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Put down here YOUR disaster/nitemare dates!!

Ok, so we may ‘ave ‘ad this ages ago, but sure I missed it……..and new pple might wanna joggle their boggles down here anyway………….about disaster dating, right Johnny??????

Here are my dates:

1 – I used to go skating…….a lot…..then one night (Bono-vox should know Dundonald ) – back in 1990 or something - they had a Christian night, and I met this REALLY GORGEOUS Corey Haim look-a-like, and we decided to meet up again……..and did so couple of weeks later………………now he was a Christian………so, where did he take me for a date? To a Mannifest at the Ulster Hall!!!!!!! I think I was a wee bit unsure about it, cause Im not a Christian and actually did feel uncomfortable half-way through, but he kept encouraging me to stay………………..

Around 2 weeks later he cycled down to meet me at the train station……..and came back to mine, within those 5 mins he handed me a bible and said ‘ Look sorry, but though its really hard for me to explain, but I cant go out with you cause you’re not a Christian……….’ The front page of the Bible was a note about why I should read it, etc……….he then spilt coffee on his white top which I tried to get off before leaving…………it was very embarrassing moment, for me anyway…………(and no Im NOT putting Christians down cause Im NOT one) – but I was young and just found the whole thing confusing and awful while I was really attracted to him…….

2 – This big arse was standing with this mate chatting, and while I was passing he said ‘Excuse me, but can I ask you a question?’ He was from the mainland. This of course led to arrangement of a date (regrettably), and he met me after work……..which I got locked into one of the buildings but that’s another story u DON’T wanna hear!……………- anyway this guy was an ex-uniform………..so that made him so full-off-himself……………..and after when we were walking round town after closing time, he started bragging and being a bit loud, etc…………and the worst moment was when he pulled up his shirt to show off his tanned toned 6-pack from working out, and actually walking around holding it up saying ‘Doesn’t it look great? Look, I work out! What do ya think?’, also for a full five mins in front of pple………while I walk with him holding my head in my hands thinking ‘WTF? Will someone tackle this arse? PLEASE?’
Then we go to Macdonalds and sit upstairs, and this woman with her two children are sitting at next table and WHAT does he come out with ? ‘ Let me look into your eyes……you have beautiful eyes…..let me look into them’ , and while he sits and stares I feel like a nude gum-gum with this arse starin at me, and the woman next to me looking over, catchin my eyes and slightly laughin into herself, no doubt, or perhaps feelin sorry for me, while I was so embarrassed…………so thankfully he buggered off to somewhere else shortly after we met…………..I certainly wasn’t worried!!!!!!!

3 – a fixed date by a school pal, went round to his house up to his room, messed with taxi traffic control beeper ‘who am I speakin to – oh ur speakin to Big Sadie from Donald’s taxis’ walkie-talkie shit………that was all we did, it was a good laugh though and he did leave me with something, a nice copy of a Roxette tape……….came home, next day she begged to know if we kissed, we hadn’t.

4 – One ‘d*ck’ called Richard who was as weird as the twilight zone with a multi-coloured rainbow and question marks on its horizon – he carried something round with him which I cant tell u about – but it really freaked me when he (and he even pulled it out under his coat one time – I feckin told him to put it away) – I hope some of u clue on what Im talking about……..something u handle…………….no not talking about his wee pal Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was driving at the time and parked in this isolated place……..and trying to be the hunk, after we walked up these steps, attempted to carry me down them again….I felt a right pr*ck…..even though we were alone
Needless to say I feckin never bothered with him again

(might I add by now a lot of u will tink I pull right plonkers and creeps – you would be right)

sorry I tink that’s it for now…………..


