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Old 05-04-2004, 02:36 PM   #16
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bls, I like this thread

My mom's parents - Grandma & Grandpa (followed by their first names). Unfortunately, Grandpa passed away about 4 years ago.

My Dad's parents - Mema & Poppi (I think my older cousins started this and by the time my sister and I came along it had already stuck). Poppi turned 91 last December

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BTW - I don't think grandparents are lame - honestly I'm surprised by how many people have stopped in to see a 'lame' thread (with no other hints in the title)

Soulful - I had no idea that the Chinese had that name thing specific for each relative, seems like it would be hard to learn...

Most of these are really cute/fun!

bonosloveslave [at] interference.com
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On my mom's side of the family, we call them Nana and Papa. On my dad's side, it's Grandma and Grandpa.
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I never knew my grandparents, but I did have a babysitter I called 'Grammy'.
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Grandma Millie & Grandpa Sid, replaced by Grandpa Ken

Grandma Mickie & Grandma Don

The only great-relative alive when I was little was my great-grandma Renette, but we called her Grandma-great since she was the only one.
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My grandparents are:

Nana (last name) and Pop (last name).

My daughter calls her two grandmothers - Big Nana and Little Nana cause one has a 4WD and the other has a Ford

(It took us AGES to work out why she was calling them that as both Nanas are physically both about the same size )
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Anyone ever read the book, "Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs"?

bonosloveslave [at] interference.com
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I mostly only see my paternal ones, but I call both gramma and grampa and add on the last name when necessary for clarification.
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Originally posted by theSoulfulMofo
The Chinese have specific names for each specific relative....

We call our Paternal granfather: "ye ye"
We call our Maternal grandfather: "gonggong"
We call our Paternal grandmother: "nai nai"
We call our Maternal grandmother: "po po"

There are also a whole bunch of other specific names, each for your father's sibilings and mother's sibilings, and second cousin relatives, etc. etc. In other words, there's no one generic word for uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Anh... why am I saying this?... It probably doesn't interest most people.
I think it's interesting! I just read The Joy Luck Club and it makes such sense now that one of the girls called her grandma Popo... I thought it was just an affectionate term. Thanks for the info!

My mom's mom I call Mooma (a name my older brother came up with when he was little and it stuck)

My mom's dad was Papa, who passed away 10 years ago. Her new husband we just call by his first name.

My dad's dad I call Bop (again, thanks to my bro)

My dad's mom was Nana, who passed away just before Papa.
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my mouse clicks on things itself...so it decided to post this before i was done

grammy [first name] (mom's mom)
pop-pop [first name] (both grandpas)
grandma [first name] (dad's mom)

although i haven't heard from my paternal grandmother in years, and my maternal grandfather died when i was 7. my paternal grandfather died a 2 or 3 years ago, but like my my dad's other parent, he wasn't too fond of grandkids either, and i was a lot sadder when my cat died.
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My brother is the oldest of all of the grandchildren. He couldn't say grandma or grandpa. It came out sounding like he was saying Mana and Papa. So that's what my grandparents are called. I never knew one of my grandpa's so there was never a confusion for that but for my grandma's it was always either just Mana for my mom's mom and for my dad's mom we always attached her name. I don't know why it was like that. But if I were to say I talked to Mana today everyone knew it was my mom's mom because I didn't include her name. My dad's mom always said she'd rather be called grandma instead of Mana. She always felt it was my other grandma's name. When we got older we just called her Flo. She kind of got a kick out of us calling her by her name
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On my mom's side: Nonna (which sounded more like "Nah-nah") and Nonno (the Italian words for grandmother and grandfather).

Dad's side: Grandma and Nonno (why we didn't call them the Slovenian words, ) Which got confusing as we had two Nonnos. So we had "Nonna's Nonno" and "Grandma's Nonno."
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Hey bonosloveslave, I always wanted to know something: Who is that on that picture kissing Bono you got on your avatar? Is that really Bono? What can you tell me about it? I have never seen that one anywhere.
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Maternal grandfather: Papa or Pa, Grandpa Ed
Maternal grandmother: Gram, Grammy, Grams, Grandma Pat

Paternal grandmother: Nana or Grandma Carlson

I never knew my paternal grandfather.

My kids call my mom and stepfather Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Vince and my father was Grandpa Charlie.

I like this thread
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This is a sweet thread!

My father's mother we called Grandma Helen. His dad died when he was 11.

My mother's mother we called Grandma Vita, and we called her dad Grandpa.

None of them are alive anymore. My Grandma Vita was just about my favorite person ever and I miss her so much. I also am very much like her.

My mom & dad aren't grandparents yet. But my mom wants to be called Nana.

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