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well just wanted to say that this is my first post, and I agree with nellie on the cat thing they will eventually become friends...

My little grey persian is named Intel (yes like the computer company..)

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I just got a new kitten a few weeks back, and we're trying to introduce him to our other cats right now. Basically we're just letting them stay in the same room together, but supervising them in case there are any fights. Josh (the kitten) has made friends with one of my cats already, but the other cat is being a complete grouch and keeps hissing and spitting when he goes near her.

So I think it's best just to let them spend time together and they'll bond that way.

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Originally posted by mad1
'Just put them both in together and let them get on with it, they'll bond fine'

i have four kitties. here's our newest one

i also have three others...

jonathan (almost 12!!):



anyway, as you can probably tell from the pics, they're all different ages. as i mentioned above, jonathan's almost 12, tasmania's 10, sunnie's 7, and tabitha is ~4 months. to get cats to bond is a weird thing. like people, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. although imo, cats bonding are easier than people bonding.

but i digress. the best thing to do is just throw them together and let them bond. the male will probably hiss at the female a little at first, just to put her in her place. when we introduced each female to our male (all our cats are fixed, well, tabitha will be fixed as of next weekend, even though she has no one to bang) he hissed at them for a few days, showed them he was boss and this was his home and he gets along with them all famously now. he's like a pimp looking out for his hoes now.

btw gheto, i understand what you mean. my first two cats i didn't plan on getting. i got my first one at a christmas party, and he was the lonely cat in the back of the box, peering out, like "*sigh* will anyone pick me?" tasmania was the runt, and she just looked so sad sitting in the corner of the box while her mom and siblings ignored her. sunnie i got at an animal shelter, and her litter was the only litter of kittens they had. all the cats were male so we couldn't pick any of them. so i picked sunnie cuz she was friendly and had soft fur and tabitha i got at another animal shelter solely for a playmate for sunnie (she's kind of the outcast) so i picked the one that mauled my husband and i, cuz i figured she'd be the same with sunnie.
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Tasmania, great name, I once had a horse called Sonny

what about Bonanza?
I found a really old complete jigsaw puzzle(god I love "junque")the other day. It has a painting of the Cartwright family riding their horses on it (anyone remember the cartwright's and the Ponderosa?)
I was looking at the box last night(school holiday past time)

BONanza....U like?

anyway I tried to take a cute photo of Ali G and Tambo......not possible, Tam is in his "i am not happy about this development...AT ALL" posture. You should see the next shot...the escape

do you remember the Radiators from Space maddie? I don't, but there is a connection between The Radiators from Australia and my chihuahua. The ex-drummer gave him to me. THE most precious gift.....just that Ali G doesn't scratch and lick himself and change position about 100 times per night.
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how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no, sorry cass honey, me dont know them or heard of them.....

anyway I was tinkin more of names, mum doesnt like 'Hanks' so maybe choose either 'Chino' (as in jeans) or '...............fuk Ive forgotten the other name just now!.
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I'm not a cat person, but I've always said that if I ever did get a cat for some reason I'd name it Azreal (sp?) after Gargamel's cat from the Smurfs cartoon!

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