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OLD AUSTRALIAN unsung singing hero........plus the latest music news IMHO

Just had the urge to share this with y'all

John Williamson is an Australian country/folk singer who has had a long career and has never given up his beliefs for the sake of a quid. I can't say all his music appeals to me, he does cabaret-type family shows and puts in a comedic element that I don't really enjoy. But he is man of heart and talent and endurance.

Last week I found a music book of his on sale, reduced from $15 to $3 at the BooK Warehouse. John Williamson "Anthems- A Celebration of Australia", a clue for any singalong/busking types hereMy middle son used to sing Rip Rip Woodchip when he was little, Home Among the Gum Trees is a fun one for kids...and at last I can learn the second verse of Advance Australia Fair!!!! Cootamundra Wattle isn't in it, which is a pity.Still a bargain imho.Look for it if you are likely to need that type of music.

Anyway,I look forward to our local newspaper each Thursday...the entertainment pages and the gig guide!!!

I've just read an article about a recently released John Williamson single and learned something about him I didn't know. I am moved. I think CDsingles are great value for money and make nice gifts.hint ! hint! I haven't heard the song, but I trust John Williamson on this one...when he captures it in a lyric, he REALLY captures it. I intend to buy a copy or two and to listen. He's given his life to music and Australia, I like the man.

East Coast Country by Kevin Walsh
" Following the loss of his younger brother to cancer in 1999, John Williamson has committed himself to assisting The Cancer Council Australia raise additional funds for Daffodil Day.
John's record company EMI will donate $1 from each sale of his single "Salisbury Street", written in memory of Robin, to the cause.
John assisted with public awareness campaign for Daffodil Day, which was held last week to help spread the message of hope through Salisbury Street.
"When my brother Robin found a lump under his arm around Christmas 1998, he put off going to the doctor assuming he had a poisoned gland." John said.
"Six months later he was gone.
During the six months from diagnosis he remained outwardly positive and would not accept sadness around him.
Going up the Murray River on the last day I saw him, words flooded into my heart for my brother and these became the basis for Salisbury Street."

Some of John Williamson's songs so capture the essence of Australia...

"Galleries of pink galahs, crystal nights with diamond stars,
Apricots preserved in jars.
That's my home........."

While I'm in rave mode.... Jane Saunders.
I don't know her background, but a few years ago I was invited along to see a touring Irish band called "Lunasea" at a pub near here. They were great.I walked into the venue and a young woman was on stage belting out a great version of "Big Yellow Taxi" I found out later it was Jane Saunders.
I have since heard her on the radio being interviewed. Again, she also lost her younger brother , to melanoma. She sang a song she had written for him "When The North Wind Blows" I'll never forget it, angelic, just beautiful. I heard another song of hers on the radio yesterday. I must track down her album. I seem to be going very country in my old age...don't worry...still as eclectic as all get up.It's just what had moved me today

I U2 me

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Bellingen World Carnival...I wanna go!!!!...but I won't:D

You know I love listening to the radio ( it uses a kazillionth of the electricity a computer does. It's good place to gain information and hear new music imho)
At the moment the annual Illawarra Folk Festival is happening and the ABC was broadcasting live from there yesterday.
A bluegrass band came on. I like flat picking and mandolin, but I did hear a couple of bum notes in their performance......oh well, only a couple and it was live.
After the performance they interviewed on of the band members. They are siblings, with dad on double bass.

The Summer's Family.
Alexander - age 8
Matilda -age 13
Tom- age 16
the boy being interviewed-17.

babies!!!talented babies!!!

half way through the interview, Alexander interupted off-mic...he's 9 years old now, not 8 thank you very much!!!!

I love music and I love it when it is made with such obvious joy.
Kepp your ears open. it's all around.
WMD = World Music Dance


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PS: In case ya interested...and please forgibe typos...limited time, sorry

Our drummer is back from East Timor, just. He cut his leg when he was over there and it turned into a tropical ulcer very quickly. He ended up in the military hospital for a few days, but is OK now.(Phew, we need those big legs working properly) I cannot wait to hear his story, his opinion of how things are there.
Patience girl.
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this may be in bad taste...just as well no one much will read it eh?

It's Friday the 13th, Black Friday.

I bought what I thought was a rather funky three quarter length black coat last month. Showed it to hub...he told me I look like Ozzy Osbourne.
We happen to be going out tonight(I am hanging here trying to control my anxiety, a dinner party at his bosses house..YIKES!!!) But afterwards I know the local nightclub has got a fridaythe 13th party on, a prize for people who dress up.
I just got a pair of black trackies with white stripes down the side too I can do the Ozzy "mumble shuffle" quite well. I could ask the band to play paranoid

hmm just as well, my hair is streaked blonde and I look more like the Uncle from the Addams family at the moment. Oh dear, you have to laugh. I wonder is anyone else going to some Black Friday event.....perhaps bad taste because of it's proximity to the 11th, but it is just how events have lined up for me.
I'll be Aussie Ausbourne tonight.

you're all fuckin' mad,...........................but I love

and of course I U2
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