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Old 10-31-2007, 01:56 PM   #76
New Yorker
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Alice Cooper at Cozymels Mexican Restaurant right here in Knoxville, TN, having lunch with his kids. He was very nice.

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A few years ago I worked as production assistant for one of Israel's top concert promoters and as part of the job I got to meet so many top acts and hang out with them.

Each production I was involved in has an amusing story attached to it:

Pet Shop boys - June 2000:
They were here for two concerts (Jerusalem and Ra'anana) and at the end of the concert in Ra'anana we sat down with them backstage and had an authentic Israeli bar-b-que - with pita bread, humous and a lot of BEER. It was surreal to sit with Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe and see them wiping the humous with the bread in true mideastern style - what a TRIP.

Lord Of The Dance - January 2000
The LOTD European troupe came for 20 sold out performances as part of the Israel festival and it was AWESOME! I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this production....except for the last night in the Ceasarea amphitheater.....
During the beginning of the second half, the tiny dancer who played the sprite finished her dance, went into the wings....and promptly fell and broke her leg(!!). Luckily the principal dancers all had stand-ins so I ended up taking her by ambulance to the nearby hospital - telling her jokes all the way and trying to put a smile on her face.....

Sir George Martin and the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra in an evening of Beatles music:
Truly one of the best shows EVER put on in Israel. Sir George Martin conducted the IPO in two concerts of Beatles music and songs performed by some of the top recording artists in Israel.
The concert in Jerusalem was AMAZING.....except for one incident that almost put the entire show in jeapordy.....
Sir George had the sheet music in front of him as he conducted the orchestra and after every piece he threw down the score on the stage next to him. After the Jerusalem show, during the load-out, we noticed to our horror that all the scores were gone((!) We panicked of course because they were originals and we didn't have any copies for the second show in Tel-Aviv the next night.
We immediately enlisted our PR dept. and my boss went on TV and radio PLEADING for whoever took the scores to bring them back because we needed them.
To make a long story short - the scores were finally located. A fan saw them on the floor and thought that they were discarded so he took them as We got them back and the show went on the next night as usual.

Garbage & K's Choice - 1999
In the late 90's, Garbage and K's Choice were at the height of their fame and they came to Israel to play a double bill at the venue I was working at.
No incidents here thank goodness, but it was fun enjoying takeout food with Shirley Manson and company.

Al Jarreau - 2000
A really nice guy. When I met him I told him that my favorite song of his was "Mornin'", so he dedicated it to me in rehearsals.....heehee.

More artists I've met:

The Chippendales -
Herbie Hancock -
The late maynard furgeson
The late Joe Zawinul
Sandra Bernhard (really lovely)
The Cranberries
Jon Anderson
Emma Shaplin

I really enjoyed my work there - it was hard to be sure but very enjoyable!

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Old 11-01-2007, 07:41 PM   #78
The Fly
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I've eaten at Greg Norton's (of Husker Du) Restaurant. He asked us "how was everything?" and we said "great". Does that count?
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Old 11-01-2007, 11:40 PM   #79
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All 4 of U2
Tori Amos
Ed Kowalczyk (Live)
Deborah Harry
John Lydon (Johnny Rotten. At the ballet. Seriously.)
Gavin Friday

Have been mere steps from Michael Stipe and Thom Yorke, Phil Selway (Radiohead), and Bjork, although I can't say I've "met" any of them. Have also met a bunch of other semi-famous/famous in their little realm musicians.
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Old 11-02-2007, 12:00 AM   #80
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I've eaten at Greg Norton's (of Husker Du) Restaurant. He asked us "how was everything?" and we said "great". Does that count?
I'm really jealous!

I want to go to Greg's restaurant if I ever visit the Midwest. Is it good eating?

edit: I just remembered I ran into Paul Hester during a holiday in Melbourne. So yeah, there you go.
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Old 11-04-2007, 08:46 PM   #81
The Fly
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Originally posted by The Sad Punk

I'm really jealous!

I want to go to Greg's restaurant if I ever visit the Midwest. Is it good eating?

edit: I just remembered I ran into Paul Hester during a holiday in Melbourne. So yeah, there you go.
His restaurant is actually really good. I had the Moroccan Chicken the last time I was there and it was delicious. It's in a really nice setting too. If you do go that way sometime - you should know that Highway 61 (of Bob Dylan fame) runs through there. It is a beautiful drive along the Mississippi River with these big beautiful bluffs, artist communities (Stockholm, Wisconsin) and a great wine bar (in Nelson Wisconsin). Highway 61 runs on the Minnesota side and Highway 35 runs through the Wisconsin side. Greg's restaurant is in on the Wisconsin side directly across from Red Wing, Minnesota-There's a bridge you can cross the Mississippi River in Red Wing and a nice hotel (the St. James hotel).

I forgot, I also met Doug Fieger of the Knack.
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some cool names & great stories here peeps! :aplaud:

Roger Daltrey {??1976?? a few months before he cut off his "Tommy" curls}

He was giving a interview at the ole WNEW w Scott Muni. Iwas picking up a trlial run printed sample of my design/illustrator's freelance card i was designing, listening to the interview as I was heading to printers and after , and then walked over to wait outside the radio studio.
It was only a few of us. He was nice. I don't remember much because i was so nervous. He looked great , tho!

1975? or 76?
I exchanged Q & A at a R&R class I was at with Patti SMith.

Outsdie the Paladium 76? or 78? Bruce walked right by me but he wasn't stopping , so i didn't meet him. His gravely voice went right past my ear!
I got into a cab for an errand for my then current temp job & AS I JUSTstarted to slide in i got this mental "tingle" but had NO idea why. I sat down. and almost forgot TILL__ I looked at the driver's ID page.
It said William Ficca. I saw the pic and was ?!?!
It was BILLY Ficca - the drummer of Television. So i got to chat for a bit. THAT was cool!

Edge ~ 1x 2001 {he was the first U2 guy i met}Outside MSG
2x's ~ 2005 MSG {} I made him REALLY smile, when i gave him a particular compliment on his gutair playing. He was very nice to everyone there.

Larry - QUik Handshake & thank you! outsdie MSG. LArry is shy that way,and he was a real trooper staying out and giving autographs & having pics taken.

Adam - after ???? SNL 2005
Because almost everyone else had run down to Bono's car, so I KNEW i wasn't going to get near him. I watched Adam wlak right to "his" car.
...but Adam was also really getting ready to get in his car, I'd heard he'd been semi-freaked out by an over-zealous fan at HQ the previous yr or earlier that yr so I wanted to be VERY low key!

the reason I actually started to go to meet U2 was I'd never gotten GREAT seats for 23 yr of show-going. So I thot the only was I'd get some good photos was IF I stood outside the area!
I've taken some great photos of Bruce/E ST, Patti smith & bnad/ The WHo [ and others} so this was an exercise in FRUSTRATION w U2!

Lenny Kaye from Patti SMith Band--
really nice. met him at a R&R convention. I was able to carry a bit of convo, but i was still like awestruck so it wasn't easy.
I passed by David JohHansen on Broadway in Soho (NYC) but let him just be.

BTW I wish The OIls! were still together Some great Material and a great !LIVE! band!
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Old 11-05-2007, 04:49 PM   #83
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The tall, skinny guy from Arcade Fire (we were standing together for a bit during the U2 concert in Montreal)

Debbie Gibson (I was her waitress at a restaurant in London)

Spent the day with the (former) guitarist for 54/40
Dated the (former) drummer for Northern Pikes
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Musicians are bitches! I´ve met a couple

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