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you have made my day with your tales!
Do you still listen to the roxette tape? I know you secretly love them

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i don't think i can ever top those maddie

my worst date would have been around the end of high school-->we had just spent about 2 hours walking along the harbor shore that looks out onto hamilton on the other side and lake ontario(not a fraction as nice as it sounds trust me). so i'm driving her home and it's taking forever 'cause she lives up on the mountain above burlington but i've got my dad's car so i'm feeling pretty confident(young stupid boy+nice luxury car=stupid confidence). we had been fiddling with the radio, each of us taking turns to change the preset and the cd that was in their had just started skipping. the marcy's playground song 'sex and candy' was still fairly brand new at that point and it came on the radio. in regular conversational talk i mentioned how i really didn't like that song and changed the channel on the steering wheel. she reached out and changed it back on the radio, i thought she was joking so i changed it back. well needless to say she went psycho, changed it back and told me what a fekkin' idiot i was for not liking it. she turned it up and started singing very methodically while staring at me as i drove. it was really quite creepy. i drove very fast up to her place and basically kicked her out of the car.

i saw her in a pizza pizza the following summer, after i had heard she bombed out of art college, i tried to ignore but felt sorry and just made safe small talk about the weather, i didn't want to talk about school or anything opinionated!
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love, blood, life
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Location: Angie Jolie lover from Belfast Norn Ireland. I LOVE YOU ANGIE! Im a Bono fan!
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I just visualised all that!!!!!!!
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This is a classic. My dad set me up with a good friend's son. Not a prob. I've recently moved back to the area and still don't know a bunch of people. Also, they were 5th row seats to the Lakers with dinner at the Arena Club.... so. My dad fails to give this guy my number, so I call him (not a comfy situation for me) and we plan to go to dinner because the game is so far off. He picks me up, takes me to dinner and has me home in an hour and a half flat. Maybe he had an early day, but still- strike one.
So, the month between the date and the game goes by, and not a word, not a call, nothing. So, the evening before the game, I arrange to go with a good friend. That night- he calls my dad, not me, giving him some sob story about how he lost my number. Dad, not knowing how mad I was tells him "of course it's still on and gives him my number. I had to cancel my plans with my friend for someone who didn't call me until less than a day to an event. (Have you noticed, I'm not even to the real date yet?)

So, the next evening comes, he shows up 15 minutes late (strike three). On the drive down there, he talks on his cell phone over half the way. (strike four). He has friends that are going to the game, but can't get into the Arena Club (duh), so he asks me if we can eat on the main concourse instead (strike 5). Let's make a comparison- 5 star restaurant/McDonalds. By then, I was not pleased, so I answered simply, "You can." Needless to say he eats dinner with me and we get to our seats. We were literally 15 feet behind the lakers basket. Halfway through the first quarter, he gets up to go to the bathroom and say hi to his friends. He returns at the END of the 2nd quarter (strike 6), and brings me warm wine (strike 7). So the game ends, Lakers Win. We're walking back to the car- I'm FREEZING. He says it's pretty warm and does not offer his jacket (strike 8). Upon returning to my house, he gives me a hug and tells me he'll email me when his website goes up(Not a phone call mind you), which I had gathered would be a number of months (strike 9).

I'd understand if he wasn't interested, but he was blatantly rude. The boy not only struck out, but cleared an entire inning.

I AM the Ass Demon Exorcist.
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When I was in high school I was dating this guy for quite sometime ... we had made plans to go to the prom and stuff too. So anyways, I started having a change of heart a few weeks before, and I really really wanted to break things off with him, but I felt bad because he had already paid for his tuxedo etc... and I didnt want him to lose out. Over these few weeks though, it got to the point where I didnt even want to be in the same room as him. Needless to say - I get a call the night of the prom around 5:30 saying that he went to go pick his Tux up and the freaking rental place was closed. I went nuts on him... what the hell did he expect going at 5:30 on a SATURDAY to pick it up? If I could have jumped through the phone and killed him I would have. So needless to say he ends up wearing my brother's suit to the prom. In the meanwhile, I'm telling myself that things will be ok, there will be other guys there with suits on... nope, he was the only one. I dont think I spoke to him the entire night. I guess it must have just maybe been karma coming back to bite me - I should have just broken up with him when I wanted to initially and saved myself a LOT of grieF!!

Holy Jesus, Holy rock and roll...

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