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Old 05-02-2004, 08:45 PM   #16
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I had several perfect moments this weekend.

Standing out in a thunderstorm watching Big Boi of Outkast perform last night was one of the most amazing moments ever. Friends, happiness and carefree feelings to keep us dancing throughout the night despite the fact we were soaked to the bone.

Another perfect moment, would be the time I watched my niece Elena come into this world. Words cannot describe seeing a newborn *who is related to you* coming into this world is absolute perfection.

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Old 05-02-2004, 09:23 PM   #17
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My wedding day

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Old 05-02-2004, 09:44 PM   #18
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I would say lately any perfect moment has been comprised of myself and my boyfriend laying on our living room couches in complete happy silence cuddling our kitties and watching the sun set. I love peace.
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Old 05-03-2004, 01:07 AM   #19
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When I saw the title of this thread I thought you were referring to the Robert Mapplethorpe photography exhibit of the early 90's (or late 80's). And I thought "that is soooo cool!". Alas, it is not to be.

But as far as the topic of discussion....

My perfect moment happened in Milwaukee after a The Church show at Shank Hall. It started out inauspiciously enough... I was staying at a hotel about 1.5 miles from the venue, but I got lost (for an HOUR!) getting there, and I missed the opening band (Sea Ray -- great band, btw). But the first person I met once inside was the guy filming the band and he asked if I would give him a ride back to his hotel after the show since the band didn't have room for him. No problem, since his hotel was just two blocks from mine.

On to the show... well it was clear from early on that there were technical difficulties and that one of the guitarists, Marty Willson-Piper was not having a great night. Now normally Marty is a whole lot of fun to watch, as he is both an excellent guitarist and also quite the showman, but on this night he just became increasingly ticked off as the problems continued despite the best efforts of the crew (ah, poor Todd the guitar tech... a tough night for him).

So... there were long pauses between the songs which were charmingly filled by lead singer/bassist Steve Kilbey and guitarist Peter Koppes. I think we were treated to Steve's entire stock of Wisconsin lore, including a great impression of the Violent Femmes' Gordon Gano. Heard about what they did after the show in Chicago the night before (it was pretty darned funny, but you don't want to know... trust me!), and various and sundry SK puns (the man loves to play with words). We also got the story of the girl in Columbus, Ohio who told Steve to hold out his hand and close his eyes and she would give him a big surprise. She gave him a large marble... at least that's what he thought it was until he looked at it and found it was her glass eye!

Meanwhile, Marty continues be become increasingly frustrated and finally puts his guitar down and walks off the stage during the last song of the main set. The rest of the guys finish the song with lots of energy, verve, and best of all (to me) without batting eye (24 years with the same people -- they've pretty much seen it all). The remaining three did come back and do a one song encore (usually there were three this time around), and they did it very well I might add, but it was an odd set... certainly not one of their best (I saw them five times in a row, and this was the third show).

So... I can just hear you thinking... why was this your perfect moment? Well, I promised to take the video guy back to his hotel, so I had to wait for him to tear his stuff down, so I was able to stay as the club cleared out.

Now I'm not only a fan of The Church's music, I'm also a fan (and collector) of Steve's paintings (he started selling them in the middle of 2003). I was able to say hi and speak briefly to him a couple of nights before in Detroit as they were leaving the venue, so I was pretty content with that, but all of a sudden I notice that he is gesturing for someone in my vicinity to come backstage...and I look around to see who the lucky dog is...and there is no one else around. I give the "who? me?" look and he looks kinda bemused and continues to wave me back. I don't need to be asked more than a few times! So back I go and we proceed to have a nice 30 - 40 minute chat, and I was able have him sign one of the paintings he had forgotten to sign (I had stopped at the post office on my way out of town for the shows and picked up the most recent set of paintings I had purchased). He was able to show them off to a few other admiring fans as well that night, which of course pleased him.

