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Original Band Names

There was a thread several months ago about imaginary band names...i came up with my own list, here is the second part of what i have so far:
Ashes for the Seed
Your Mom
Shoe Sole Diamonds
Injured Coast
Grace and Havoc
No Evil Bunnies
Soft Shoulder
Judgmental Crush
Siamyc Goo
B.I.N.T.Y. (Bono Is Nicer Than You)
Jam Jar
Bell Jar
Malachite Rhino
Junius Junior
Overtly Innocent
A Hat Named Wyatt
The Ray Charles Memorial Street Dance Band
Wounded Angel
Earth Angel
Bono’s Elbows
Bono’s Hat*
Bono’s Trilby*
The Squeakies
The Crying Coins
The Slithy Toves
The Laughing Doves
Your Face
Clear Gold Note
Round Nimbus
The Gloaming
Alternative 3
Majestic 12
Blue Angel
A Rib Called Al
The Sound of Silence
Dreamer of Love
The Brent Krizer Fan Club Band
The Crop Circles
Glass Vertigo
Higham Special
Bona Fide Piper
The Rachel Wannabes
Pyroclastic Box Office
Windows of Love
Order of the Blue Flag
(Four) Players and Their Love
The Racing Conclusions
Energetic Kitten
Fire Cat
The Werecats
Edge In a Can
The Weird Amazons
The Outrageous Apples
Natural Earrings
The Nuclear Scooters
Olympic Chicken Nuggets
Used Doormat Salesmen
The Laughing Flowers
The Talking Flowers
Sybok and Littlefoot
The Slapstick Tweezers
The Love Bugs
Black Rainbow
Ocean Paintbrush
Orange Voice
Apricots on Orange
Crowd of Stars
Pilgrim Soul
The Flying Pigs
The Love Snails
Time Warp
Ministry of Love
The Left Angles [property of drzeus01]
Flight Q33
Twice Born
Right-Wing Liberal
Huckleberry Friends
Older Little Sister
Blue Mary
Peripheral Hero[ine][s]
Dynasty of Broken Arrows
Pure Gold Baby
The Silk Grits
The Crying Clocks
The Lunatic Dozens
Angel’s Thumb
Public Frog
Poets Named Paul
Horses of Love
Prince of Bubbles
Sweet Ann
Walk Two Moons
UFO Clerics
E.P.I.A.T. (Every Poet is a Thief)
St. Frinatra
Saturday Morning Pride
Nine Thirty Pride
Hour of Silence
Quoth the Raven
Angelic Nation
Paper Tiger
Pro Bono
The Buggs
Bug [taken]
Dr. Mudd
Face of Melting Snow
The Red Ferns
Two of Clubs
Angel Chaos
Angel’s Eyebrows
The Genesis Prunes
The Hope Diamonds
The Delayed Angels
Fingers Electric
Magic Marker
Feline Trifecta
Fifth Gloria and the World
Captain Midnight
The Celestials
Crucial Christmas
Alien Fashion Show
Tears of Freya
The Summer Soldiers
Gravity’s Rainbow
Symphony Iris
Acid Bass
The Oxymorons
Brown Eyed Girl
Blue Eyed Girl
Tunnel 47
Ground Star
The Yugo Girls
Stairway to Heaven
Min Shoe
Jerusalem Spider
Round Triangle
Allison Palmer
Shura 817
Vertigo [taken]
The Xylophone Dimitris
The Hanging Chads
Atomic Bono
The Atomic Bob
The Danish All-Stars
Component of the Up
Disarrangement of the Up
Perpetual Motion Machine
Glass Onion
Estera and Roberto
The Broken Libby Chains
Cleo’s Bonnet
Fair Mandible
The Umbels
Ocean Child
Broken Mirror Violin
Seven-Year Violin
Camden St. Claire
Friend Starlight
Madness Into Jewels
Little Green Russian
The Comely Thousands
The Little Green Women
Jedella Ghost
The Blazing Cookies
Muggle Pride
Riders On the Storm
The Rainbow Riders
Smiling Grey
Prophet’s Rock Mall
Ali Pasha
Blue Seven
Blue Three
Blue 42
Lovers On Wounded Feet
Patricius Q
Emmanuel Flush
Uncle Twain
Giza Freedom
God’s Tattoo
Palmers’ Kiss
Dove Among Ravens
Eternal Lightning
