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Old 05-01-2003, 02:51 AM   #1
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oasis appreciation thread

say what you want about them, i think they're an excellent band. definitely maybe is still one of the greatest albums anyone has ever put out, and acquiesece, step out, and talk tonight are quality for b-sides. live forever.

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I've always considered them to be quite a consistent group, but that consistency has been taken as a lack of imagination by the majority of the music world. Stop Crying Your Heart Out and Little By Little have been the first songs where I've thought 'oh dear, they're trying to copy themselves here...', so on the strength of that they might be on the way out. I'd still like to see them live someday.

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Old 05-01-2003, 04:23 AM   #3
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I quite enjoy their first 3 albums. Those 3 all have tons of great songs on them. The first 2 are virtually flawless.
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love, blood, life
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I had tickets for an Oasis gig last September but because of Bali it was cancelled. The press here slammed them as cowards, which I thought was a bit unfair.
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I love Oasis. I got a little tired of them like I did U2, though, so I don't listen to them as much anymore. The only Oasis album I really don't like is SOTSOG, but it's OK, used to be one of my favorites. Morning Glory is amazing, Definitely Maybe is a great debut, and Heathen Chemistry is quite solid. Also, BHN is quite underrated. I'd like to see them revisit this album and maybe do some different mixing and production. My only qualm is that because of all the background noise, the thing sounds like crap when it gets really loud, unlike Heathen Chemistry which just sounds better. Anyway, the band itself is nothing new or inventive, but that said, is really good at what it does. Noel's gift I think is more in the line of melodies than mind-blowing lyrics, though he has hit a few high points. Now if only we could get Liam to take better care of his voice...
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Old 05-01-2003, 06:58 AM   #6
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my boring and predictable reply

first two: yeah very good indeed

thereafter: boring and cr@p

but since this is so predictable and boring there must be some truth in it, innit?
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Old 05-01-2003, 06:59 AM   #7
The Fly
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OASIS RULE. No-one appreciates the talent there and sees only the loud mouthed, arrogant, fighting exterior. They are the best live band ive ever seen. Noel is a VERY underrated singer-songwriter and they have consistently released top quality indie/rock/anthems for the last 10 years.

A recent poll on a radio station had three Oasis songs in the top 15 including number 1 and 4! I know its complete rubbish but hey, just thought id mention it.

For those who havnt heard these I recommend listening to them NOW.
Solve My Mystery. Never released but found on bootleg's.
Fade Away - A different, more bleak Oasis
Whatever. It has been brought to my atention that not enough people know this song even though it was released as a single.

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Old 05-01-2003, 07:10 AM   #8
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They were good, back in the day. Not familiar with a heap of the newer stuff.
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I own Definitely Maybe, WTSMG, and Heathen Chemistry, and I really like all three. As a whole album, WTSMG is my favorite, but I agree with Unforgettable Lemon that DM and HC are rock solid. My favorite songs would have to be Slide Away, Live Forever, WTSMG, Cast No Shadow, and Little by Little. They're a great rock band when all the controversy and egos aren't getting in the way.
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oasis are absolutely amazing! dm and wtsmg are 2 of the best albums around. bhn is definatetly underrated. it's an excellent album which i have no idea why it is slagged so much by everyone including noel.

sotsog is my least favorite cd by them but it still has some top quality tunes on it. hc is quite good but i got a bit tired of it. maybe in a year or 2 i'll think differently about it.

for anyone who hasn't seen them live.....GO! i find that all you hear is that they don't have much stage presence and all they do is stand there. even though they dont do all this running and jumping around like other bands...there is so much energy at the show with the fans getting so hype up that it makes the show so much better. and also a lot of their songs sound so much better live that oasis live in concert should not be missed.

there's my 2 cents worth....thanks yertle. it's about time we had an oasis appriciation thread around here.
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Old 05-01-2003, 11:02 AM   #11
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aquiesce is one of the best songs EVER.
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Originally posted by The Absent One

Solve My Mystery.
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I've had the pleasure of seeing them twice live. Absolutely amazing! If you have a chance to go to a show, even if you're not a big fan, do it...you won't regret it. Just good old loud Rock'n'roll.

