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Old 09-02-2002, 06:57 PM   #1
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My dilema with a big spider last night!

tis a bit of a frivilous post this one, but hey nonetheless just thought I would share it with you all....

a few weeks ago I woke up early on my way to my job on the lettuce farm and I see this big 'Huntsman' spider on the wall of my living room, now bear in my mind that I live on my own in a little one bedroom granny flat so there is no one to help me in these situations, so I see this spider and tell it to go outside, cause I really dont like killing these things but I dont like them near me I leave to go to work and dont see it for ages until last night!!!!- I got home really late and I ws so tired cause I had been up since 5am and I was thinking that there was no way I could get it outside cause these spiders love to jump around and move fast, so even if I tried to get it on the end of a broom it would of run away or something, so I was looking around my place trying to find something to spray it with and all I could find was some lavendar air freshner, so I am spraying this poor thing and it is running about everywhere and meanwhile cause my place is so small I am almost keeling over from the stench of soooo much lavendar freshner in the air and then the spider hid behind my curtains and I thought well it must be dead, and I felt very bad about this, so I go to bed and start to read a bit of LOTR (which I am re-reading, with much excitement) and then this bloody spider appears on the ceiling just above my bed and I am like 'oh my' but I was soooo tired that I just went to bed knowing that it was just above me, I have never done anything like that before, so I have a question for you all, how do you get rid of creepy crawlies in your house without killing them??????

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I HATE spiders so I always begin to cry out when I see one, and sometimes I scare them away! Try it!

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just for the record: i hate spiders. they scare the hell out of me.

okay, what i usually do is capture it with a cup (you know, put the cup on top of the spider?) and then wait for my dad to come home and get rid of it. or if your dad isn't there, just stick a piece of cardboard under the cup, very carefully, and take the thing outside, and remove the cardboard. then you and the spider are happy!

oh ya, good luck catching the spider... they are quick little devils...
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I used to be scared of Spiders....


I had a much worse incident about a month ago. ....

I was outside around 10 locking up my car. I had to put the top up for the night so I sat in my car to do so. Then I see a big Spider crawl across my dash toward me. I scream for my Dad and he brushes it out the door and I think thats that.

So a minute later i'm up in my room chatting with y'all and i have a tickle on top of my head. i go to scratch and theres SOMETHING THERE. I feel it and unsuccessfully try to rip whatever it is from my hair, then run downstairs blindly yelling for dad again, screaming "THERES SOMETHING IN MY HAIR!!!! HELP!" He grabs it and flings it to the floor and sure enough, BIG spider. He can't find it so I go to get a flashlight and a minute later i feel a tickle in my pants leg.

At this point i'm in Panic mode so I grab and squeeze that part up by my pocket, then proceed to rip my pants off (yes right in front of my dad-I was totally nutso at that point. I didn't care) and shook them out. I checked inside and sure enough there was some bug guts on the inside of my pants where i squished. Never did find the remnants of that damn spider. I swear I didn't sleep that night. I was positive he was gonna just curl up and sleep next to me on my pillow.

I say KILL the bastard. All Spiders must die. you have to kill it. A spider I see is a dead spider. I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM......

This incident has left me insanely frightened of spiders, anything such as fuzz on the floor which resembles a spider, even a hair brushing me now freaks me out. I now need psychological help, like seriously.
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Sorry, but I can't offer advice...I always have to kill them because they scare me!!

I can't squash them cuz they leave a stain...I used to spray them with hairspray or perfume, but Dad caught me and got mad because I was going to ruin the walls and ceilings. So now I suck them up with the vacuum cleaner.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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My roommate and I Just killed one the size of my fist

seriously SCARY!!!!!!

we tried squirting it w/ blech but it could RUN- so then I threw a shoe at it and squished it. THEN flushed it.

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Originally posted by Bonochick

So now I suck them up with the vacuum cleaner.
Thats so awesome! I dislike spiders too!
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I always freeze when I see them and the F*@#ers get away everytime......
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Remembers A Story...

One time, I was staying at my sister's house, and I was settling in for bed when I noticed a big spider up in the corner of the ceiling. I pointed it out to my sister, and she said, "That's Henry...he won't hurt you...he's been there for weeks. Don't kill him, he's my friend!"

I could not sleep...not with Henry staring at me, waiting to crawl up my nose or in my mouth as soon as I drifted off.
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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U got me started...insect stories, very popular round these here parts

Hi Aurora, u have to be brave down under. Land of big things, Bananas, Pinapples, Merino Sheep, Prawns... that one is, I think THE worst and I see it regularly
So yes, a huntsman on the ceiling at night can be disconcerting. I have been known to massacre the occassional fellow creature.(I am having to keep my eyes open at the moment for the first of the summer's red -bellied black snakes to take up residence under my house. The frogs are taking advantage of the recent rain to breed...and the snakes know that...ahh nature.)
I wear boots as much as possible. We have funnel webs in autumn,.I will squash one of those if it comes into the house. I think the rapid squash method is more humane than spraying with vapour or chemical. I know you can euthanase reptiles in the freezer.
But you get the Sain magazine from sanity?I just started to read the one with Jennifer Hewiit Love on the cover .(I've seen 3 CD's I want already, only up to page23)

If you can turn to page18. It made me think of your story and
I plan on winning those Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets. I have friends going to the Sydney and Brisbane concerts, so all I need is a ticket. Fingers crossed.

