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Old 10-31-2002, 03:09 AM   #1
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RIP Jam Master Jay (Run DMC)

Naturally a lot of u know this by now.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - DJ Jam Master Jay, a member of the groundbreaking hip-hop group Run-DMC, was shot and killed in a recording studio in the New York borough of Queens on Wednesday, a spokesman for the group said, as violence struck again at the heart of rap stardom.

DJ Jam Master Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was one of two men gunned down inside the studio at 7:30 p.m. EST, group representative Dave Goodsen said in a statement posted on Run-DMC's official Web site.

A New York City Police Department report said that Mizell, 37, died of a gunshot wound to the head. It said that he died on the scene and that another man, Urieco Rincon, 25, was shot in the leg and taken to Mary Immaculate Hospital in Queens.

Police said no arrests had been made and that authorities were investigating the shooting.

A spokeswoman for Mary Immaculate Hospital said one man had been brought in as a result of the incident, but that it was not Mizell. She had no further information.

Mizell, along with Run (Joseph Simmons), and D.M.C. (Darryl McDaniels), was part of the pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC, credited with being the first rap artists to cross into mainstream popularity and the first hip hop group to have a gold (1984's Run-DMC), platinum (1985's King of Rock), and multi-platinum (1986's Raising Hell) album.

The group's popularity had been waning in recent years but retained a place in the pantheon of rap music with a number of other milestones like the first hip-hop group with a Rolling Stone Magazine cover and the first to have a video played on MTV.

Mizell is the latest of hip-hop's top stars to die in violence, after Tupac Shakur, who was gunned down in September 1996 in Las Vegas, and The Notorious BIG (Christoper Wallace), who was shot and killed in Los Angeles in March 1997.

"If you love this hip-hop thing like I love this hip-hop thing, it's a sad day," quoted rap DJ, Mr. Cee, as saying on Funk Master Flex's hip-hop radio show on Wednesday. "This has to stop, not just in hip-hop, but all over. This violence is just crazy. It's unreal."

MTV said Run-DMC recently finished touring with Kid Rock and Aerosmith, and were scheduled to perform on Oct. 31 in half-time festivities at a Washington Wizards basketball home game.

According to their official Web site, which is running a banner across the home page saying, "Whose House? Jay's House. Rest in Peace Jam Master," Mizell, Simmons and McDaniels grew up in solid, middle-class families in Hollis, Queens.

They began performing together in the early 1980s as Orange Crush, but in 1982 changed their name to Run-DMC. Their first national hit came in 1983, when they released the single "It's Like That" whose flip side, the minimalist beat "Sucker MC's," is considered by many to be the first hard-core rap song.

Under the tutelage of Simmons' older brother, rap impresario Russell Simmons of Def Jam records, the group, dressed in their signature unlaced Adidas sneakers and baggy black jeans, broke into mainstream popularity. Their garb swiftly became the uniform of urban kids around the country.

In 1986, Run-DMC became a household name in the United States with their video cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" that some say helped revive the rock group's flagging career.

Run-DMC's 1988 "Tougher than Leather" and 1990's "Back from Hell" did not enjoy the commercial success of their earlier albums, however. They released "Down with the King" in 1993 and "Crown Royal" in 2001


Hey, they were a rockin couple........


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Shit eh! Very sad. Wonder what happened....

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RIP Jam Master Jay.

Kick off shoes, jump on the jock
Listen to the Jam Master as he starts to rock
His name is Jay and he's on his way
To be the best DJ in the US of A

J-a-y are the letters of his name
Cutting and scratching are the aspects of his game
So check out the Master as he cuts these jams
And look at us with the mics in our hands
Then take a count, 1 2 3
Jam Master Jay, Run-D.M.C.

He's Jam Master Jay, the big beat blaster
He gets better cause he knows he has to
In '84 he'll be a little faster
And only practice makes a real Jam Master

We're live as can be but we're not singing the blues
We got to tell all y'all the good news
The good news is that there is a crew
Not 5, not 4, not 3, just 2
2 MC's who are claiming the fame
And all other things won't be the same
Beacause it's about time for a brand new group
Run-D.M.C. to put you up on the scoop
We make the fly girls scream in ecstacy
We rock the freshest rhymes at a party
We put all the fellas in a daze
It's everyone that we amaze
And we got the master of a disco scratch
There's not a break that he can't catch
Jam Master Jay that is his name
And all wild DJ's he will tame
Behind the turntables is where he stands
Then there is the movement of his hands
So when asked who's the best, y'all should say:
"Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay"

Jam Master Jay is the one in charge
It's up to him to rock beats that are truly large
He is the master of the scratch and cut
So move your arms, so move your legs
So won't you move your butt

We're not talking ground, we're not talking sky
We're not talking low, we're not talking high
We're not talking big, we're not talking small
We want all of the people on off the wall
We're not talking night, we're not talking day
But we're talking bout Jam Master Jay
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That's very sad....another senseless act of violence
"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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That sucks. In grade school, I had a hermit crab named Jam Master Jay. Run-DMC have so many great songs.

Peace to Jay and to the whole world.
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WHAT? that is ! The world has lost another great artist. It's such a shame, when will the violence stop!
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ugh...yet another senseless act of violence resulting in a death that didn't need to be. run dmc were great.
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I am incredibly pissed at this.
And was shocked as all get out when I saw it on the TV last night.
One of the best live acts ever, and nice as could be.
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and I can't even name a song

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walk this way, talk this way

I watched the MTV Awards on TV here in Oz last night..and enjoyed it, mostly. I'm not sure when that event was on, but Run DMC came out looking cool, I was thinking wow, white shoes ,and they have been around for a while, they were pioneers really, all those thoughts. I think they said they were on tour with Kid Rock.

So it was a shock to hear the news on the car radio this morning.

Yes a lot of senseless I go with me stories again, hub works in a music college/studio and came home and said one of the students freaked out that day and punched out the keyboard and threw a chair and ran off...and it scared me a bit.

It was sad watching the 2 women from TLC inaugurate the Lisa Lopez Student Prize( can't remember the correct name, $25.000 to help along someone's musical career). They really felt it that night, a trio , with only 2 left. So condolences to to the DMC family.

I'm glad U2's musical journey has been safe. Please let it be , is there a patron saint of musicians? there must be, excuse my ignorance. Keep them all safe.
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RIP Jam Master Jay...senseless tragedy in the hip-hop world again...sad, sad day.
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Very sad.


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