Weeds of Truth
Surreal In Her Crown
Virgin Compass
The Winged Gooseberries
The Apparitions
Apparition 04
Cardiac Eclipse
Cat Fawkes
Deputy Soul
Angel Tech
Uncut Angel
Angel Mouth
Crux Pulse
Faithful Crux
Lady of the Mute
Blue Union
Flannel Channel
One-Click Nina
Fetal Love
Love Eclipse
Intellectual Tortoise
Thrust of Grace
Angel In a Sling
Fahrenheit 451
The Fellowship
Eclectic Edge
Edge of the Empty
Clock Delusion
Primal Conspiracy
Bono’s Muse
Kuobo Kong
Internet Hippies
Literate Sash
The Trivial Pursuits
The Matrix Mares
Ann Ominous
Rain Mountain
Friendly Roo
The Triumphant Hamsters
The Colorful Dewdrops
The Michaelians
The Telefigures
The Mind-Reading Stick Men
The Yompers
The Best Of
Open Ear Surgery
Conventional Wisdom
The UN Security Council
Sunnee and the Planettes
The Quavers
Einstein’s Comb
The Rifftastics
Formerly Known As
Nan Tucket and the Limericks
Owed To Josh
The Endoplasmic Reticuli
The Clef Pilots
Sound Government
The Grand Staffs
The Rhythm Vowels
Chapter 37
Angel Fetus
Joshua’s Goldfish
The Iron Roses
[Adam] Clayton Smile
Vertical Smile
Atomic Wheel
The Dainty Slapjacks
Contraband In China
The Contraband Books
A Woman’s Touch
American Woman
The Dangerous-Time Lovers
Peachy’s Keens
Hour 25
Suit of Lights
The Flakes of Love
Gravity’s Eclipse
Rainbow Eclipse
Bono’s Mullet
Peachy Liz
The Ornate Goldfish
The Smiley Winstons
Bane of Iltis
The Rigbies
Midnight Angel
The Obsidian Lilacs
The Soft Kittens
The Spunky Figs
The Pixels
East Side Jesus Bus
The Trivial Poems
The Wild Cards
The Honkies
The Kittens
Favorite Mistake
Guitar Fiasco
Aurelia 78
Frequency 78
The Voyage Home
Astrid’s Asters
The Rustling Papers
The Urban Spacemen
The Cycle Angels
Heaven’s Angels
The Bouncing Goldfish
The Feathered Fish
The Fluffy Frogs
The Unconvention
The Good Sequels
The Wuzzies
The Polite Pyramids
Miss Minor Chord
The Valits
Epic Mocha
The Minor Chords
Walls of Love
Cute Little Embryo
The Angelic Olds Mobiles
Crazy Kitten Smile
The Tiger Boys
The Tiger Girls
The Lion Girls
The Tigresses
The Lionesses
The Leprechauns
The Cobblestones
Chains of Liberty
Prime Directive
Jizz Launcher 4000
Voice of Authority
Unlikely Heroes
Area 51 Welcome Wagon

Feel free to add your own!

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Wow... That's one long list...

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Here's a link to a website that details bands with funny or singular names. Some of them cracked me up!

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Siamyc Goo? Sounds awfully familiar

Maybe my band will be SYC MI OYO

Is "No Evil Bunnies" a buffy or monty python reference?
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I'm sticking with Unfaithful Jelly. I swear I'll use it for something someday.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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Actually, "No Evil Bunnies" is a reference to the bunnies that would get into my grandmas garden. As a joke i made a sign on the computer that said "No Evil Bunnies"
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no more kids
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Psychological Torment as Art

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