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My moms mission

My mom went to Ecuador with a team of doctors to perform free surgeries for the poor and children with cleft pallats. My mom went as a translator. She was asked by the former founder of the school my brother and I went to for children with learning differences (add, Dyslexia, etc.)

This is her e-mail.

"Today was an amazing day. I wish you were here to help
out. Each of you are needed for translating. Today I
cried, at some intakes. We have only rested yesterday,
Sunday in the afternoon. We went to do some sight sing
and to the Beach from 1 to 9 p.m. There has not being
enough time. It has been on the go with parents,
teachers, nurses and children.
When Andi told me to bring tissues I didn´t believe
her, I thought I am so tough already, I will not cried
anymore. Well I cried today at three different cases.
1- One l0 year old girl, who has been teaching the
teraphy herself, because her Mom came to the camp with
her last year, but her mom died a few months ago of
breast cancer, and asked the girl, not to give up with
her speech. to keep up although she was not going to
be with her anymore. Now she lives with her
grandmother, her grandmother, is not able to help her
out, because, she is still grieving, she says she
cries everyday, and asks God, why she had to her her
37 year old daughter, he should have taken her
Andi asked the girl, at what time she practiced. The
girl said. Like the therapy calls for, 2 times a day,
I do once at school and once at home before I start my
chores and homework. I know my Mom is in haven helping
me from there. (tears)
2- Another woman, said her little girl has been in
first grade three years because the teacher doesn´t
understand her daughter, although the girl is very
smart, nothing wrong with her intellect, only her
speech. The mother said, I am here against my husband
and mother in law. My husband refuse to give me the
$10.00 dollars for the bus ride to your place, so I
asked the neighbor for help. My mother in law chase me
to the bus scramming at me to accept the fact that my
daughter will never learn to speak and to remain at
home doing my chores and attending the rest of the
family, as I boarded the bus I scream back at her,
telling her that I wanted to die at peace, with a
clean heart, I didn´t want to die, knowing that my
daughter knew people was saying Dr's. have come from
far giving hope to some, and I was not brave enough to
bring her. And she added, I am became brave, because I
heard that room and board was free, and that I was not
going to sleep in the streets with her.

(tears) I am learning so much, soooo much! My God!
there is so much going on. At noon time, Andi call the
lady in charge of rotary club, and said. Dona Raquel,
I have three children, that I think can not speak
because I think they are deaf, I think they can not
here, they must be some ENT in town find them, look
for them I need to talk to someone who has the
equipment to do an AUDIO test on these children.
Because we can not accept them into camp, if they are
deaf. So after lunch this Dr. comes in, and he is
introduce to the Jobe´s and we sit on a circle by the
grace of God, and ANdi, explains him what they are
here for, that this is their forth time and etc. The
Dr. turns to Andi, and said, here I am, every service
is free, any time, the surgery also free, with one
condition. Andy asks which. He said I am founding a
foundation name Maria Gabriela, in honor of my
daughter who died in a car crash, tears started to run
again, he said, I have not tears left, I was trained
in France, I have been serving the poor in a quiet
way, questioning why the plastic surgeons think the
ENT can not work with them?
I am keeping up the pace, I feel at peace with my job
here, I have been doing well, but it is not me, it is
the Holy Spirit who is translating, I have been amazed
at how well it comes to my mind, trying to listen to 3
or 4 people some times. When it is only ANdy is fine,
but sometime is different people, trying to give ideas
or opinions. We had such a meeting last Saturday
night, the meeting ended until the day started
at 7 am. We have another such meeting coming this
Wednesday to see if the Jobes foundation, can make a
group come together. I will tell you more when I get
home. Please boys, read this email to Dad, be good to
one another, we are very lucky. This is for everyone,
pray daily, give ALWAYS the best you have. Give your
time to others. love and listen.
I shall see you this Sunday evening. I hope you all
know that i have been carrying you in my heart. I am
truly grateful for each of you.

Love Me"

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Thank you for sharing.

Medical mission trips are very moving experiences.

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Wow, you must be very proud of your mother.
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yes I am
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Amazing work your mom is doing.
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wow! that's so great. thanks for sharing!
your mom is so wonderful!
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That is really a heartwarming story. God Bless people like your mother. God Bless your mother


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