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Old 03-16-2008, 12:36 AM   #31
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thanks for sharing . . . warms my heart just reading them all

'You might just as well say, that "I breathe when I sleep" is the same thing as "I sleep when I breathe"!'
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Ahhh, Deadman that was awesome!! Even if you don't know how old he was!! LOL..just teasin'! Well, mind would have to be: taking my nightly walk around the neighborhood, i stopped at a convience store to read an employement flyer to see if there was anything in there for me and sat on the bus bench to look. then this car stopped right in front of me, 5 o'clcok traffic on a friday? you can imagin the long back up, the ladies in the car just could not get it started again. I thought 'they need to get this car out of the road, so it won't get hit' so I got up and about that time the passerger got out, and we both started pushing the car into the gas station/convience store. But it was uphill into the lot, and started to roll back on us, when these guys just came out of no where, and started helping up push it. Then I just went to the traffic light to cross the street and head home, when I heard the passenger lady call to me and i turned around, and she was holding money out to me. I said 'oh,no you don't have to do that' she said No, YOU didn'[t have to do that'! So I thanked her and went on with my walk. Well, I thougtht, Well, Thank You Lord, I think I'm going to go back and buy a diet Coke' and pulled the money out of my pocker...It was $50.00!!!! So I had a great Moment!

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Old 03-17-2008, 10:17 AM   #33
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I found $40.00 yesterday.
I tried to do the 'right' thing and find the proper authorities, but it seems as if they couldn't be bothered.
So Ron and I had a nice lunch at Rubios and I bought a pair of white tennis shoes for my new job.
I am going to give the last $10.00 an unsuspecting stranger.
'Kind of a pay it forward' type thing.
So I get 2 nice moments for the price of 1.
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Old 03-20-2008, 10:48 AM   #34
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I forgot to post this when it happened.
I have been taking Sebastian to the mall every Wednesday for a few months, just so he could play Wii at the EB games store.
We have been trying to get our hands on the ever elusive Wii since October, but could never find one anywhere, no matter how hard we tried.
Anyways, the staff knows how often we had been going in there and asking, all to be told they don't know when they will get shipments
I gave up on asking, but then last week the Manager approached me and asked if I had found a Wii yet...
I told him no, so he told me to come by the store on Friday of last week, and he would have one for Sebastian.
He didn't have to do that and I know it would be months before we would get one, so that was a really nice thing to do,
and an even more wonderful moment when I was able to surprise Sebastian with it.

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