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No U2Girl, you are not nuts. Not at all.

Livluv that's a cool pet story. I have 2 pet stories:

1. When my girlfriend's mom was at the end of her life, at home in her bed with her 2 daughter's, her sister and favorite cat surrounding her following weeks of sitting vigil, when poor Carole took her last peaceful breath on this earth, her favorite cat got up from the foot of the bed onto Carole's belly and stared at her for a few seconds then slowly began to look up toward the ceiling, then got up onto her hind legs, pawing into the air and suddenly jumped off the bed and hid beneath it (the bed) for about a day and a half. It was like she was waving at a ghost or a spirit or something.....animals can see and hear things humans cannot.

2. My dog on 3 different occasions has awakened from sleep during the middle of the night where she will get up from the blankets (she sleeps with me on/in my bed) to the foot of the bed where she sits staring at what appears to be nothing down the hallway or at the door to my bedroom with her hairs down her back all standing on end and sort of whining, winpering with her ears and head cocked back and forth like she sees something and hears something but I see and hear nothing. Then as suddenly as she got up, she will go right back to her spot and back to sleep. Very weird. My landlady says maybe there is a ghost or a spirit visiting, my house was built in 1948.

The other weird phenomena I've had, like U2girl's was about a week after my father died. He had a long, thick hooded royal blue terrycloth bathrobe we'd given him one year for Christmas. He and my mother lived 20 miles away from us and this bathrobe had never been in our house (other than when I wrapped the gift) nor did we have anything like this item of clothing in our house. So one night, very late as I've always been a nightowl, I'm sitting at my desk in our family room which faces a wall....slightly to my right out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of blue and as I turned clear as day I swear I saw the back of my father walk down the hallway. I of course found nothing in the hallway or any of the bedrooms when I turned on the lights and woke my husband at the time. He thought I was hallucinating. Not me....and it was the most serene and peaceful feeling too. I wasn't scared at all, I KNOW it was my father.

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Originally posted by U2Girl1978
Some more eerie stuff:

1. A few years ago, I worked at this temp job and it was a really slow day. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this figure at the window. I'm not making this up but it was the figure of death. It was so scary.

2. A couple of months ago, I woke up out of a sound sleep because I heard this noise in my living room. It was lit up and usually it should be dark. I freaked out because I thought I saw a figure walk by. I made a noise and freaked my bf out.
I went in the living room and my computer was lit up and usually the screen saver is dark. Nothing was there.

3. My boyfriend and I weren't living together at the time but I had to call him one night around 2 in the morning because I heard the most creepiest noises in my apartment. They eventually stopped after talking to him. But it bothered me so much that I couldn't sleep for the next half hour. Anyways, the next morning my back porch door had these scratches across the glass that weren't there before.

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Originally posted by LivLuvAndBootlegMusic
Do you guys' pets every see anything? Beckham and Max never do, but Poshie is always sitting on the back of my armchair, howling, almost singing, at this one spot on my wall. She'll be lying down and then all the sudden, her eyes follow something I can't see and she goes to the same spot and howls. She does know the word "spider" and will point and howl for me if she can't reach the spider, but in this particular spot, there's never a spider.
My dog does the same thing. Sometimes she´s lying down on the terrace and all of the sudden, stands up and runs to a corner of the terrace that borders with an abandoned house and starts barking. Sometimes there´s a cat there and that´s why she barks, but some other times, there´s nothing there at all! I keep looking for something (a bird, a cat, etc) but I never see anything.

Oh! I´ve just remembered another 2 stories (yeah, my family is

1. My daddy was in his room using the computer when he heard somebody walking up the stairs (it´s a wooden staircase so it´s usually kinda creeky). He turned around and saw this blonde head so he said: who´s there? As soon as he said that, that "thing" started walking down teh stairs. At first we thought it was our dog, but you wouldn´t be able to see her from where my daddy was sitting in his room. Then we thought it was my auntie, but she would have replied or finished walking up the stairs. We have no clue what that was.

2. My dad´s sister went to the cemetery in San Juan ( where my daddy is from) to check on the family´s mausoleum. She was arranging some flowers and lighting some candles, when she clearly heard her grandmother´s voice calling her name: "Mabel". She got so scared that she left without even locking the place and took her a good while to come back there.
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I dont know if its just from reading these stories or what...but i'm a wee bit creeped out at the moment.

My door has always, (well at least for the last couple of years) made some sort of bang I guess.
Its like someone is turning the nob then letting go, or turning it really fast but not opening the door

I've had other minor things too, like a pen, or some small object fall from my desk where it was in the impossible possition to just fall.

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Colour me skeptical (thats a shade of red I believe) - the problem is that all of this comes down to peoples perceptions and the way that they remember them, the other explanations are overlooked; for instance waynetravis mentioning the pipe anecdote, now smell is a sense that is works around the way that our olfactory receptors bind to odor molecules, now given that the man smoked in the house and may have lived there for a prolonged period it is entirely likely that smoke and tobacco are still in the house; especially if it has the same carpeting or layer beneath, there is the possibility that a current occupant smokes. The alternative is paranormal - that somehow the receptors are being stimulated by a supernatural entity or that is summoning tobacco smoke molecules into existence. We all see things, reflections and odd tricks are the usual cause, even strange noises (for instance I heard a strange humming in the night, sporadic and very eerie - sounded like a theramin - and I didn't know what it was, then it knocked my books off their shelf, shock and horror the pipes had stopped working in the house and the shuddering was a case of water hammer and not the paranormal).

We all have the ability to percieve events and if we want to believe then we can fill the gaps in - even if they wind up frigtening us. Just take a kid or believer on those "ghost tours" and they can be scared out of their skin - hell me as a 10 year old with a hyperactive imagination was able to do it very effectively. Even today when I say up for extended periods (36 hours +) I start hearing voices - my mind fills in gaps within random noise, I hear my name being called out; although to be fair these all occur in places with a large number of people).

An example, Port Arthur ghost tour in 1996 (I am pretty sure in January before the massacre), I go on this thing when I am 10 and am thoroughly engrossed by it and the ghost stories - we get to a part of the tour and keep in mind it has been building, we visited the morgue and the church, all eerie places - anyhow last part of the tour is like a mill or something, the tour guide begins talking and I feel a really strong tingle on my right leg, and as I listen it ultimately turns out that a guy burnt to death in that very mill - now taking all this at face value and given that it began tingling before the guide mentioned the whole burning part it could validate my views about ghosts. But in doing I would be suspending logic, we all get chills and tingles - on a cold night after walking around especially so.

If you genuinely have and can verifiably prove the existence of ghosts then please claim the Randi foundation prize, proving the existence of ghosts would not only make you rich but would overturn our very understanding of biology and how matter exists in the universe.

I suppose that the supernatural just never want to come out and play for the skeptics
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I adore James Randi.
I heard him at my college many years ago.
He is top-notch in my book

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