Meeting him was wonderful, as it reinforced all the wonderful impressions I already had of him from online chats (I've talked to him a lot online, but in person is very cool -- you get incredibly magnetic personality and that wonderful, to die for voice!).

Oh, and I had no problem finding the video guy's hotel at all (and while dropping him off who should pull up but the band... so I asked if I could watch the soundcheck the next day in Minneapolis. Yay!!). Anyway, I was feeling pretty good when I pulled out to go back to my hotel (a mere two blocks away), but I found I have absolutely no sense of direction and promptly got lost again! Ah, well, I was happy anyway, and I eventually stumbled upon it.

And my other, perhaps even more beautiful perfect moment was when the stray cat I had been feeding twice a day, every day, no matter the weather, for three whole years, finally rubbed on my legs and soon let me pet him. In the next year, Slinky made up for a lifetime of being afraid of people by being petted and carried as often as possible! He would even crawl into the hood of my winter barn coat (while I was in it!).

Sorry for the huge's late and I felt chatty.
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Old 05-03-2004, 01:30 AM   #20
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My wedding day.
The day(s) I brought my children home from the hospital after they were born.
My brother's wedding.
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Old 05-03-2004, 03:36 AM   #21
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i've had several perfect moments too.

most of them involving friends and family.

when i first met my niece that was a pretty perfect moment...she took to me right away. the minute i saw her in the baby carriage she was already looking up at me and smiling.

also after easter dinner this year she and her little friend were on the floor playing with their toys while the adults finished dinner and sat around and talked. my niece crawled under the table and pulled herself along the chairs (she can't walk on her own yet, but she can pull herself along if there's something to hold on to). anyway, she made her way over to me and wanted me to pick her up. that was the first time she'd come to me on her own like that

other perfect moments that stand out:

when bono kissed my hand before the concert on the first leg of the tour

and on the second leg of the tour i had brought an american flag with me. the girl next to me gave him a flower during the concert. i remember staring at bono and our eyes met. i tried to hold the flag up for him to take it. it wasn't during sunday bloody sunday so he didn't take it, but he mouthed the words "save it for me" to me during the concert he never did make it back over to get my flag, but it was still a pretty awesome moment.
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Old 05-03-2004, 05:06 AM   #22
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I can only really think of one. This took place back in the days when you could actually listen to your walkman on a plane throughout the whole flight.

I was about to take my first flight ever. I was a bit edgy and nervous. I eventually found my seat, quickly sat down and whipped out my headphones. I some how timed it so perfectly, that when the plane was taxied to the runway, WTSHNN started. As the plane started picking up speed... so did the tempo. The instant we got airborne (you know when your heart sinks down to your stomach?) Larry's drumming rolled in. I was in complete euphoria. I always think of that moment now whenever I listen to WTSHNN.
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Old 05-03-2004, 08:58 AM   #23
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That's awesome, Cleasai.
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Old 05-03-2004, 09:05 AM   #24
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i have several perfect moments:

it was when i was sitting on the sand at the beach. and the same day when i got my first tattoo. it was on sept. 20, 2003. it was the day my ex remarried his new wife. i felt so free then like nothing can stop me from moving on with my life.

on christmas eve, 2002. i was sick as a dog but some important papers came in the mail letting me know i was a single woman. i cant tell you how much that made my spirit soar.

when my daughter was shown to me after she was delivered. i didnt get to hold her that moment but looking into her eyes, and me touching her nose seconds after she was born is just something i can't describe.

when i found out i was hired to work for walt disney travel co. i was on the freeway thinking if i wasn't gonna get this job them im totally screwed because i would not have a place to live in a few weeks with no money, no job, no nothing. seconds after i received that phone call. the lady on the other end could tell that this was "the one phone call."

and last but not least, when my daughter sees me after a long day of work she comes running into my arms to hug me. thats a perfect moment every time.
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Old 05-03-2004, 09:09 AM   #25
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United Center, October 15th, 2001.

That moment will forever be perfect and embedded in my memory.

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