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oldies but goldies - a question for the fans of Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd/Bob Dylan

I'm interested to know more about them.

I only know a few of their songs:
Stairway to heaven, Thank you

Another brick in the wall, Learning to fly, Wish you were here

Blowin' in the wind, Forever young, Eve of destruction, Knockin' on heaven's door

So...where should i start? Which albums are the most apropriate for Zepelin/Floyd/Dylan "beginners" like me?


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Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Volume2

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Dylan- 'Blood On The Tracks' is considered by many to be his most accessable album, and a very good one at that. 'Highway 61 Revisited' and 'Blonde on Blonde' are good ones as well.

Pink Floyd- Start with 'Dark Side Of The Moon' or 'Wish You Were Here'. Most people consider one of those to be their best, but they argue over which one.

Led Zep- Just about any album is a good starting point. If you're wanting straight hard rock, get '1','2','3','4' or 'Houses of the Holy'. 3 also has very good acoustic songs on it, showing much depth and growth among the band. From 'Houses of The Holy' through 'Presence' shows plenty of experimentation with their styles but maintains their blues-rock foundation. The first album of theirs that I got was 'Live at The BBC'. That may have been best because it showed me their amazing live show. If you like hard rock, it's hard to go wrong with Zeppelin. If you want the softer side, get '3'.
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I'd recommend all Floyd albums from Meddle onward apart from The Division Bell. Animals is a good album.

Rain from Heaven.

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You want ORIGINAL Pink Floyd ?!

you must get the album Piper at the Gates of Dawn

thats their first album when Syd Barrett was still the leader/vocalist/lead guitarist..

great album
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I'm not a fan of Dylan, but for Zeppelin and Floyd I can give a few recommendations. I actually only own The Wall and Wish You Were here by Floyd, but I love them both--though I don't end up listening to them too often, partly because I feel they have to be listened to start to finish. As for Zeppelin, my personal favourites are III, IV, and Physical Graffitti (which is a double album) but all their albums have greatness. IV might be a good classic place to start but I really love III because it has some hard rockers but also a lot of acoustic stuff--a lovely balance.

Have fun!

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Well, I'm not a huge Dylan fan, but I'd recommend his Bob Dylan Live 1966 (the 'Royal Albert Hall' concert) double CD, released a couple of years ago.

It's got most of the big songs of the time (Visions of Johanna, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Desolation Row, Ballad of a Thin Man), and is a very confrontational sort of performance. The audience, who apparently consisted mainly of folkies who didn't like his new electric direction at that time, keep up a fair amount of heckling throughout.

It all culminates in one of my favourite moments. Near the end, someone yells out "Judas!!"

Dylan tunes his guitar for a bit, then quietly sneers "I don't believe you. You're a liar!" Then the band launches into a wonderfully vicious Like A Rolling Stone.
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Not a Zep fan but I'd start with III and IV.
Pink Floyd for beginners? You can't go wrong with Dark Side of the Moon. The Wall, Meddle and Animals would be good next listens in that order.

Bob Dylan did not write or sing Eve of Destruction. It was some Dylan knockoff since forgotten by history. I'd start with Blood on the Tracks. If you don't like it please refrain from breeding because the world doesn't need more people like you.(mostly kidding.)
If you like Blood on the Tracks try Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61 Revisited and The Freewheeling Bob Dylan. If you like them try Bringing It All Back Home, Infidels, Time Out of Mind, Desire, The Basement Tapes...heck, try anything other than Dylan and the Dead and Shot of Love.

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With the Floyd albums you have to start with
"The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn", like erper suggested. Its their best. The innocence and complexity of Syds work are so beautiful, and there exist three solo albums by this extremely talented artist.

You should have "The Dark Side Of The Moon", too, because everybody loves it, and it is very beautiful and well planned, sold around 30 mil copies, I think. Listen especially to Clare Torry on the track "The Great Gig In The Sky".

"Wish you were here" is the same great style, great songs, masterpieces.

If you want it a little heavier (Rogers political statements), consider getting "Animals", and "The Wall" (but you could also get the video of that film).

Since Roger left, Pink Floyd are not able to put out anything of serious, neither musically nor a message. This is sad, and it is sad that they still tour. They live off their old songs, the new ones are brushed up over - dramatically, but without any real substance.
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Thanks for replying everyone!

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Led Zeppelin IV is a must have.
Also you could buy the "REMASTERS" album. Great compilation of LZ's songs.

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