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Rejoice my fellow servants: Nirvana box set to hit stores in November!


Quick-- do the following things!

1. Break out your ratty flannels
2. Grow out your hair (may take several months, but that's okay)
3. Listen to all of your Nirvana CDs
4. Re-watch your Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!! VHS tape
5. Read up on your Kurt Cobain Journals
6. Add Nirvana's new box set to your Christmas wish-list

Did you read number six carefully? Do you know what this MEANS? If you've ever wondered, "What can I get my bitch-ass rabble-rousing retro-grunge 14-year-old for Christmas that he/she will actually LIKE?", then do we here at the 'Fork have something for you!

Finally making good on six years of fan rumblings and grumblings, Universal Music has announced plans to release a Nirvana box set on November 23rd that will feature a full three CDs full of naturally grown, previously unreleased Nirvana scrumptiousness. As to what those three CDs will actually contain... well, they're not saying. And our third-grade tactics ("Yeah, sure you know what's on it. If you know then how come you aren't saying? LIAR! I'm telling.") failed to produce results from a Universal Music spokesperson.

However, fansite claims to have the lowdown: According to a post made by the site's curator on Friday, the set should include "over 50 unreleased recordings including Kurt Cobain's demos" as well as "the hits, live performances, previously unreleased rarities and B-sides." Which sort of sounds like a lot to fit into three CDs. In addition, Billboard reports that the initial limited-edition version of the set will include a DVD containing unseen footage and live performances, including the group playing at a 1987 house party.

Now, sure, three discs seems like a lot of unreleased stuff for a band that was only a band for seven years, but it's sort of amazing what kind of stuff these labels can drudge up for box sets like these. And in Nirvana's case, it should hardly be a challenge at all. As any diehard fan knows, there's plenty of rare shit floating around out there: The ill-titled Outcesticide bootleg series spans five CDs, which are filled with early and alternative versions of well-known Nirvana songs, demos of never-released Nirvana songs, and live versions of well-known and/or never-released Nirvana songs. Many of these are expected to appear on the box.

This set was reportedly intended to be released way back in December of 2001 (still just in time for Xmas, though!), before Cobain's widow, the lovely and talented Courtney Love ( ), began a public pissing match with surviving members Krist Novoselic (the tall one) and Dave Grohl (the talented one). The end result of all this nonsense was that the release of the box set was put off for nearly three years. Of the songs originally intended exclusively for the box, only "You Know You're Right" ever saw the light of day: It was included on Nirvana's recent self-titled greatest hits collection, which to date has sold nearly 1.5 million copies.

As soon as we have some idea about the contents of this mysterious set, we'll hit you with the details, but until then, refer to the list above and start counting down the days.

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Cool! One more thing my brother will buy that I can borrow cos I'm cheap

P.S. Hi Jesse! I should drop you a line's been too long.

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By the way I had just finished writing my answer for the other Kurt Cobain thread and it got closed! Not fair! So here's my answer anyway:

Both a big loss. As HelloAngel said, they both had families and many people around the world loved them. But to the music world I would say Kurt Cobain was the biggest loss. I think he did a lot in very little time, I don’t know if the best was yet to come (maybe so) but I'm sure that he was still going to make some great music with or without Nirvana!! It would have been great to listen to a Kurt Cobain solo album. Even though I’m not the biggest Nirvana fan in the world I got all of their cds and I had my little Nirvana phase. They made intelligent, creative and passionate music that communicated to a lot of people around the world in a very honest way. We can now only wonder what a more grown up Kurt would have produced. Too bad.
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milk it. just like Buckley.
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I can't wait, U2's album will come out the same day so its going to be awesome

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