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Old 08-17-2005, 07:21 AM   #31
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Originally posted by Hewson
Supposedly the NCAA has mentioned other Seminole tribes who haven't given their blessing to support their argument.
But they are the FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES. I dont think there is any other Seminole tribe in the state Florida, is there? If these other tribes are not in the state of FL they are not talking about them, its quite clear just by the name, its spelled out.

I'm not saying its right or wrong. But if its a specific tribe being used and they have the blessing of said tribe that is specifically being referred to, I dont see that as being a problem. Now, Indians, Redskins, etc. that I could see being offensive to some. Otherwise it just appears to be another example of political correctness run amuck.

Whats next, is the state of Illinois to be renamed also? Illinois is french for Illini. Then what about Indiana, and the city of Indianapolis. Means land of indians. Should those be renamed? Where does it end?

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I agree with ya Blue Room, just heard (ESPN I think) that even though the Florida Seminloe tribe was OK with FSU, that there were other Seminole tribes that didn't aprove of the nickname, and the NCAA was using that against them.
I think its much ado about nothing (or at least very little) and we're a bit too PC in a lot of ways in this country. Now I'm not Native American, so while I don't know how they feel, I am of Irish descent and have no personal issue with Notre Dame's nickname/mascot.
Its just a sports team mascot, certainly don't think in any case they were intended to be derogatory(just the opposite in fact, I'm sure teams who decided on a nickname of say "Braves" 80 years ago or so did so because it was a term embodying courage, strength and fighting spirit), but some people have to look for controversy whenever possible.

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Originally posted by Hewson
Why not cut a more native american sports team nicknames, college or pro, and no more casinos on tribal land.

I love it! I also agree with BluRm. Well said . I will never fully understand why Native Indians are so upset with sports teams using their names, images and mascots. I would think it would be a great honor. I live in So. Calif where we are surrounded by casinos none of which I support or frequent. This my own personal choice, but I don't make a federal case of it or the fact the casinos aren't paying their fair share of taxes. I say if they make a federal case of sports teams using their names and likenesses, let the Indian casinos pay taxes in exchange for dropping the Indian sports names! I also have been touched with the controversial name/mascot change with ties to Stanford University, my high school Fremont Indians (now the Fremont Ravens) and U of I Fighting Ilini.

Come on, what's it going to be next?
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Old 08-27-2006, 09:01 PM   #34
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Okay heres my american indian comment about using the names as mascots.

Who really cares? At least its being recognized.

I can state that proudly being that my great grandmother was full blooded Iroquise Indian who died at child birth at 16 while having my grandfather.

So having Native American blood in me. I don't care and it doesn't offend me.
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Old 08-28-2006, 09:00 AM   #35
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Originally posted by Carek1230

I love it! I also agree with BluRm. Well said . I will never fully understand why Native Indians are so upset with sports teams using their names, images and mascots. I would think it would be a great honor.
Actually it would be a great honor if you would refer to the group as Native Americans as they have not come from India at anytime. As one who is from a 100% Native American mother the bigger question is the average population calling us Indians and not Americans. Just because Columbus was a moron and thought he was landing in India does not mean everyone should.
I personally have no problem with the naming of Native American sports teams. I also have no problem with my next door neighbors playing cowboys and Indians. I cannot speak for all people from Native American heritage but this just does not bother me.

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