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Radiohead Concert Experience

How many Radiohead concerts have you all been to? Post here or find this thread when its moved.


August 1997 - Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Awesome concert....everything was GA, real small venue, maybe 1000-2000 people. Maybe less than 1000, I forget. MTV was there filming for the "Live at the 10spot" show they were doing at the time. If you see the video, you can see the back of my head. I'm the tall guy bouncing up and done.

Karma Police
The Bends
Exit Music (for a Film)
Subterranean Homesick Alien
My Iron Lung
No Surprises
Paranoid Android
Fake Plastic Trees
Street Spirit
Climbing Up the Walls
Exit Music (for a Film)
No Surprises
Talk show

August 2001 - Liberty State Park. Might have been the best concert of my life. Top three with U2 2001 Albany and Jane's Addiction at MSG in October Looking back, the concert is bittersweet. The park is directly behind the Statue of Liberty on the NJ side. Had great views of Lower Manhatten pre 911. I probably could have hit a golf ball and hit the twin towers. Blargh....damn fuckers.

01 the national anthem
02 lucky
03 optimistic
04 karma police
05 i Might be wrong
06 knives out
07 packt like sardines in a crushd tin box
08 exit music
09 my iron lung
10 no surprises
11 dollars & cents
12 just
13 pyramid song
14 paranoid android
15 idioteque
16 everything in its right place
17 morning bell
18 fake plastic trees
19 climbing up the walls
20 how to disappear completely
21 talk show host
22 you and whose army?
23 like spinning plates
24 the bends

So, move this if you want. I think there should be a Radiohead forum on this site. But move it to where you all think is appropriate.


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Now then...

I only WISH I would have gone to a Radiohead concert. But mark my words I will catch them when they come back around.

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Chicago - August 1, 2001

National Anthem
Morning Bell
My Iron Lung
Karma Police
Knives Out
Permanent Daylight
How To Disappear Completely
Dollars And Cents
No Surprises
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
Talk Show Host
Pyramid Song
Paranoid Android
Everything In Its Right Place

I Might Be Wrong
Climbing Up The Walls
You And Whose Army?

Encore 2:
Fake Plastic Trees

Encore 3:
True Love Waits
Street Spirit

it kicked ass.
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I don't have the details on these, guess I could check some websites, but I saw: Thom play solo right after the release of Pablo Honey at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco (I think the band got stuck in the airport or something, and Thom just played a bunch of accoustic songs); I saw them at a "Green Christmas" show in Berkeley around 1996, with No Doubt and others; at the Filmore(a nice small club) in SF (also a free show at Justin Herman) in 1997?; last summer at Shoreline ampitheater in Mountain View.

They are hot live; he was settled down the last concert, but Thom has the tendency to just go spastic, its a sight to see.
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all of this was taken from
02-06-1997 Opera House, Toronto, Canada
setlist: lucky * my iron lung * airbag * nice dream * exit music * karma police * talk show host * fake plastic trees * paranoid android * bones * climbing up the walls * no surprises * the bends * electioneering * just * subterranean homesick alien * planet telex * street spirit * the tourist * thinking about you

1st time i ever saw them. got tix into the opera house from a friend whose father at the time worked for edge 102. had a great time, though i had no idea what i was hearing. a little disappointed at the lack of 'creep', but fascinated by let down and paranoid android.

