

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And I was just wondering if Bono would speak at his graduation....

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