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I'm on the fence about whether or not I should go see these guys in October. Can anyone give me some more opinions on their live show?

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Originally posted by greenlight7-11
I'm on the fence about whether or not I should go see these guys in October. Can anyone give me some more opinions on their live show?
They rock and Carlos D. looks hawt! You should go there.

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Originally posted by DrTeeth

Carlos D. looks hawt!

even with the stache
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Originally posted by greenlight7-11
I'm on the fence about whether or not I should go see these guys in October. Can anyone give me some more opinions on their live show?
In a typical venue, they fill up the room with a kind of smoke and have this cool light show.

The setlists are still a bit short for my liking (only around 13 songs), but hopefully the price isn't too high.

Here's the official site forum live performances section:

That's kinda it. There are no Bono antics or really any talking to the audience other than what a given song is called. I'd highly recommend not listening to any Interpol in the month before you go (if that's even enough) because the live performances sound very similar, and I try to do this with all bands anyway. Otherwise, you could be predicting notes and stuff, and that's not very surprising.

I've seen some cool opening acts, though.
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Here's my review of the concert I posted on the official site, and which founds lots of agreement:

I had a crappy time. It was my fourth time seeing the band; the first being Curiosa, and the 2nd and 3rd being on the Antics tour. I got to the festival intentionally late, but early enough for Interpol. I kinda screwed up in listening to Interpol quite a bit the last few months. I had a moratorium on well known songs for a month and on new songs for a week, but I guess that wasn't enough.

The setlist:
I was hoping for some more rare songs, though Pioneer, No I in Threesome, Rest My Chemistry, and especialy Not Even Jail were nice to see. However, the Antics singles were unnecessary. Screw the bellweather fans; I want more interesting songs! Still, I wish they'd have played a longer concert, especially with 3 albums under their sleeves, or whatever the expression is.

The crappy venue:
Seeing them at the festival was the major problem. The performances were quite good. However, the sound from Daniel Kessler's guitar was awful; it sounded really cheap and not at all full as it does on the record; maybe it was the speakers. Thank god for the rhythm section.

The outdoor venue just didn't allow their lightshow to really be expoited because they usually fill a closed venue with smoke, and it looks so damn cool.

I was kinda way back, and the view sucked. And it's kinda hard to see shit when people keep holding up their fucking cameras to take a million pictures and shitty recordings. People have to stop with that crap.
Also, don't speak during songs. Some woman wouldn't shut up during the new stuff. It's a reasonable expectation for people to be quiet during songs, and it's the major reason I hate it when bands try for broader appeal, although some douche will always bring his/her loudmouth friend who doesn't give a shit about respecting the performance. During Radiohead's first ever performance of Videotape -- arguably their best song in years! -- some girls can always be heard talking over these otherwise gorgeous performances. These were hard to get tickets, but some idiots who don't really care about the band always manage to get 'em! If you're gonna feel chatty during songs, stay home!

Also, it's not a fucking party for you to talk during songs and take pictures of each other if it's gonna obstruct my view. Also, super corporate Virgin never failed to remind people of their products by annoyingly distributing beach balls in the audience, and people kept throwing them around when I was trying to watch the band and listen to some emotional pieces. It upsets the mood. How low are people's attention spans. This one girl reached to get some ball at my feet because throwing it back up and being part of some retarded game was more important to her than the music being played or the lyrics being sung.

As the first songs began, some idiot came back from further ahead out of nowhere and danced constantly so his back kept rubbing my stomach and he kept backing into me. He wanted his girlfriend to have more room and thought it would be romantic to dance behind her. Awww, how sweet! Yet his fraking girlfriend had a yard in front of her.

I know people are going to find this a downer. I'm okay with people having fun, but your fun shouldn't interfere with my view or hearing of the music. My way of enjoying the music in silence DURING the songs doesn't ruin it for anyone, but the obnoxious cliche behavior people tend to do to act cool and be noticed actually ruins a nice time. People only do these things because they've seen others do them and they saw it in a movie or music video. It's a cyclical thing that most people never question whether they actually want to do it.

Thom Yorke is known for telling fans to shut up if they continuously scream during soft parts of songs; I think he's on the right track, unlike most bands which encourage idiotic behavior because they're insecure about being popular.

Some people are more into treating the concert experience as a party and the music as background to their stereotypical fun times, often talking and taking pictures of each other during songs; it's fun for them but disruptive to those of us who are there for the actual music and to hear the performance in all its detail. Screaming and acting obnoxious isn't fair.

How about a classical experience?:
That's something to be said for going to a classical music performance or opera; everyone's there for the music and the etiquette is such that everyone can enjoy it fully. Among an intelligent crowd, it's often thought rude to clap before a piece is completely finished; you can always spot the tourists because they rush to clap before the ending. People sometimes think of such affairs as uppity and would not want to introduce such an atosphere to more "down-to-earth" pop rock. Yet, actually, it's the highest respect to give pop rock that kind of observance.

I think concerts would be better if they were more about the music than about being obnoxious and attracting attention and treating it like your own personal party, when such behavior interferes with other people's enjoyment.

Listening to too much Interpol to fully appreciate the songs afresh (again) was my fault, but the 12-song singles-heavy setlist wasn't, and, most importantly, the atmosphere was the fault of the North American culture of obnoxious youth.

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