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The Fly
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Post your odd news stories

Pop-Up Toilets to Cut Street Urination:

LONDON (Reuters) - Pop-up toilets that rise from the ground at night will be installed in central London in a bid to dissuade late-night male revelers from urinating against walls and doorways.

The self-cleaning telescopic urinals, which Westminister City Council hopes to have in place by autumn, will emerge from under the ground and be retracted in the day via remote control.


mmm I see the Headlines now..

Drunk says "ITS A MIRICLE"

What happens if it decides to rise while your stood on top of it

I see some crazy nights out, People stood about bursting waiting for the toilets to rise..

Smoke me a kipper
Ill be back for breakfast

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That is brilliant! Will they be hiring women to close the lids?

Why do men insist on urinating in public just because they can whip it out? I used to see businessmen in Armani suits urinating in what they thought were inconspicuous spots on Madison Avenue. What if women just started squatting all over the place?

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Great topic. I like to read these when I'm reading the news on the net. When they're funny, it's a welcome distraction from the 'real' news.

Garbage Trucks to Teach English

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Garbage trucks in the south Taiwan city of Tainan will soon broadcast English lessons from loudspeakers to educate citizens as they haul away the rubbish.

"Even grandmothers and grandfathers will be able to speak the most basic conversational English after listening for a few dozen times," the United Daily News newspaper quoted Tainan mayor Hsu Tain-tsair as saying.

"This is Tainan's first step toward internationalization," Hsu said.

Hsu said his wife came up with the idea for the educational garbage trucks.

The English-teaching garbage trucks are scheduled to hit the streets on September 1st. Currently, Taiwan's garbage trucks call people out to the curb with their rubbish with a classical music refrain.

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Originally posted by Ace Rimmer:
Pop-Up Toilets to Cut Street Urination:

LONDON (Reuters) - Pop-up toilets that rise from the ground at night will be installed in central London in a bid to dissuade late-night male revelers from urinating against walls and doorways.

The self-cleaning telescopic urinals, which Westminister City Council hopes to have in place by autumn, will emerge from under the ground and be retracted in the day via remote control.
Saw this story on CNN News last week!!!
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Early puberty linked to shampoos

19:00 03 April 02

Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition

Unbeknown to many parents, a few hair products - especially some marketed to black people - contain small amounts of hormones that could cause premature sexual development in girls.

The evidence that hair products containing oestrogens cause premature puberty is largely circumstantial, and the case is still unproven. But Ella Toombs, acting director for the Office of Cosmetics and Colors at the US Food and Drug Administration, told New Scientist: "No amount [of oestrogen] is considered safe and can be included in an over-the-counter product."

Under FDA regulations, over-the-counter products containing hormones are drugs, and thus require specific approval. However, there appears to be a grey area regarding products marketed before 1994. The FDA failed to respond to a request to clarify the position. At least five companies are still making hormone-containing hair products, a source within the industry - who preferred not to be named - told New Scientist.

Throughout the West, girls are tending to reach puberty earlier. This has been blamed on everything from improved diet to environmental contaminants. But African-American girls are developing even earlier than their white counterparts. About half of black girls in the US begin developing breasts or pubic hair by age eight, compared with just 15 per cent of white girls, one study has found. In Africa, girls enter puberty much later, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

"Placenta, hormones or estrogen"

That big discrepancy may be explained, at least in part, by the more frequent use of hormone-containing hair products among African Americans, says Chandra Tiwary, former chief of paediatric endocrinology at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas. "I believe that the frequency of sexual precocity can be reduced simply if children do not use those hair products," he says.

The products are sold as shampoos or treatments to deep-condition dry, brittle hair. The labels usually state that they contain placenta, hormones or "estrogen", although not all products that make such claims contain active hormones. While New Scientist's inquiries suggest such products are no longer sold in Europe, many are still available worldwide over the Internet.

And they remain popular among African Americans. A small study published earlier this year by Su-Ting Li of the Child Health Institute in Seattle suggests that nearly half of African-American parents use such products, and that most also use them on their children.

