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Old 08-30-2003, 04:53 PM   #31
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem
Besides which, what some critic says about U2 being the opposite really bears little weight to this thread.
Maybe it is amusing, I don't know, but don't read too much into what the non Radiohead fans say. They're going to be mere observations for the most part. Not anything set to offend.
I think it has a lot of bearing on this thread... I'm not a hardcore fanatic Radiohead fan, but I thought that labelling them as a minor chord/depressing band was very constricting. So, I put in a generalization about U2 that I've heard from a few critics, and many casual music fans. Judging by the reactionary stance of the responses thus far, it seems I've made my point.

Do I subscribe to the belief that U2 are strictly a one-dimensional emotion band? No.

Do I get somewhat disturbed when critics/media/public misinterprets a band for categorization purposes? Yes.

Then, why are some so quick to label Radiohead as one-dimensional in this aspect? The same reasons... the same scripts.

That's all I was trying to say. In that regard, the analogy was appropriate... in my opinion of course.

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Great points Wizardo. I think your analogy is 100% accurate.


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Old 08-30-2003, 05:19 PM   #33
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I'm still puzzled that people apparently regard U2 as a postive band and me never reading about that before
perhaps the media and public in the netherlands have another approach to U2
ah well, I'll learn to live with being reactionary somehow
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Old 08-31-2003, 05:50 AM   #34
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well the only 1 band which is capable of doing various songs of emotion (depressive and happy) whilst retaining a certain form and shape about their songs is The Cure

something extremely dark like Disintegration or Untitled or anything from the Pornography album, to something like Friday Im In Love, Inbetween Days or the EXTREMELY HAPPY Mint Car

and people dub The Cure a goth band for no other reasons other than Robert Smith's long black hair and makeup
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Originally posted by Salome
I've re-read your original post a few times and you actually did say that "a short attention span is a reason for people not enjoying them" instead of it being just a reason

personally I figured you meant it as being one of the possible reasons and I'm quite sure (though I shouldn't pretend that I know for sure) that mrs. La Harlem also knows that

but you did say it

so there
I seriously hope you're joking, but I'm not really sure I understand your post here. Could you clarify? Thanks.

Once again, I did not once say people must have short attention spans if they don't enjoy their music. Enjoyment comes from personal taste. I was specifically speaking about song structure, regardless of personal enjoyment. Of course, many people do not enjoy songs with no song structure. But that's really a side issue. In Radiohead's case, they have plenty of structure...more than most bands do actually. Some of it can be complex, but that does not devalidate it. If anything, it makes it more impressive.
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem
Haha thanks Salome and Michael. I wouldn't try to say your description was wrong MG, I don't know their music like you do. Though this 'unknown' on HTTT has me a tad curious.
Will Radiohead ever do cheery happy music you think?
Hey Angela - I would love to see Radiohead write an upbeat, uplifting record. One of my favourite Radiohead song is 'The Bends' of the album of the same name. It's got a positive, somewhat ecstatic energy that can only be found in the best rock n' roll. I would enjoy to hear more songs like that by them. 'Airbag' is also quite joyful. That said, many of their darker songs are wonderful (to my ears) as well, and sometimes they don't come to life unless you hear them in a live setting.

Angela, I'm not sure which song you heard from HTTH, but you should download 'Punch up at a Wedding' for really funky, uptempo song with a great groove. It could appear on top 40 pop radio and probably do well.
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Old 08-31-2003, 06:41 PM   #37
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radiohead doesnt need to stop doing anything. HTTT is a very hard album to listen to but thats what makes you want to keep going. I dont think ''go to sleep'' is considered ''pop''. if you want pop go listen to britney or christina.
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When I used the word, "pop," I was using it in context of structured music, that being music with hooks and song arrangement (catchy music). Radiohead has that in spades. The common definition of "pop music" (as the one you are using) is the boy/girl band music/top 40 radio brand that has always been omnipresent. These definitions continuesly get blurred however. The Beatles, for example, were much better, IMO, than Britney and N' Synch, but they were very much a pop band that wrote pop songs. U2 have written hundreds of them. Even the Ramones wrote pop music set to punk music. To take it even further, Kurt Kobain himself said he wanted to "write the ultimate pop song" with 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Take away the heavy distortion, dirty noise, and drums--listen to just the structure and arrangement--and it's not dificult to see his point. This is the definition I usually use when using the term "pop song".
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finally, someone who holds the same opinion that 'pop' is not a dirty word.

i'd go so far as to call radiohead a pop group - they're symbols of 90s popular culture to a certain extent.
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Originally posted by u2popmofo


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yes, there's such thing as good pop. i haven't spent enough time listening to HTTT to really form an opinion on this subject thouhg.

and the above joke isn't supposed to make sense.

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