I commented in another thread that we haven't seen huntsman spiders here lately, but that may because we have more lizards. Oh in early winter we get orb web spiders EVERYWHERE, have you encountered them? The webs look spectacular with the dew drops on them, but if you walk into them at night they are sticky and you wonder where the huge fat resident spider is. I love insects, but some of them scare me.
I wish I had a lens to record some of the amazing one off creatures I have seen over the years. A lime green tiny disc insect that moved about by flipping end over end.....uh oh...I have just recalled...the cicadas will start up soon. INSECTS, SPIDERS, REPTILES..I them.

I saw you comment on my location<------over there, the storm. I will get around to telling the story one day. It was truly incredible and it is not over yet. I have a pic from the day of the concert, the stage , before it got datk, a fond memory, gosh we had fun.

PS: I have been meaning to say in the "what is out your window thread" a very sadly and long neglected vegetable garden" it's too dry to remedy that this season.
You grow lettuce ? I often comment on how lucky we are to have such quality fresh food in Oz. I buy my veges from the local store now and I know he buys them from the Brisbane markets, each Tuesday, early Superb. For your wee part, danka beautifully.
beSunsafe...but you know that

Sleep in Peace (spiders and all, good luck)
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Re: U got me started...insect stories, very popular round these here parts

Originally posted by cass
So yes, a huntsman on the ceiling at night can be disconcerting. I have been known to massacre the occassional fellow creature.(I am having to keep my eyes open at the moment for the first of the summer's red -bellied black snakes to take up residence under my house. The frogs are taking advantage of the recent rain to breed...and the snakes know that...ahh nature.)
My worst nightmare....try to banish those thoughts before I go to sleep... I do admire those of you that aren't so terrifired by nature as much as I am...I completely confess to being a total baby though, and especially terrified of the above mentioned creature...
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i don't even know why i read this thread. i'm soooooo arachnophobic.

i can't even say the word, lol. whenever i see a ting (as my family calls them around me, lmao) i scream bloody murder and run in some other room, closing the door behind me. and i never forget to lock the door, since they're masterminds at opening doors and all.
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ahh Cass- where I live you get heaps of spiders, I remember the last time that I lived in the particular suburb of the Sunshine Coast that our place, as I called it was 'Huntsman Heaven', and sadly 'Cooum' is notorious for mozzies in Summer on dusk, good thing I have heaps of mozzie coils as I have this great outside area with tables and chairs, heaps of trees and chimes and it has ocean views and it is so nice to sit our there in the warmer months with a drink and if it be watch the ocean or a storm rolling off the water- ahhh bliss- roll on summer!!!!

My lettuce job is pretty cool- three mornings a week at a hydroponic farm and the farm is located out the back of one of Queensland's best thai restaraunts and it has the most amazing garden- it is all landscaped with ponds and rainforest and we have water dragons and the most arromatic her garden- I love the lettuc farm, but we only deliver to Sunshine Coast shops and markets, the only bummer thing about the farm is that being bushy and all there are snakes in summer and I am completely paranoid of snakes, I havnt been there as yet for summer but no doubt they may appear soon as today was 27c, so I will be walking with very loud steps soon and could you please scan that pic that you refered to of the concert, I would love to see it and I dont know if yu bought it, but I will scan it one day soon but I have a great pic of Bono as Macphisto that was on the front page of the Brisbane Sunday Mail newspaper the day after the concert- it shows Mac with his arms outstretched and open and he is holding a rose and there are droplets of rain on him- it is so nice and everytime I look at it I am reminded of that wonderful night back in 93
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Bloody hell you pacifists are nuts!!!

Cass, people like you have all my deepest respect. I cannot bring myself to love something that is an abomination of nature. 8 legs, no legs. They deserve to die. As quickly as possible. I am so unbelievably terrified of spiders, this thread like many of you guys, is enough to scare the absolute crap out of me.

Where I grew up sounds as bad as where you guys are Oz and Cass. Living in the Blue Mountains was not idyliic like all the tourists make out to be. The place is absolutely crawling with things lying in wait to kill you. The onset of summer was always ruined by the familiar fear of red backs, white tails, blue mountains funnel webs, sydney funnel webs over recent years, red bellies, yellow bellies, browns, king browns, you name it. God I'm feeling things crawl up my legs as I type. I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread! Once after finding about the 3rd steroid enhanced huntsmen in my bedroom in one week, I finally blew it and marched out to the garage and said "dad, you are taking this selley's no more gaps and sealing up my window". Known for my insanity over spiders he didnt argue but remarked at the end it was probably a fire hazard to seal the window so completely. (another joy of living in the Aussie bush ) I said bugger the fires, as it was a good 20 foot drop to the ground outside my window anyway and if there did happen to ever be a fire, it would likely approach from the bush outside said window and if I chose to jump I would break my neck anyway.

I think, or hope rather, I have cured this spider problem, by moving to a very residential area just at the foot of the mountains. Spiders are not anywhere near as common in these parts as they are up the road. That being said, last summer I went for a bit of a gander at the lovely day from my backyard and came face to face with a big arse mofo'ing King Brown. Right there in my residential, urban planned backyard! Frozen in fear was an understatement. I have never been so petrified in my whole life. We had a bit of a staring contest, and even if I could have moved, I am glad I didnt as all I could think was 'these bastards will attack, they attack!'. It was about 1.8 metres long too. To cut along story short, it eventually slithered round to the front and went up the road a bit, but I did what Khanada does and locked all the doors just in case it knew how to open them.

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