For other ethnic groups the figure is under 10 per cent. Tiwary told New Scientist that he has carried out a bigger, as yet unpublished, survey of 2000 households that confirms these findings.

In 1998 Tiwary, now retired, published a study of four girls - including a 14-month-old - who developed breasts or pubic hair months after beginning to use such products. The symptoms started to disappear when they stopped using them. The year before, he published a study showing that some of the products used by his patients contained up to four milligrams of oestradiol per 100 grams. Others contained up to two grams of oestriol per 100 grams.

Readily absorbed

B&B Super Gro, for example, which was marketed before 1994 and is still on sale in the US and claims to be "rich in hormones", was found to contain 1.6 grams of oestriol per 100 grams. While the levels of oestriol in the products were much higher, oestradiol is a far more potent form of oestrogen.

There is no doubt that oestrogens are readily absorbed through the skin--hormone therapy is often delivered via patches. Long-term exposure to these doses could cause premature puberty, Tiwary believes.

And his studies are not the only ones hinting at a possible effect. Anecdotal reports in scientific papers going back to 1982 describe early puberty in children after use of hair treatments, as well as certain ointments. Tiwary notified the FDA of his concerns in 1994, but says he never received a reply.

The evidence that oestrogen-containing hair products cause early puberty remains limited. There are too many other suspect substances to pin the blame on them without further studies.

"A person isn't exposed to just one chemical, but rather a mix of many," says Julia Brody, director of the Silent Spring Institute in Massachusetts, a non-profit organisation that looks at the environment and women's health. "There is an increasing awareness that hormonally active compounds are present in cosmetic products."

Sylvia Pagán Westphal, Boston

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I may have to use this post daily....people will die to get out of Wisconsin

St. Paul woman killed after car crashes into "Welcome to Minnesota" sign

Associated Press

Published Apr 3, 2002
A St. Paul woman died after she crashed into the "Welcome to Minnesota" sign on westbound Interstate 94, near the Wisconsin border.

Ruth Sanders, 47, was flown to Regions Hospital in St. Paul and died Monday, almost two hours after the 3:50 a.m. accident.

The driver of the car, Kenneth Herbert, 56, was listed in good condition.

The Minnesota State Patrol said weather was not a factor.

Officers were investigating whether excessive speed or driver fatigue played a role. Troopers found a traffic citation in the car indicating the Wisconsin State Patrol had issued a speeding ticket to Herbert three hours before the accident, said Capt. Jay Swanson.
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SANDY SPRINGS, GA—Josh Kroll, 32, an Atlanta-area database administrator, has his complete prison-survival strategy mapped out in the unlikely event that he is ever jailed.

"You never know what life is going to bring," said Kroll, whose lone brush with the law was a 1994 speeding ticket. "I could find someone sleeping with my wife and, in a psychotic state of shock, kill him. Or I could accidentally hit somebody with my car and then flee the scene in panic. Or I could forget to report some major source of income and get nailed for tax evasion. It's not inconceivable. There's nothing wrong with thinking ahead."

Kroll said he has worked through many possible strategies for prison survival.

"If I'm in a maximum-security prison, I need to figure out who's important and who's not," Kroll said. "There's always the possibility I'm going to have to be somebody's bitch, so if that happened, I'd want to be with somebody who'd protect me. But I might be able to avoid all that because I was pre-law as an undergrad and could be useful to the other prisoners for legal advice."

Kroll, who has never been inside a prison, said he has relied heavily on prison-themed movies and TV shows in his effort to develop a game plan.

"Based on what I've seen on Oz, I'd probably want to steer clear of the weight room," Kroll said. "That's where most of the bullies hang out, plus there's no shortage of blunt weapons lying around. And if at all possible, I'd want to keep away from the kitchen pantry, too. That's where a lot of the stabbings seem to take place on the show—somebody goes in there alone to grab something and gets jumped."

Well aware of the value of having loyal friends on the outside, Kroll has drawn up a mental list of people most likely to stick by him in case of a lengthy prison sentence.

