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Old 05-20-2005, 08:21 AM   #16
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Originally posted by Aardvark747
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and
Star Wars.

You had better be kidding, or there's a serious ass-kicking coming your way.

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Had to add to the wtf with A Beautiful Mind.

I thought Russell Crowe actually did a lovely job, because I could stand his performance and see how it was fine despite the drubbing my head took from the direction, the cinematography, the scoring, and just about everyone else's performance. It was just a huge shock to me that it got all those awards. I sat there predicting with a wince the next camera angle, lighting effect, and swell of music. blech.

cheers all!

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Old 05-20-2005, 11:01 AM   #18
The Fly
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I just hate that somebody got to Moulin Rouge before me.
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Old 05-20-2005, 11:14 AM   #19
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A Beautiful Mind, for sure. Blew me away when I heard it won Academy Awards, wow. "Hmmm, let's do I show Russel Crowe is a genius...I know!!....I'll spin the camera around him for a few minutes, that will get my point across". Ugh.

Chicago, too, perfer to see musicals on stage, not on screen.

Surprised to see A Cloclwork Orange mentioned, but, that's why I like threads like this, to see people name stuff I disagree with. Film's so subjective, it's impossible to really argue, or so I think...someone does not like the same film you be it.

Let's see....will add


There are tons of movies that made a lot of box office $$ that I hated, like Pearl Harbor, but this thread is more for well reviewed films, or films that did well at awards time, so I'll keep it at that level.

Glad I mentioned Pearl Harbor, though, what a fucking piece of shit.
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Old 05-20-2005, 11:40 AM   #20
New Yorker
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The English Patient--I only saw it once and that was enough. I didn't think it was romantic--I thought the locales were gorgeous though.

Saving Private Ryan--the D-Day sequence was numbing, but I thought the rest of the movie was cliched and poorly told.

I know there's lots more...I'll have to think about it.
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Old 05-20-2005, 08:53 PM   #21
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Million Dollar Baby - for my money, the Academy's worst pick for Best Picture in years. I thought that Hilary Swank's performance was very touching, but the film itself was a self-important mediocrity. The first half packs in every single sports-movie cliche in the known universe; the second is overwrought, forced melodrama with some of the most cartoonishly evil supporting characters ever.

Mystic River was also overrated as hell despite the strong ensemble work.

Silence of the Lambs - IMO nothing more than a pedestrian thriller lifted by two exceptional performances.

The English Patient - mostly because the appeal of Ralph Fiennes as a lead eludes me completely.

Clockwork Orange, definitely. Malcom McDowell is its only saving grace and even he's completely unconvincing as a 15-year-old.
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Old 05-20-2005, 08:55 PM   #22
War Child
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This thread reminds me of the seinfeld episode where Elaine is the only person who dislikes "The English Patient."

I thought Bambi was a pathetic excuse for a movie, there's no way you can call that a "classic".
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Old 05-20-2005, 09:01 PM   #23
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But Flower was sooo cute in that movie! And don't tell me you didn't shed a tear when Bambi's mother got it!

(BTW, learn2kneel)
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Old 05-20-2005, 10:52 PM   #24
War Child
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Sure Bambi had its cute/sad/sappy moments, but I don't see how the folks at Disney could market the movie as "children's entertainment." It's really just an overly cute art house film. "Man" is the villain of the story? What were they thinking? "The Lion King", on the other hand, now that's entertaining!

( starsgoblue)
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I would like to add Closer to the list. It's not a bad movie just very overrated. Julia Roberts and Jude Law annoyed me so much during the whole film. I did enjoy Clive Owen and Natalie Portman's performance.
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Old 05-21-2005, 03:52 AM   #26
love, blood, life
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The Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Harry Potter series

Those are two stories that should have never been touched. Despite the wonderful special effects, Peter Jackson simply could not capture the majesty that is J.R.R. Tolkien's work. Not that I blame him. I don't think anyone could pack in all the history, description, and characters of Middle Earth into three hours. Plus, now whenever I read the trilogy, I picture Elijah Wood's annoying face in my head. The only truly good thing about the movies was Ian McKellen. And as for Harry Potter...IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN TOUCHED! I've been a fan of the series since 1999, and the movies were a huge disappointment. The acting is terrible (with the exception of a few, eg. Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, etc) and many of the key events are either left out or changed. And the directors simply could not incorporate J.K. Rowling's amusing and witty take on things. I don't even think I'm going to watch the fourth movie when it comes out.

If they ever decide to make movies out of Terry Pratchett's Discworld collection...
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Old 05-21-2005, 04:11 AM   #27
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Lord Of The Rings trilogy
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Old 05-21-2005, 04:18 AM   #28
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Originally posted by GibsonGirl
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Harry Potter series

If they ever decide to make movies out of Terry Pratchett's Discworld collection...
Terry said a few times in the interviews that he does not wish Discworld books to become movies, so I'd say they're safe, I have read a rumour on once though that he and Terry Gilliam might want to adapt his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, "Good Omens".

I gotta say that personally I vastly prefer LoTR movies to the books <grins, ducks, runs>.

One movie I forgot to mention is "Fargo" by the Coen brothers. I loved Frances McDormand and her character but I just couldn't see why on earth that movie got so much acclaim. I just sat there thinking, so when the interesting stuff going to happen?
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Jesus Online
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Good Will Hunting. Everyone is going to disagree with me on this one, as no one offline has ever agreed with me before. I found it terribly average.

Fargo is a curious one. I rented it simply because of the acclaim, but again found myself spending most of it wondering if it was some kind of joke. Was it supposed to mock the people of Fargo? I'm not familiar with how accurate the people and settings were, not knowing the town or really the murders even, but yeah, I agree with you Saracene.
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Old 05-21-2005, 05:25 AM   #30
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American Beauty
The Usual Suspects
LA Confidential
Good Will Hunting

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