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Old 12-25-2006, 09:52 AM   #1
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Post Your Holiday Gifts Here!

What did you get or give?

For Chanukah I got the U2 Ipod

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I feel like I got way more than I gave

I got....
- a candle (sister-in-law)
- a Boggle keychain (inside joke, father-in-law)
- framed photo (parents-in-law)
- a cheese slicer (husband)
- a PCMCIA > USB 2.0 adapter (husband)
- a sweater (parents)
- a fleece (parents)
- some books (parents)
- some socks (parents)
- a $20 gift card for Old Navy (brother)
- two DVDs (sister)
- and some crafty projects from my aunts, like a little plant in a shell and a tiny jar of pretzel dip

A HUGE hawl!

I gave
- some jam samplers from the Dole plantation (co-workers)
- an office chair (husband)
- a bookcase (husband)
- 20 drinking glasses (parents)
- a (RED) t-shirt and DVD player (sister, the DVD player was given to me earlier but we have one and sis is going to college)
- boot blow-dryers (brother)
- a scarf and gloves (sister-in-law)
- a frame w/ wedding photos (parents-in-law)
- a frame with a wedding photo (one to each set of my grandparents)
- hand-crafted angel ornaments (to each of my aunts and girl cousins)

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Let's see, I didn't give a whole lot this year, and I kinda feel shitty about it, but whatever, I'm a poor college student.

To my best college buddy I gave the Stella Season 1 DVD's.

To my father I gave an American University sweat-shirt and baseball cap.

To my mother I gave 3 hardcover novels she's been looking forward to picking up.

But, I went completely nuts for my girlfriend. First of all, I bought the two of us Chili Peppers tickets for the Jan 25 show in DC. Then for Christmas I bought her a pair of Peridot earrings (green's her favorite color, and they match her eyes ) But these are going to be a complete surprise when I give them to her during our post-winter break dinner I'm treating her to when we get back. She's gonna flip out over these. I wasn't even planning on getting her anything else, but when I was in the mall last week I just couldn't resist. They're gonna look absolutely gorgeous on her.
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Old 12-25-2006, 11:13 AM   #4
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I got....

1. Nice shirts and pants
2. Snowball Candles
3. Three pairs of pantyhose
4. Red socks with cats on them
5. Higher by Dior
6. A nice crystal like necklace
7. a Foxtrot compilation book
8. a Baby Blues compilation book
9. U2 by U2
10. an ugly multi colored shawl (It looks like they dyed a Wookie before shaving it )

I gave (With the help of my dad).....

1. Two Bond DVD's
2. a Elmo mug
3. a Belle set
4. a Popcorn maker
5. some Toffay (sorry for the sucky spelling!)
6. some chocolate covered cherries
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I gave alot this year it seemed it was never ending but I was more happy to give than recieve, I'm weird like that.

I got the pink armanis!!!!!
a nice new bag
be delicious perfume
and a shiatsu massage pillow
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Old 12-25-2006, 11:22 AM   #6
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I got:
A new computer chair
desk lamp
long sleeve t-shirt
best buy gift card
$50 from Lies' grandparents
$40 from Lies' parents
BOXERS! those were needed

I gave everything Lies gave
A cheese slicer to Lies and a USB 2.0 converter thing for Lies and her laptop.

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Thanks to advice from a fellow blue cracker, Mr. BAW now has Sirius satellite radio in his car...but why does the radio go off when I turn my lights on???? Santa gave me day radio only???

Nah, its fixed,,,and its nice..thanks to Pla The Great, my advisor...
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I'll reserve my feelings about this thread to merely a smiley:

With that, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
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Originally posted by JCOSTER

I got the pink armanis!!!!!

i got:

X-Box hard drive
Wireless X-box controller
24 season 3 DVD
Smackdown vs Raw 2007
new phone
U2 Show

i gave:

U2 Show to my mum 5mins later, because i already bought it early in the year for myself
a gift to Babydoll
helped pay for some of my brother and his girlfriend's stuff
my time yesterday to help set up a friends christmas laptop
and signed loads of cards
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gave my mom a christmas mix & calendar w/ art she likes, my dad an ohio state blanket for the couch, my brother a mix of his favorite classic rock, gave friends lip gloss, inflatable dreidels, body art, disney princess coloring books (hahaha). we enjoy those things. gave my cousin jewelry.

i received some clothes, a bracelet, nail polish, a dvd, and some cash, and a grow-your-own best friend from my friend, should i take a hint? hehe

all small but thoughtful gifts, it was a really nice morning
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Old 12-25-2006, 12:12 PM   #11
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~Car license renewal
~Barnes & Noble membership renewal
~$12 worth of of lottery tickets (I won $11)
~$200 Visa gift card
~Two $25 B&N gift cards
~$25 Target gift card
~$25 iTunes gift card
~5 Barbie dolls
~4 Nintendo DS games
~3 pairs of earrings
~Yankee Candle car jar air freshener
~Lip gloss
~Bath & Body Works lotion and body splash
~4 ornaments (snowman, yellow lab, black lab, big funky ball)
~Candy dish
~Matching scarf and gloves
~Memory box my aunt made with old photos, newspaper clippings of me, and drawings I did when I was a kid
~Crockpot & cookbook
~1 GB flash drive (sterling silver plated)
~Wall calender
~Day-by-day calendar
~Season 7 of Seinfeld
~Handheld massager
~Cardinal candle holder
~Cookie platter
~Gingerbread cookie cutter

I haven't gotten my gift from my boyfriend yet, and my mom said I have something else coming.

I gave my sister a Playstation 2 and the DVD remote for it (Dad gave her an extra controller, a memory card, and two games). I gave my dad cashmere-lined leather gloves and some Preferred Stock cologne. Mom got a $50 Target gift card. I also had family calendars printed up for all of us. I got my boyfriend seaons 5 & 6 of the Dukes of Hazzard and a soldering iron.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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I gave:

Nephew: A Planetarium set
Other nephew: A Build Your Own Motor set
Mom: A whole lot of beads and stuff for jewelry making
Sister: A gift set of 8 tubes of lip gloss
Bro-in-law: A Bvlgari Blue gift set
Dad: A red golf shirt
Niece: $40 on a $90 Forever 21 gift card

I got:

Sis, bro-in-law, nephews: A 2GB silver iPod Nano
Mom & Dad: A hooded sweater

I never get a big haul, but at least I got my first iPod this year... I still have to buy a present for myself with some of my work bonus - I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a flat panel LCD TV
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Old 12-25-2006, 12:26 PM   #13
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From parents:
Airplane tickets to London and Amsterdam (woo!)
New dress shirt for my interviews

From grandmother:
CK Escape

From other grandparents:

From brother:
8 GB iPod Nano

From cousins:

From various friends:
MAC makeup

From roommate:
Furry slippers
Chocolate covered pretzels
Advent calendar
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Originally posted by JCOSTER
I gave alot this year it seemed it was never ending but I was more happy to give than recieve, I'm weird like that.
It was kind of funny...I was so excited to give my sister her PS2 that I hadn't even been thinking that, hey, I'm gonna get gifts! I certainly wasn't expecting all that I got...all I asked for was Seinfeld, and I had jotted down a list of video games I'd like, figuring they could pick one, if they wanted.

The memory box my aunt gave me was many pics I'd never seen...and I can't believe she kept all of my drawings and stuff I did as a kid. It was so heartwarming.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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speakers(really really nice ones!!!!!!!!!!!)
GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
portable DVD player
cover up...aka makeup
freaking tickets to see freaking the tragicallyhip freaking freaking freaking
a purse

and a gave a needy family a christmas
and other stuff...cause im that nice

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