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Old 07-16-2002, 02:42 PM   #31
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Originally posted by UnforgettableLemon
It seems like there a lot of Dave fans that originally couldn't stand him. .
I'm the other way around.

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Originally posted by meegannie

I'm the other way around.
Get back in the game Megan....

I originally heard/saw dave at this small club in baltimore in 94 for $7.50. That was before they had a major label release. I got hooked then, but that is me.

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Old 07-16-2002, 03:00 PM   #33
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I think it's who they are as people that turned it around for me and opened me up to the music.

Damn, Digi...I wish I'd still been in Virginia when DMB was doing clubs. I used to hang out in the club in Richmond where they later became regulars and met their manager...

Just as well I'd moved on, though...I'd have dropped out of college and become a groupie if I'd discovered them in the clubs.
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Re: you are feeling very sleepy....

Originally posted by Screaming Flower

come over to the dark side. muwhahahahahahaha!!!
aaahhhhh yeah baby. The bad is oh so good. Dave is da shize.
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The album is very mellow. It's really good, though. It's sounds awesome in my car. A perfect album to listen to on a nice long car ride. I dig Grace Is Gone and Grey Street. This was a cool past couple of weeks for music. First I got the new Chilis, now the new Dave. The Chili's By The Way could easily be classified as their most complete work. Rock and Roll lives!

Then of course, the next U2 Best Of in November. Yeah, baby!
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Old 07-16-2002, 07:51 PM   #36
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I ran out and bought it today...hoo ha.

I think it's pretty good, but I prefer the "darker" versions from the Lillywhite Sessions. I think overall "Raven" is probably the most improved track.
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Join Amnesty.
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Old 07-16-2002, 09:32 PM   #37
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Is the promo CD at Circuit City different than the bonus DVD that comes witht he CD everywhere else?
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Old 07-17-2002, 03:24 PM   #38
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I wish I could help you out Bama, but I'm out of the loop on the DVD thing.

But I did pick up the CD and so far so good. Dave's voice sounds great--smooth and rich and not doing so much of that thing he does that annoys people which I can't describe but I know exactly what it is.

Now I need to see Dave again for 2 reasons:

I've now committed the entire DMB discography to memory except for the new record (which was not the case when I saw them a couple of months ago)

And, more importantly, I've just realized that Dave is tall. Real tall. Tall rock stars are an oddity.

I need another look.
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Old 07-18-2002, 02:15 AM   #39
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Dave is bad bad stuff.
He closes indy record stores for selling his cd's cheap. His music all sounds the same. ALL OF IT. The only diversity in his music is his singles, which are very well picked. People are ready to cream themselves when they see the unusual insturmentation, however, it's used akwardly. Take it from a saxophone player, those lines suck.
Also, his vocal timing is more annoying than Cyndi Lauper on caffine. Did I mention no respect for chordal diversity? Gah! I'll bet is you took triplets and sustained 4th's out of his musical vocabulary, he'd explode or something.

Don't get me started on DMB. He's a wanna be Bob Dylan.

Funny, DMB is only one letter short of DUMB. How interesting.
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Old 07-18-2002, 09:14 AM   #40
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Originally posted by MiniFly

Funny, DMB is only one letter short of DUMB. How interesting.
Does that mean Dave Matthews couldn't be dumb...without you?


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U2Bama, sorry to confuse you, but the DVD actually comes with every cd, no matter where you buy it.

Originally posted by MiniFly
Dave is bad bad stuff.
He closes indy record stores for selling his cd's cheap
Really? That's not good. How did you find out about this?
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Old 07-18-2002, 10:27 AM   #42
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Originally posted by MiniFly

He closes indy record stores for selling his cd's cheap.
Sure it's not the record company?
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Old 07-18-2002, 10:47 AM   #43
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yeah, this information is very inconsistent with the band's reputation. they were outspoken supporters of napster, even releasing "i did it" as a single on napster before the record was released. they are also notorious for letting--even encouraging--fans to record their music at concerts. they are among the most generous and least money-grubbing artists in the business. so if indy stores have been 'closed down' because of dmb, i am certain there is more to the story.
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Old 07-18-2002, 11:00 AM   #44
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okay, i found this--stores were threatened by dmb management for selling bootlegs but when the fines threatened to shut businesses down, they began moving to settle with "no financial loss to the businesses". Seems to me that they were trying to figure out a way to stop bootleggers from profiting from the illegal sale of their music and maybe realized from this bad episode that they have to come up with a better way to do that. This seems like an experiment gone awry, but seems to me they were within their rights and when they realized it was all a bit harsh, retreated to rethink the whole thing. I think their integrity remains more than intact. This was circa 1997 and I haven't yet found updated info.

The Dave Matthews Band: Tape But Don't Sell

By Hank Hoffman, The Springfield Advocate

The hall is dark and pulsing with electric anticipation. Suddenly, the houselights blaze on. As the crowd roars, dozens of index fingers press the record buttons of Sony WM-D3 cassette recorders and miniature DAT decks. Red lights in the darkness, another rock concert being recorded for posterity.

