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Originally posted by Basstrap
no, I think the withc king will be killed at Minas Tirith...though maybe not by Merry.
they'll bring out some new terror for the black gate, I'm guessing.

Maybe he'll fight the mouth of sauron himself...though he looks skinny and weak and couldn't fight aragorn without a lot of power.

I say it's Tom Bombadil

Who assaults Aragorn with mind-numbingly adorable poems and songs.

I can just see it, Aragorn all sweaty, on his knees...praying for the end, only to have Arwen come in a vision. "Aragorn, you must not give up! Listen to my voice, and mine alone!!"

And out comes Andruil and chops off Bombadil's head.

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I would cheer if Tom Bombadil was killed. Cheer and cheer and cheer.

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Me too.

I have met people who lamented he was cut from the film...sick people.
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I LOVE Tommy
I know he wouldn't have worked in the film, but I absolutely love reading that part in the book. He's so mysterious and nobody knows who he is, yet he's so cheerful! When I'm reading his chapters I get that "fantasy book" feeling.

I was thinking...if they included him - Robin Williams would have played him!

Some people theorize that he is Eru himself, the god who created middle earth; cos they say he was around before the hills were. Though I doubt he is

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