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Old 08-23-2001, 09:29 PM   #1
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Noel vs. Liam....

OK, Oasis fans. Who do you like more? Noel or Liam. For me, I'm gonna break it down to diff. categories

1. Vocal range

2. Vocal style
Liam- 8
Noel- 6

3. Songwriting
Liam- 2(Little James?)
Noel- 9

4. Badass attitude
Liam- 10
Noel- 7

5. Charisma
Liam- 9
Noel- 7

Liam- 35
Noel- 38.5

Noel is it for me.

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Old 08-23-2001, 09:41 PM   #2
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Noel has the talent but Liam is a rock star.

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Old 08-23-2001, 10:12 PM   #3
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Old 08-23-2001, 10:19 PM   #4
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Got to go with Noel...
without him, there is no Oasis.

Plus, I've seen Oasis live and Liam Gallagher is not exactly Bono out there. Don't Look Back in Anger and the Masterplan are both great songs sung by Noel. I would say that Liam is superior for vocals over all, but Noel is Oasis "music" what Bono is to U2 "music"

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Old 08-23-2001, 10:56 PM   #5
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Liam is the rockstar...he has the fuckyou attitude, and the boy can his own style of course.

Noel is the genius...he can write the songs.

I can't split the two. OASIS would be nothing without each of them. They wouldn't have the attitude, the frontman w/o Liam, they wouldn't have the songs w/o Noel.....but Noel needs Liam to sing his songs, and Liam needs Noel to write his's a two way street, and I love 'em for it.

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Old 08-24-2001, 06:41 AM   #6
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Personally I like Noel better just because he's wrote so many classic songs. I still think Liam's really cool and he has the same birthday as me (September 21.)
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Old 08-24-2001, 03:35 PM   #7
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I like both the same!

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Old 08-25-2001, 02:15 AM   #8
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Old 08-25-2001, 07:09 PM   #9
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both don't deserve too much attention

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Old 08-25-2001, 10:10 PM   #10
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Reporter: Can you describe Oasis in one word?
Noel: ME!

Yes, it's true, Noel Gallagher runs Oasis. If he left tomorrow, there would be no more Oasis. There would just be Liam, Gem, Andy, and Alan--none of whom have contributed anywhere near as much as Noel. Now, they all excel at what they do, but this isn't the state fair, it's Oasis.

Of course, think of what would happen if Liam left. "Heresy!", they would cry. Oh well, guess we need 'em both.

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Old 08-25-2001, 11:39 PM   #11
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liam has the attitude, noel is the genius, i prefer noel, cause he's the man!

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Originally posted by IvanClaytonJnr:
both don't deserve too much attention
Ooh,that's a disgrace,that is !
Liam is my alter ego and Noel - well,I just
LURVE him,so there !
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Old 08-31-2001, 09:07 AM   #13
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Of course when a reporter asked Bono, "Who's closer to God, Blur or Oasis, he replied..."Well, first of all I am God and Liam is my only son...."

Make of that what you will...

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