If a band allows -- or even encourages -- its fans to tape its live performances, the band obviously takes a live-and-let-live attitude toward bootlegs, right? In the cases of a half dozen or more Connecticut record shops, that assumption was dangerously wrong.

On April 11, attorney Jules Zalon, working for the management of the Dave Matthews Band and accompanied by a federal marshal, toured Connecticut record shops, outfitted not with a Strat and a Marshall amp, but with an injunction. Granted by Judge Allen Nevas of the federal district court in Bridgeport, the court order allowed Zalon to seize not only unauthorized Dave Matthews boots but also any unauthorized recordings, on the theory that black market Led Zep discs, for example, compete unfairly for Matthews' rightful sales.

"The federal marshal came in and apologized profusely, saying 'I hate to do this, I like stores like yours, but I have to,' and served the papers and Zalon took over," says a Fairfield County store owner who asked not to be identified. "It was a very weird scene, him stacking stuff on the desk. It was like a cartoon. He walked out with about 60 CDs."

When asked what he wanted, Zalon presented a letter with eight demands, including paying a settlement of $10,000 -- a potentially business-killing amount for some of these stores -- and promising not to tell anyone what happened. Another source, a store manager familiar with the details of Zalon's visits, says "those who didn't [agree to sign] got various degrees of threats and abuse leveled at them."

"He seemed to be after intimidation," says the store manager whose store didn't sign. He adds that Zalon followed up some of his visits with phone calls stating that if the stores didn't pony up, they could face hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

After sitting around for a couple of days thinking, "Boy, I'm screwed," the store owner says he got angry.

"Three years ago, Dave Matthews was no one. We were carrying his stuff when it was on his own label and no chains were carrying him and he's doing this over a couple of bootlegs?" the store owner says. "If we don't do this the majors will put us under in no time. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't."

Getting over their shock, the owners of the stores visited by Zalon -- and sympathizers in other independent record stores -- pulled their Matthews stock. They mounted a boycott against Matthews that includes signs in windows denouncing the performer, cards handed out to customers informing them how to complain to the Matthews' management and record company (RCA), and postings on the Internet. To add to the pressure, they threatened a boycott of all RCA artists. They also got publicity for their plight in Neil Strauss' April 23 "The Pop Life" column in The New York Times.

"We got a great response. It was sweeping from stores to stores, across the country," says the store owner. "If they want silence, the best thing to do is the opposite."

Stung by the negative publicity, the band is moving to settle the cases "at no financial loss to the stores," essentially for a commitment on the retailers' part not to stock any Dave Matthews boots. The band is also planning to release an authorized live CD.

Still, Coran Capshaw, the band's manager, vigorously defends the group's opposition to bootlegs.

"There's artwork we never approved, misnamed songs, songs released before we decide to release them. We feel totally taken advantage of by bootleg product," declares Capshaw. He says that the group has received complaints from fans who paid $30-60 for boots with lousy sound and analogizes it to the exploitation of concertgoers by scalpers. The band's open taping and tape trading policy (which obviously also puts in circulation those "unreleased" songs) is not a license to bootlegggers, he argues.

"We don't want money changing hands. We don't want people profiting off of this," Capshaw says.

He doesn't buy the argument that the small indie stores need to move boots to survive.

"There are plenty of stores that don't break the law to make a living," Capshaw says.

He bridles at the suggestion that the Matthews organization is encouraging its fans to snitch on stores stocking their boots. (The store owner says a customer admitted he was looking for boots because he had received an e-mail promising backstage passes to fans who reported bootleg sellers.) I read Capshaw a statement downloaded from the band's website ( "We still encourage you to e-mail or fax us the names and locations of any retailers or distributors of bootleg CDs along with the titles or quantities in stock... In return for your assistance... we would like to give a special thanks to the first people who contact us."

"We were thinking about doing something like that but we haven't. We haven't offered anybody anything special," says Capshaw. He didn't explain why the message was up on the website.

He distances the organization from Zalon's tactics, saying they had not seen the letter before Zalon took it around.

Zalon, who built a reputation stemming the market for counterfeit T-shirts for Michael Jackson and Dennis Rodman, is unapologetic. The $10,000-15,000 settlement demands were "a tiny token of their potential maximum liability." As for the demand that stores not tell anyone about the visits, Zalon says the purpose was to uncover the distributor of the boots.

"We wanted them to keep their mouth shut for 30 days so we could track down the source," says Zalon. "Does that sound so terrible? Since our purpose was to stop essentially criminal behavior?"
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Old 07-18-2002, 02:36 PM   #45
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i love the new cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my favs are grace is gone and bartender. but sadly they never put JTR on it

i have the lillywhite sessions and i absolutely adore JTR and was ecstatic when they played it live when i went to see them last summer....but alas they no longer play it and it's not on busted stuff.

my only hope is that bartender was kicking around for along time before they put it on a cd so maybe it will happen with this one.

on a side note: i am always so surprised to notice that alot of U2 fans are DMB haters. mayebe it's due to difference in their styles of music or maybe its something else entirely. who knows :question:

i love them both

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