I have all their albums, and all the singles except from Heathen Chemistry (a great album title btw imo). I personally thought that SOTSOG was a great album, mabye even better than Heathen Chemistry. There are some jems on Heathen, but I think that these last two albums have been inconsistant, and yes, as Brittig noted, they've begun to repeat themselves a tad bit. Oasis doing Oasis is a bit of a letdown.

I listened to Be Here Now recently, and what struck me is that underneath the bombastic overproduction that ruined the album is a set of really good songs. Binging on coke during the making of that album, and coming off a tour supporting Morning Glory, undoubtably one of the best rock albums ever, it's not surprising that Noel's fueled ego resulted in the production failure that is BHN.

I suspect that Oasis isn't done by far. Part of me says that the next album will be there last (they've hinted that), but the chemistry of the band has changed so much, and Noel isn't holding on such a tight fist (maybe an indication that he's bored) that I suspect the sound of Oasis is going to change a bit. I see it turning more towards blues and Neil Young sounding than some of their earlier stuff.

Noel talked a while back about doing a solo album, but I doubt that it would be very good. I suspect that he's one of these artists who had a bunch of jems in his head, but unlike the real genius's, he can't keep producing them. Nothing from their last few albums has felt the was a song like Slide Away, or Cast No Shadow, or Whatever for that matter did. I agree that their first two albums are unbeatable as debuts for a band. When you hit that hard that fast as a band and as a songwriter, it's very hard to keep that type of creativity and energy up.

That being said, the influx of new band members, and Liam actuallly writing some songs (note to Liam: please stop writing Little James and Songbird type songs...they really are b-sides at best and should stay there!) that are good could bring a whole new dimension to the band, as I mentioned earlier.

It's interesting to see how Oasis has come to terms with never breaking into America. There's a strong underground following over here, but they lack the popular support that they need to make it. They seem to be okay with that now, i.e. saying "fuck america, we don't need them". Sadly in Britian, I think they're living on past accomplishments and reputation rather than being a big, ongoing influence in the music scene now.

I thought that Heathen Chemistry might bring them back into the fold in America, and touring with the Black Crowes might bring them added exposure, but sadly, it wasn't to be so. They will always be remembered for two songs over here, both Rock classics: Live Forever, and Wonderwall.

They may have a renissance if their next album is a real jem, which I think it just might be. I have this feeling that they're getting back on the right track, musically, songwriting wise, and as a band. I look forward to their next release, and hope to see them show the world once again why they are such a good band.

For me, they hold a special place in my music collection. They're the first band I followed from the beginning of their career. I collected all their singles etc. and it's been fun to watch them evolve as I've grown up with them. Kindof like some of the older U2 fans around here. No matter what they do, there will always be that connection for me to Oasis in a way that U2 won't. I came in ten years into the making of U2, so I missed out on a lot. With Oasis, I was there from the first time I saw the video for Live Forever, and have stayed with them through the ride.

Oasis has had a unique underground influence on a generation of songwriters, most of whom won't admit it. Noel's obsession with the G/Eminor/C chords (and I can't think at the moment of the correct technical names for the particular chords...but you know, the ones from Wonderwall) are something I have seen many many many artists and songwriters replicate. He wasn't the first to use them by any means, but they appear to have become increasingly popular and, must I say, overused since that song became popular. Even my guitar teacher commented when I started with him that I was using the Oasis/Noel Gallagher G major using my fourth finger, which technically isn't correct. He said that he's seen it a lot since they became popular.

I think I've rambled on enough...
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You could wait for a lifetime
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The period of 94-96 was such an exciting time because of Oasis. They were fresh, full of attitude and volume, put out 2 great records.

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