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Well we all know how jealous Tom was of Mr Crowe.

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LMAO! And heres more story!!!! :

*from a source - The Hewson Times*

**FIERY actor Russell Crowe had already caused pandemonium on the Michael Parkinson show when he laid into a TV executive at the BAFTA awards.

The highly-strung Gladiator star refused to be interviewed in front of Parky’s other guests, throwing the programme’s planned format into chaos.

Normally guests sit in on each other’s interviews and producers had hoped the chemistry between New Zealand-born Russell and Aussie guests Kylie Minogue and Cate Blanchett would make riveting television.

A source at the BBC1 chat show, which was screened on Saturday, said: “We were particularly looking forward to their interaction as that is often the best bit of the show.

But just hours before we started filming, Russell insisted that he would not be interviewed with anyone else.

“It put our schedule into chaos and we had to rearrange the timings for the whole show.

“We would have told Russell where to go if it had not been so late in the day. But we had already advertised that it was going to be a Down Under special and it was too late to find anybody else.

“Parky has interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars — much bigger than Russell — and no one has ever asked for the format to be changed around them before. “Everyone on the show was furious, including Parky. It’s probably the last time he will be invited to plug a film on Parkinson.”

Yesterday we revealed how Russell, 37, roughed up TV executive Malcolm Gerrie for cutting his BAFTA acceptance speech for Best Actor at Sunday’s ceremony.

Russell was furious when part of a poem that was in his speech was cut for the televised show an hour later on BBC1.

As well as being regarded as one of the most gifted actors of his generation, he is also known for being surly, arrogant and moody.

As Roman general Maximus in the 2000 blockbuster Gladiator, he famously ordered: “At my command – unleash hell.”

And since he shot to movie stardom Russell has made a good job of raising hell on his own. There have also been vicious bar brawls, serial womanising and temper tantrums on set.

And he was hardly in the party mood at last week’s Brits ceremony.

After he presented International Female award to Kylie Minogue, one guest asked how he was enjoying the evening. Russell snapped: “I have nothing to say on the matter.”

On another occasion singer Anastacia came up to him, gushing: “It’s Russell Crowe, it’s Russell Crowe.”

He simply turned away. Last January he stormed out of the Golden Globe awards when Tom Hanks won Best Actor for Cast Away. Later Russell was reportedly given a talking-to by his handlers who insisted he clean up his act.

Two years ago he was caught on video in a punch-up in a bar near his ranch in Australia after chatting up two local girls.

Witnesses said he became offended when the girls showed they were not interested and screamed: “You should show me some respect.”

About the same time Russell was said to have bitten a chunk out of a man’s neck and spat it in his face during a nightclub brawl in Sydney.

In 1998 he sparked a fight when he insulted locals in a bar in Alberta, Canada and Mounties had to rescue him from 30 burly timber workers.

An onlooker said: “Crowe had a few too many and blasted ice hockey as a sport for wimps.

“Locals warned him to shut up but he stood on a chair and branded Alberta ‘boring’. That did it. The place erupted.”

In 1988 he starred in the musical Blood Brothers in Sydney and fell out with co-star Peter Cousens, who said: “He tried to punch me but the guys in the dressing room held him back.

“He was hurling abuse and finally he broke free and headbutted me in the face. The b*****d had broken my nose.”

Controversy and Crowe seem to go together — and not just because of his temper.

He has been mentioned in the context of two of Hollywood’s biggest marriage break-ups, but insists he is innocent.

After Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s split a year ago he said: “She is just a good friend. She has been for ten years.”

In 2000, his romance with Meg Ryan was the talk of Hollywood when they met on the set of the film Proof Of Life.

Almost immediately Meg announced the end of her ten-year marriage to actor Dennis Quaid.

However by January last year she and Russell were reported to have split.

His love life sparked more rows when he turned up to last year’s Oscars with his first love, Aussie actress Danielle Spencer, who was subjected to abuse by another ex, singer Courtney Love.

Russell seemed close to Danielle but last month he was spotted getting friendly with A Beautiful Mind co-star Jennifer Connelly at an awards bash.

Besides his Hollywood success, Russell is trying to kickstart a career in music with his band, 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts.

Last night his record company Grunt Land Records released a statement which said: “Russell is extremely polite and a good-natured character but then it seems he only truly relaxes when talking about his music.

“He is very sensitive and a true artist in every sense of the word and his emotional outlet normally comes out in his writing.

“Russell can be a fiery character but he is deeply emotional. His true feelings are laid on the table through his songs.”

We help Russell
from bad to verse
RUSSELL CROWE got into a strop at the BAFTAs when the Beeb cut a poem from his acceptance speech.

Here OLIVER HARVEY tries some rhyming explanations on Russ’s ode behaviour.

There once was a luvvie called Russ,
Who made such a terrible fuss,
When they cut off his verse
His temper got worse
And he started to shout and to cuss.

A bolshy celeb from Down Under
Did his nut at a TV man’s blunder.
Russ acted the poet,
But they didn’t show it ’
Cos his long thank-you speech made ’em chunder.

A poor TV man bore the brunt Of Russell Crowe’s bully-boy stunt
But that’s where you stand
With a bloke from a band
That he calls Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts.

A luvvy dressed up like a waiter
Fancied himself as a poet narrator
When bully-boy Crowe
Took over the show
There was more aggro than in Gladiator.

A poetry fan, name of Crowe
Threw a tantrum at the BAFTA show.
His speech was atrocious
His verse just precocious
And he roughed up the guy who said ‘no’


TV's real stars
AMONG Parkinson’s most famous guests over 30 years of TV interviewing are Muhammad Ali, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Bing Crosby, John Wayne, Fred Astaire, Richard Burton, Woody Allen, Raquel Welch and Robert Mitchum.


so what will the story be tomorrow......?

Crowe threatin me just cause I walked too close too his hedge?????

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