"Unless I was arrested for child molesting, Scott [Havens] would stick by me," Kroll said. "I think Marc [Unger] would, too, but I don't think I could get him to smuggle anything in for me. He'd be too afraid of getting thrown in jail himself."

Kroll said he could not confidently assess the loyalty of his wife in the event of incarceration.

"With things being so rocky lately, Jane just might use prison as a chance to take off and divorce me," Kroll said. "Then again, my imprisonment might be the kind of terrible crisis to bring us closer together. If that's the case, I'm hoping for minimum security so I can get conjugal visits."

Kroll, who has previously drafted survival strategies for getting lost in the mountains, being kidnapped by South American drug lords, and falling into a polar-bear cage at the zoo, said his chances of surviving prison are "good to very good."

"After being released on bail, I would immediately begin my rigorous weight-training and self-defense regimen," Kroll said. "I've even toyed with the idea of locking myself in a closet to get used to solitary confinement. With some books on elementary psychology, I'd probably do pretty well 'in the walls.'"

According to psychologist Dr. Annette Trudeau, plotting out theoretical prison-survival strategies is surprisingly common.

"The human being is an animal with extremely strong self-preservation instincts," Trudeau said. "In this regard, Mr. Kroll's preparatory measures make perfect sense. But while devising emergency plans is understandable, Kroll should realize that no matter how much he prepares, the only thing he can count on in prison is having his creamy white ass churned into butter."
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from reuters
Bill Gates April Fooled by Radio Station

MONTREAL (Reuters) - He may be the world's richest man, but that didn't prevent Bill Gates from falling for an April Fool's Day joke by two Quebec radio comics pretending to be Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Montreal French-language station CKMF-FM said on Wednesday that staffers Marc-Antoine Audet and Sebastien Trudel had a 10-minute telephone chat with Microsoft Corp. boss Gates on Monday, April 1. The broadcast was aired in their nightly show on Tuesday and repeated on Wednesday.

"We were happy. We had been calling Microsoft persistently for four weeks," an ecstatic Trudel told Reuters.

Trudel said he and his colleague had already fooled Canadian pop diva Celine Dion and Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve on their show.

"We do that often," he said. "This time, we wanted to give ourselves a challenge with somebody more difficult to reach," Trudel said.

He said he was surprised that Gates's aides did not check to see if it was really the prime minister's office on the line.

Trudel said they imitated Chretien's heavily accented English, talking about the economy, insulting Microsoft's Windows operating system and inviting the multibillionaire to visit a well-known Montreal strip joint.

The radio host said that Gates, the founder of software giant Microsoft and reportedly worth more than $40 billion, was not amused by the fake interview.

"He did not seem angry but he did not find it so funny," the comic told Reuters.
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Would-be burglar brings some humor to local eatery


News staff writer

People are still talking about the would-be Bob Sykes Bar-B-Q burglar who got stuck while trying to break into the popular Bessemer restaurant by wiggling through a kitchen vent.

"This has been on Paul Harvey, CNN and the Fox News Channel," co-owner Jason Jewell said. "A customer with relatives in Australia said that they called and saw it there."

Jewell said a customer suggested the restaurant put a sign out front making light of the prowler's misfortune. Thus the sign suggesting folks "Drop on in but please use the door."

On March 19, a cook arrived at the restaurant at 4:30 in the morning and saw a pair of sneakers dangling above the burger grill. He called police.

Bessemer firefighters extracted a greasy Sampson Dearman, minus his shirt and pants, from the foot-wide space after about three hours of being trapped. Dearman, 25, faces a third-degree burglary charge. Police said it took several showers before Dearman came clean.

Dearman remains in the Jefferson County Jail in Bessemer on $10,000 bond.

Jewell said someone cleaning out the vent last week found a shirt, apparently left behind by the burglar.

"I didn't know we had the shirt," Jewell said. "I knew we had the pants, but not the shirt."

Jewell said he is thinking about keeping the greasy shirt as a souvenir.

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