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Old 09-09-2005, 12:49 PM   #1
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Online classes

I'm about to switch from a campus class to an online class because of my new job and was wondering if anyone here has taken a class online? Tell me what you think of it and maybe even throw some tips my way so I don't foul it up!

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I took a writing workshop online in the winter of 2002 and enjoyed it very much.

I liked that you didn't have to worry about travelling to class (especially in the winter) and that my instructor was always an e-mail away. I found it to be very convienient, and plan to take some more classes online when I go back in January (I'll be working full-time also).

Just make sure that you read everything outlined and don't let your assignments slip just because you're not going to a "real classroom". I fouled that one up the first week, then I got my ass back on track.

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I never took any, but I had classmates who did. The big thing is to just keep up with things and treat it like a regular class. Some of my friends often let things slide because that didn't see it as a "real" class, and they had some huge problems as the end of the semester approached.
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I took 2 online classes and I did really well with the both of them!
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My company gives us extra credit and the more courses you take and pass it bumps up the percentage of your annual pay increase through an online business educator called

I have done about a half dozen of their classes and enjoyed it. I like not having to worry about paying for parking, walking around a campus, etc especially in crappy can sit in the comforts of your own home environment and work online, where most of us are becoming more and more comfortable these days!
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Old 09-10-2005, 02:20 PM   #6
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I've taken a few online courses. Provided you are not a big time procrastinator, it should work out. Just remember, they are more work then classroom classes. You are responsible for everything, all the reading, papers, taking the tests. And no lectures, so you really have to be able to focus in on key points.

Overall, I did very well with them, better then I do in a classroom. Good luck with yours!
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Expect a lot of reading, depending on what youre taking, because you dont get lectures and interaction. Youre responsible for basically teaching yourself through reading and interacting with people through writing on a messageboard....something anybody from here will have no problem with
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If my only responsibility was going to school I would dive in headfirst with on campus classes, but anybody with a busier life will benefit from being able to "attend" class whenever they can during the day
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I've never taken an actual "online" course, but for a few of my one-credit IS classes, I never went to class and did all the work from the work books. These were classes like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc. I already had a basic knowledge of the software and had it all installed on my computer, so I did all the work at home and submitted it directly to the grader and just showed up when/if there was a test or exam. Most of the IS profs don't mind if you do this b/c in general, the people that are totally new to the software and need help will go to class and get the help.

I'm able to fit normal lectures into my work schedule, but I can see where it would be a plus to do some online. Like ylime said, to me they sound like more work b/c you don't have the Prof's insight or classmates insight immediately available and have to transcribe everything into your own level of understanding. I'm the type of student that can do really well just be going to class, paying attention, and taking my notes. A hate studying and going over everything again on the side, so I'd probably suck at online stuff.

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