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Old 08-03-2002, 05:02 PM   #31
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For those who care, I'm 5'8 and my weight varies between 118-120 pounds.

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Old 08-03-2002, 05:35 PM   #32
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Originally posted by ~unforgettableFOXfire~
Im 6'0 and 165lbs.
Just so you know, and not that you care, 8 months and Im still 165 lbs... mind you Ive not changed more than 2lbs either way for about 2 years now, and I must say it isnt too shabby hurray for metabolism.

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Old 08-04-2002, 02:54 AM   #33
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You know....we nurses still make you step on the scales to see whether you're telling the truth about it?.....Since they already got my age posted with the birthday thingy......all I'm admitting to as far as weight is this:


you decide how much....
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Old 08-04-2002, 03:04 AM   #34
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I'm 5'71/2" (like Bono!)
This past month I gained back 10 pounds that I lost over the last 6 months...

go calculate that!
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Old 08-04-2002, 03:26 AM   #35
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Almost 5'1, 125. Blah.
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Old 08-04-2002, 04:29 AM   #36
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6'1''. 215. Pure muscle in every region except the gut. That's my downfall. I have a 5 month baby living in my stomach. I admit it.
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Old 08-04-2002, 04:48 AM   #37
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6'5" and about 210lb last time I checked.
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Old 08-04-2002, 01:19 PM   #38
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I recently attempted death by chocolate...I can save any other researchers the time if you doesn't work that easily.

This ties in with meeting my Balinese friend the other day. She was trying to say "you have lost weight since I last saw you", but she doesn't have that extensive choice of English words. I am only 1 week older than her. I told her I had seen the photos from our 40th birthday party and I cried, I cried a lot ( I speak pidgin to her, I'm not sure if that is the wrong thing to do)
Anyway, still too ashamed to say my weight, but 15 kilos less than I was about a year ago and hopefully more to go, ......I've broken through the dreaded plateau.
I can just about hear the wretching't worry I made myself sick too, very!
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Old 08-04-2002, 01:31 PM   #39
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5'11 170lbs, Last time that i was weighed!
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Old 08-04-2002, 02:51 PM   #40
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Originally posted by Naya
For those who care, I'm 5'8 and my weight varies between 118-120 pounds.
same height and almost same wt as me
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Old 08-04-2002, 03:53 PM   #41
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Re: Post your weight here!

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Old 08-05-2002, 07:37 AM   #42
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Re: Re: Post your weight here!

Originally posted by Lemon Meringue

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Old 08-05-2002, 07:41 AM   #43
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My weight changes every day anyway.

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Old 08-05-2002, 07:42 AM   #44
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Jaysus Mofo Bollox!

How can I work out pounds from ounces and shit?

For bollock fuk sake like!

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