kobayashi's first night of being...ummm, altered. therefore the details have been included.
19-08-1997 Aerohall, Toronto, Canada
setlist: fitter happier * lucky * just * airbag * planet telex * exit music * karma police * climbing up the walls * electioneering * no surprises * my iron lung * paranoid android * fake plastic trees * let down * nice dream * bones * talk show host * the bends * subterranean homesick alien * banana co * lurgee * street spirit
review by Kieran Grant (toronto sun): Seldom does one band come along and breathe life into rock music the way Radiohead has with their current album Okay Computer. It was a joy to see the band bring their music to life last night at Arrow Hall. The fact that they did so in the face of several obstacles -- mosh-pit antics, shaky acoustics, their own stage fright and a tough repertoire -- made their fantastic performance all the more admirable. "This song is dedicated to the people in the first few rows," Radiohead singer-guitarist Thom Yorke told the sold-out crowd of 6,000 before the group's encore, which included Subterranean Homesick Alien and Street Spirit. Yorke went on to blast the front section's rather violent moshers, who'd been making life tough for peaceful fans throughout the 115-minute concert. "Sit back and listen or go the f--- home," he railed.
Indeed, kicking and shoving has no place alongside such intelligent and inventive music. But such a display of authority was way out of character for the diminutive Yorke, who hadn't uttered much more than a quiet "Thank you, you're very kind" earlier.
That's not to say he wasn't a formidable frontman.
From opening song Lucky, Yorke's voice came in as clear as some soaring, operatic bell. Even as his head bobbed and shook in furious time, most of the show's plentiful emotion came from his larynx instead of rock star posturing.
Radiohead -- Yorke, guitarist-singer Ed O'Brien, guitarist-keyboardist Jonny Greenwood, bassist Colin Greenwood, and drummer Phil Selway -- managed a cathartic delivery without losing sight of their greatest asset: Superb songs.
It must have been a feat to capture the complicated subtleties in tunes like Just, Airbag, and Karma Police. Where the group couldn't, they plowed ahead with glorious bombast.
Thick stage fog and brilliant strobe lights seemed to blow Yorke out of sight at each crescendo, as on the appropriately filmic Exit Music (Song For A Film). Likewise, a particularly pretty section of the set list -- featuring My Iron Lung, Paranoid Android, Fake Plastic Trees, and Let Down -- benefitted from O'Brien's and Jonny Greenwood's gentle use of electronic guitar effects and keyboards.
Radiohead were as good when they weren't playing as when they were. All the while, they seemed vaguely uncomfortable with how accomplished they are.
There were some technical glitches in the sound mix. The prepulsive rhythm section's levels threatened to crush the melodies at times. Climbing Up The Walls was derailed briefly by a faulty Moog synth. It was hard to imagine what embarrassed Radiohead more: The glitches, or the fact that they might just be the best popular rock group on the planet. SUN RATING 4 OUT OF 5

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the DC shows last August was cancelled due to flooding and they were not re-scheduled, f'ing wankers
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Unfortunately I've yet to have a Radiohead concert experience so I can't comment....

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it's about time theres a radiohead forum.
i have been to the following shows:
july 2 1993 at ontario place (edgefest 1 i believe)

open for rem sept 29, 1995

april 12 1998 at maple leaf gardens

oct 17, 2000 at sears theater

all were amazing shows, and i can't wait for another tour. i was in greece when they came to barrie last august, i almost cancelled that trip to make the show.
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95/11/29, Hamburg, Markthalle

Don't know the's not even listed at ateaseweb's gigography, but it took place. Fantastic show. As far as I remember they played most of "The Bends", some "Pablo Honey"-songs (Creep, Prove Yourself, You, Anyone Can Play Guitar + maybe some more), Lucky and some songs I don't remember or didn't know.

97/07/01, Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36

Lucky / Bones / Airbag / My Iron Lung / Exit Music (for a film) / The Bends / Karma Police / Talk Show Host / Fake Plastic Trees / Paranoid Android / Planet Telex / Climbing Up The Walls / No Surprises / Creep / Just / High & Dry / Let Down / Street Spirit (Fade Out) / The Tourist

97/11/10, Hannover, Capitol

Unknown setlist. I remember they played most of OK Computer, 5 or 6 "The Bends"-songs, 1 or 2 from the first record (I think "You" and maybe "Lurgee", definetely not "Creep") and again 2 or 3 songs I didn't know (I remember some technical problems during the encore and Thom started playing a Tim Buckley song (probably "Sing A Song For You)) .

2001/06/01, Rock am Ring Festival, NŁrburgring

The National Anthem / Morning Bell / Lucky / Talk Show Host / In Limbo / My Iron Lung / Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box / Exit Music / No Surprises / Dollars and Cents / Street Spirit / You And Whose Army? / Karma Police / I Might Be Wrong / Pyramid Song / Paranoid Android / Idioteque / Everything In Its Right Place // Airbag / Just / The Bends / How To Disappear Completely

ateaseweb lists a second encore of "Climbing Up The Walls" as final encore, which is wrong.

If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say Hamburg 95 followed by Hannover 97. Unfortunately I don't know the setlist of these two gigs. Hopefully they'll surface one day....

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That's funny TheU2....I was at the same concerts as you. Small world.

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Pinkpop 2001



Best concert I've ever seen.

'Het neuken van een marmot is als kotsen in een te kleine emmer' Poelmo, Slaaf van het zuiden

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