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Old 05-29-2006, 11:35 PM   #1
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Reveal Your Wardrobe to Me

what does your closet full of clothes say about you? how would you describe your dress style?

as for me, 99% of my attire is in natural, earthy tones--browns, tans, creme, muted greens, yellows, etc. i generally shy away from bright-colored items. i was labelled "nature girl" by a friend back in high school due to my penchant for subdued hues.

i also opt for classic, time-tested designs. you will never find me wearing "trendy", edgy (find it in the latest edition of Vogue) pieces (unless of course it's a coincidence).

my pants tend to be liberally cut (to hell with straight-leg, high-rise jeans!). on the other hand, my tops are rather fitted.

i own very few dresses or skirts. for some reason, belts have never really become part and parcel of my wardrobe. no hats. i admit, i'm clueless when it comes to accessorizing.

i'm probably one of those highly rare females who literally own just 2-3 pairs of shoes at any one time. on top of that, i seldom coordinate my outfit with the few shoes i possess (i simply slip on whichever pair of shoes is visably nearest to me on my way out the door).

as for my purse, you could fit both an elephant and a hippo in it with lots of room to spare.

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Your wardrobe sounds a lot like mine

Low rise jeans and fitted tops are the way I go. I have a lot of black clothes. Very few skirts. I dont have more than 10 pairs of shoes, and my purses are small. I'd rather be comfy than look cute. Jeans, sweats, etc. Rarely will you see me in a tight dress and spiked heels that hurt the hell out of your feet.

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I'm a dude and so I go for the t-shirt and cargo shorts or cargo pants thing most of the time. I have some "nicer" t-shirts that are made of different fabrics that feel nice and light, some polo shirts, and maybe a couple button downs to mix it up once in a while. I keep a bunch of fleecy things (pullovers and vests) along with hoodies to keep me warm in the winter along with the usual suit/business clothing for official functions.

I own seven pairs of footware (sneakers x2, dress shoes, slippers, sandals, cycling shoes, winter boots).

Other than the excessive footware I'd like to think my wardrobe is fairly average...
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i live in jeans. even my work clothes ended up being jeans-ish, with mustard courdory and so on.
all natural colours with a lot of blue as well.

but i resemble an elephant so clothes are a bit of a pain.
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* most of my clothes are black, with some touches of bright colors. I'm adicted to stripes, I have them in socks, tights, and some shirts. I like to wear skirts and I have them in different cuts and lenghts. about tops... lately I've bought things with bigger cleavages, knits and more delicate fabrics, some of them have details like embroidered flowers, with a vintage feeling, I think. About my shoes... my CT converse are solded to my feet , I also wear my military boots, and when I want to soften my image I wear the chinese ones.
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Old 05-30-2006, 05:53 AM   #6
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I love clothes. I now have a lovely new, definitely colourful, wardrobe after losing some weight and realising I had quite a lot of black and grey but I am still working on it.

I like the bermuda shorts / trousers that are popular here at the moment so I have a few pairs of them. I don't really wear a lot of denim but I do have a wonderful pair of jeans that I adore. I don't have a style, I just wear whatever I feel like so I have a whole mix of different clothes. I love dressing up and going out and I have some gorgeous skirts and tops but I don't wear them very often, I generally stick to comfortable things as I spend a lot of time out and about. I also have a lot of 3/4 length sleeved tops or little cropped cardigans, my favourite is a lemon coloured woollen one. I don't really like wearing long sleeved things and have a tendency to always push the sleeves up on things like jumpers. I like to wear bright tops and I like layers. I also like colourful jackets, my favourite at the moment is a green one, it's quite short and goes well over a long top. Most of my tops and jumpers have a low v-neck as tight, high tops make my chest look huge. I don't like busy designs or tops with lots of writing accross the front, most of my clothes are plain but I like flattering shapes.

I love fashion and shopping, I could trawl through some shops forever and I am dangerous if I go to a city like Barcelona. I love reading up on new styles and seeing what is in fashion, my sister will buy a pair of skinny jeans and leggings the minute she sees them out in the shops but I prefer getting things that I know I'll be able to wear again in a few months and I love mixing new clothes with older pieces.

