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Talks ... Heather arrives at her London solicitors yesterday

• My little Bea's all I've got left
• Heather Mills: Macca beat me up
• Macca is seeing a shrink
• Macca vs Mucca divorce papers
• Gloves off in Macca-Mills war


Heather wants 'hush money'

October 21, 2006


HEATHER Mills told Sir Paul McCartney she would “make his life hell” if he refused to pay £100MILLION to buy her silence, it was claimed last night.

Lady Mucca offered to settle their bitter divorce battle out of court SIX weeks before her shock allegations were mysteriously leaked this week. The ex-porn model denies being behind the leak.

A source said that in a bitter confrontation at his estate in Peasmarsh, Sussex, she offered her silence in return for a huge slice of his £1billion fortune.

But former Beatle Sir Paul turned her down on the spot. The source said: “Heather screamed at Paul. ‘Give me £100million or I’ll make your life hell’. He told her, ‘No chance’.” Last night it was claimed Heather had taped evidence of their explosive rows.

But her spokesman would only say: “Heather has got independent corroborating evidence for what she has claimed.

“In some cases, this is in the form of witnesses. She has other corroborating evidence, but I’m not sure what it is.”

HEATHER has apparently been left so penniless since the split, she has had to dig into her savings, another source says. Macca is providing money only for daughter Bea’s needs.

Unbelievable, the fucking cow has taped evidence of their rows, doesn't seem like she's been planning something does it?

Stick in their Macca, give the bitch FUCK ALL!

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At last, what Stella McCartney really thinks of her step-mother

Confrontations, claims of manipulation - and the B-word.
Anthony Barnes on another acrimonious day
Published: 29 October 2006

With her video camera trained on waiting cameramen, yesterday was just like any other day for Heather Mills-McCartney. On the day her daughter Beatrice celebrated her third birthday, Lady McCartney kept up her daily ritual of chronicling encounters with the media on video as she drove from her East Sussex home.

But there was one encounter she didn't capture on film: the broadside everybody in the McCartney saga had been anticipating, as Sir Paul's outspoken fashion designer daughter Stella finally broke the family's silence and disclosed exactly what she thought of her soon-to-be-ex stepmother.

Stella, 34, who is heavily pregnant, reportedly screamed "I'll kill the bitch" in a confrontation at the family home last week, after learning that Heather had accused Sir Paul of hitting her mother, Linda, during their marriage. Stella allegedly said: "I told you she was a bitch. Why did you marry her? She's been a manipulative cow from day one. The cow won't be happy until she destroys all of us * and our memories of our mother."

The quotes, made public in The News of The World today, will fuel acrimony in the multi-million pound divorce. The newspaper quotes a source close to the family claiming Stella compared her stepmother to "a pile of vomit" . The source said: "Stella would get so upset listening to her dad that she once said, 'I don't want to bring my child into the world with her as a grandmother. She's a bitch from hell.'"

The newspaper claims that Stella told Heather she considered her "a money-grabbing bitch", and that Sir Paul, 64, was now drinking heavily as a result of the events surrounding his divorce and the effect it was having on his family.

In a separate development, it was claimed last night that Heather is planning a Princess Diana-style "tell-all" primetime TV interview, and is in negotiations with the BBC and ITV.

Beatrice had a low-key birthday party at a children's activity centre in East Sussex yesterday afternoon. By contrast, her father will raise his profile significantly in a few days' time before a packed house at the Royal Albert Hall. His classical work, Ecce Cor Meum * "Behold My Heart" * receives its premier. The audience is expected to include P Diddy, Tony Bennett and possibly Madonna, a friend of Stella.

This is Sir Paul's first major public outing since his divorce descended into mud-slinging and acrimony after court papers alleging he was cruel and occasionally violent were leaked. It will also be a pointed rebuff to Heather; the work was eight years in the making and is dedicated to his first wife, Linda, who died in 1998 from breast cancer.

He will get through this moment of scrutiny with the help of family and friends: Sir Paul will be seated in one of the velvet-draped boxes beside Stella and his other children James and Mary. Others in the audience will include friends and supporters such as Kate Moss and the musician and TV presenter Jools Holland. "It will undoubtedly be a very poignant occasion. Everyone will be rallying round," said an insider.

The hostile relationship between the former Beatle and his wife, dubbed Lady Mucca by The Sun, plummeted to new depths just under a fortnight ago when the court papers apparently prepared by Heather were leaked. The pages were sent anonymously to the Press Association news agency's head office in Howden, East Yorkshire. The company's IT team has traced the source of the original fax to a newsagent in central London, Drury News, whose proprietor claimed to remember a brunette woman sending the fax.

It has also emerged that Heather's PR adviser, Phil Hall, has been sidelined from handling the minutiae of the case in favour of the PR Office, the firm that looks after the account for her lawyers, Mishcon de Reya.

In an interview this week with USA Today, Sir Paul, who has been attending rehearsals of Ecce Cor Meum, said he was still hoping for a peaceful outcome. "I'm just hoping for a happy resolution, particularly for the sake of our beautiful daughter, Beatrice, and my other children," he said.

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Good Lord! I didn't know she said that Paul had hit Linda. That's pretty low. Leave Linda out of this!
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That is a really low blow, especially if it isn't true. Paul McCartney just seems like such a really low key genuinely nice guy and he and Linda always seemed SOOOO in love until Linda's last days and Paul seemed so distraught after Linda's death. It's so sad when these kinds of break ups hit the media like this. Especially sad, like Paul says, for little Beatrice and for his children. I hope it will come to a peaceful end.
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Originally posted by U2girl
Too bad they can't get at least an amicable split/divorce.

I always thought that it was possible for someone to find love again, even after such a long marriage as Paul and Linda's was.

I think Heather never was going to have it easy since she was marrying an ex-Beatle, since his kids didn't like her and because people still remember Linda fondly.
I agree - I also think in the eyes of the public all the ex Beatles can do no wrong. I am pretty sure that most of what is reported about this break up in the media is based on half truths at best.

I think people almost assume that they're some kind of saints in their personal lives - automatically assuming that Heather Mills must be lying. The fact is that we don't know the truth behind their relationship or what goes on behind closed doors. I do think she was wrong to bring his relationship with Linda into the discussion and that she is doing herself no favours either.

It is all pretty sad.
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Sounds like she's batshit crazy.

Exhibit A (this is priceless!):,00.html

Exhibit B:

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Originally posted by Tilli

The fact is that we don't know the truth behind their relationship or what goes on behind closed doors. I do think she was wrong to bring his relationship with Linda into the discussion and that she is doing herself no favours either.

I think there are and will be lots of stories to sling mud at both Paul and Heather now. Only they know the real story.

I agree - assuming this is true - that bringing Linda into this is a very low blow.
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Raking up Linda's name in that way is absolutely sick! To think i used to like Heather but i don't reckon i do anymore somehow
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It would seem as though she wouldn't know what truth & honesty are if they stood on her good foot!

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