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One band I've never seen live that I NEED to see live!!!

The Blue Album is really good, but as time goes on I don't think it's quite as great as it's made out to be. Pinkerton and The Green Album, I love. I think the highlights of The Blue Album, especially "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here", though are phenomenal, and "Say It 'Aint So" is one of my favorite Weezer songs ever.

I have Maladroit, but have never listened to it from start to finish, and I never even bought Make Believe.

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Pinkerton is a more mature record, but there's something to be said for pure aural thrills. Blue is the real stuff, and isn't dated at all. Pinkerton is viewed as a masterpiece because of what preceeded it more than anything else, but what's great on it is really great.

El Scorcho is a standout track, but also one of the most blatant Pavement ripoffs I've ever heard. The fact that I saw Rivers Cuomo at 2 Pavement shows on 2 consecutive nights in Boston (the nights right before Brighten the Corners came out) staring in awe like he was looking at the return of Jesus to earth made me identify with him and think he was pathetic at the same time.

Green wasn't a bad album, but was calculated to relive the success of Blue, everyone knew it, and it wasn't even close. Maladroit seemed to be something more original, but was far from consistent. I didn't have the stomach to buy Make Believe after hearing the godawful Beverly Hills and We Are All on Drugs.

Personally, when it comes to emo (or pre-emo), I'll take Jimmy Eat World. Clarity doesn't have the hooks of Weezer, but is far more consistent, and both musically and lyrically sophisticated, somehow splitting the difference between Rivers and U2. Their two follow ups, while not as good, have shown they're able to go punkier and poppier with equal ability. I have higher hopes for their next album than anything Rivers is likely to put out.

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I dug out the blue album just recently and listened to it. Remembered how much fun it is!

Haven't heard anything else from theirs other than a few songs here and there.
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Originally posted by FitzChivalry

One band I've never seen live that I NEED to see live!!!

[/I] [/B]
I have to say, one of the most fun concerts I've ever been to.
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I love that My Name is Jonas is a waltz. That's awesome.
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I like a handful of their songs, but they're still on my shit list for the heinous Beverly Hills.
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Originally posted by FitzChivalry

One band I've never seen live that I NEED to see live!!!
Lucky enough to have seen the band live twice. First time in '97, pre-Green, opening for No Doubt. The band was amazing but Rivers was so drunk, so sweaty, so out of it. Second time in '05, opening for the Foo Fighters, the band ruled the night. I so want new Weezer and a new tour. Green is my favorite album and I liked "Make Believe."

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