My favourite thing in the world is accessories. I am not afraid to be a bit bold when it comes to accessories and I get a lot of compliments about my jewellery. I have a lot of really pretty necklaces, I bought a few when I was away and last week I saw two of them of them in magazines here, my mum and sister have taken most of my things since I got back home though. I also love going to markets to pick up vintage jewellery and bags. London is the perfect place for that.

I generally stick to wearing flat shoes and I love the pump style. I got a pair of red DM's in Dublin a few years ago and I live in them during really cold weather. I love wearing wedges because I have wide feet and I just struggle to wear high-heeled shoes, wedges are perfect for feeling a bit more glam but are really easy to walk in, my favourite are a gold pair I got in Spain. In summer I pretty much live in flip flops if the weather isn't bad.

Travelling to different countries has been really great because now I have a wardrobe with a whole mix of things from all different places so it's unique. I went to a wedding earlier in the year and I had bought clothes from 4 different cities so I didn't have to worry someone would have the same outfit.
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99% jeans and polo shirts, both short and long sleeve. Land End's is my place to shop so you get the idea. I have a couple of brightly colored shirts but mostly it is blue and black. I do have a pair of khakis for those dressy moments. Shoes are usually black or Nike tennis shoes. I am lucky because I can dress casually for work.
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I need clothing which I can wear to both my jobs. Currently I've been slowly changing out my hawaiian shirts for lounge shirts. Sort of like this style:

They're amazingly comfortable because they tend to be more roomy than standard cut shirts. Pants usually tend to be some sort of neutral colors slacks.
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This is a pic of my old closet...still have most of those clothes:

My wardrobe revolves around fall and winter. When the weather gets hot, I have issues. My clothes tend to be a little dressier...I need more casual clothes. When I'm home, I don't really have clothes that are good for lounging, so I many times just wear pajamas. I really need to just go buy some comfy, casual shirts and shorts.
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I don't like bright colors either, lately I've been buying lost of brown to go with my brown Coach purse. I like blue too.

In winter I love Aran sweaters and fleece

I like comfortable shoes (mostly clogs) jeans (especially bootcut), khakis, pretty tops like lace tops, capri pants in the summer because I'm tall and they're never too short on me. I love paisley. I generally hate skirts and dresses.

For casual I love my football and baseball shirts and sneakers.
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The topic of style came up between a friend and I a while back. I asked her what she'd describe my style as, and she said "kinda indie, alternative-like." I thought those were musical genres. I guess it's accurate though, although I'd describe my wardrobe as preppy, and a bit tomboyish. I won't wear skirts or dresses, unless it's a *very* special occasion.

My favorite pants are jeans, pinstripes (can pass as formal or casual) and what I like to call my "emo" pants.

I'm hard to please when buying shorts. I don't like short shorts, but I hate capris. Board shorts are my fave, which I'm wearing right now.

For shirts, I most often wear polo shirts, simple button-up blouses, graphic tees, tanks, or track jackets. I often top off the tanks with my army-green jacket.

I'm not picky about shoes, really. I just wear what's comfortable, which happens to be running shoes or skater shoes usually (not those huge clown skater shoes, though). If I'm going for a dressy look, I have these black clunky clogs that I usually wear. In the summer it's usually flip-flops or birkenstocks.
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My wardrobe consists of:

multiple pairs of Gap or Old Navy ultra low rise boot cut jeans in different washes/colors

Old Navy tiny fit tees in black, white and gray

A few dressier tops for nighttime, mostly black or a darker pattern

One pair of black pants

A few soft cotton hoodies

Cotton yoga pants

A couple pairs of denim capris, bermuda shorts and cargo shorts

I own some dresses and skirts but don't really wear them unless it's to a funeral or wedding. Sometimes if the weather is really hot, I'll wear a skirt but not often.

Shoes..I have several pairs of Nike Cortez with different color swooshes, lots of different flip flops in basic colors, some with sequins, black boots in different lengths (ankle, knee, etc.), a bunch of platforms and wedges, basic black Converse and a couple of pairs of running shoes.

I do like to match my shoes with my purse if I'm going out, otherwise, I don't really care.
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Ann Taylor Loft. That is my closet.
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ill name all the stuff i wear the most


my guess jeans
my hippy jeans
my tight jeans

my t-shirts:

my Larry Mullen band t-shirt
my america t-shirt
my grateful dead t-shirt

and just for summer my sweet sandals
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black suits.
black shirts.
cool band shirts.
more black.

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