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Old 09-03-2002, 02:58 AM   #16
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Re: I used to be scared of Spiders....

Originally posted by Ali Rose

I had a much worse incident about a month ago. ....

I was outside around 10 locking up my car. I had to put the top up for the night so I sat in my car to do so. Then I see a big Spider crawl across my dash toward me. I scream for my Dad and he brushes it out the door and I think thats that.

So a minute later i'm up in my room chatting with y'all and i have a tickle on top of my head. i go to scratch and theres SOMETHING THERE. I feel it and unsuccessfully try to rip whatever it is from my hair, then run downstairs blindly yelling for dad again, screaming "THERES SOMETHING IN MY HAIR!!!! HELP!" He grabs it and flings it to the floor and sure enough, BIG spider. He can't find it so I go to get a flashlight and a minute later i feel a tickle in my pants leg.

At this point i'm in Panic mode so I grab and squeeze that part up by my pocket, then proceed to rip my pants off (yes right in front of my dad-I was totally nutso at that point. I didn't care) and shook them out. I checked inside and sure enough there was some bug guts on the inside of my pants where i squished. Never did find the remnants of that damn spider. I swear I didn't sleep that night. I was positive he was gonna just curl up and sleep next to me on my pillow.

I say KILL the bastard. All Spiders must die. you have to kill it. A spider I see is a dead spider. I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM......

This incident has left me insanely frightened of spiders, anything such as fuzz on the floor which resembles a spider, even a hair brushing me now freaks me out. I now need psychological help, like seriously.
ali, that is seriously fucked up i hope never to experience that in my life time ever. damn, that is too freaky. so sorry you had to go thru that

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New Yorker
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*hugs MN and its fairly small, non-poisonous spiders*

Ours can't quite open doors...

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Im even too scared to try and kill the great big ones, what if they wont die!!!
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update on the spider saga- I havnt seen it today, but then again I think that they only like to come out at night, so I went and did some shopping today and bought some fly and insect killer spray so if it does appear again I am well prepared, but I would like to come up with a better way of doing this- I really dont want to kill them and Angela your story with the brown snake, man o man I would of been a nervous wreak for weeks after that- I have seen three snakes in my lifetime- a little carpet, a reb belly black and I swear what must of been the worlds biggest carpet snake stretched across the length of a dirt road I was driving along a few years back and all three incidents were scary and the worst thing is where my Dad lives- he lives on 1000 acres of bush just north of the coast and it is snake heaven- his last dog even died from a taipan bite- needless to say I dont visit him much out there....but I too have had a few close encounters with these scary animals once with a spider that crawled up my school blouse- I was in year 11 on my way to music class after lunch and I picked my bag up and placed it on my hip to get some books out and there must of been a spider that was on my bag and then it crawled up my shirt and I was standing in the doorway talking to someone and with our school blouses being white and it was a sunny summery day my teacher asked me what the silhouete was off on my shirt and I looked down my blouse and there I see this huntsman- not huge but not small either hanging on the front of my bra, I didn't freak that much but quickly ran to the toilets and took my top off and watched as the spider then hung about on my shoulder and then arm, after that I was quite shakey...

another scary incident was one time when I was camping and it involved a big, big goanna- you know the ones that are about a metre plus in length and they kinda resemble smaller Komodo dragons...anyway there was a heap of us camping and we had seen this goanna cruising about and they dont really bother you that much and we were in his area, so I am sitting in my little two man tnet- the kind with only one entry and exit and I hear this rustling about out near the front of my tent and then the goanna walks past and sticks his head into my tent- if the thing would of come all the way in it would have easily of taken up one length of the tent!!! I just froze and thankfully it just poked its head out and kept on walking- I was so scared.....anyway the joys of creepy crawlies
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Ali girl, I wouldn't be surprised if you said you passed out from that! Argh crawling through your hair is ...argh...
Hey Oz is it just an urban legend that you should never run over a snake in your car? You hear these crazy arsed stories about them getting caught up in the engine bay and wont necessarily be dead...and can slide through to the inside of the car and stuff...
I'm freaking out again! The biggest lizard I've ever seen is just your regular old blue tongue. Nothing close to a metre in length!

I think I may move to where Ali Rose lives. Sounds nice and safe there...

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oh do I have some photos I wished I had scanned.
Before I had dogs, we had huge goannas wandering through the place at will. When my first son was newborn, my slightly odd neighbour suddenly started running around the outside of the house. I didn't see what he was doing and he came in holding a huge hissing goanna by the tail. He and hub thought it would be hilarious to get my precious new born baby out of his basinettte and hold him up for a photo next to the goanna. I must have complied because I obviously took the photo. The goanna is easily twice as big as the baby.

Actaully my other neighbours mum is from the Sunshine Coast Aurora. She is a reiki healer and some sort of psychic. She thinks there is a powerful goanna dreaming negative male energy in the gully where I live, some sort of sorrow left behind from tribal aboriginal days. I would not be surprised, this area had a very high tribal population pre-white contact and we have found tools and grinding grooves nearby. Someone spent a lot of time here a long long time ago.That is a bit sad, but I have worked with it and don't feel too perturbed by that idea.Anytime I have the opportunity I ask the elders for advice and they say, so much has changed and my heart is good, so it's OK to be in male areas. I hope so.

Did you live in Mudjimba? I think I have heard you mention it. My niece taught at the Nambour High School for her first 2 years out of Uni. She lived at Mudjimba and LOVED it. It would be funny to find you had known her.

anyway...on a roll..I used to laugh during the first few years we lived here and visited neighbours. The conversations went form politics to religion to INSECTS..everytime!!!they really are essential ,but can give you grief..........
neighbours short rhyme

Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a peach
I cut down all my stone fruit trees because of not wanting to use fruit fly chemicals and ARGHHHH!! it was warm last night and the monolyptus beetles were on the move, they can destroy a crop overnight... woops, got started again!
creatures great and small

PS: I wonder what the current extent of the fire ant territory is? Now they sound seriously scary. They can kill a child . Actually I bought some bananas form my local store keeper yesterday and got home and noticed a HUGE horrible Brisbane cockroach in the bag!!UGH!!! where's that spray Aurora!!! Cockroaches i HATE, even if they shall inherit the earth one day!!!So I must be careful about bringing home plants and soil from QLD. I would not like to import fire ants.

Peace...until someone mentions critters again

PS: I can't resist attaching a pic.
Monty Python, He lives in the ceiling, He is a baby compared to the one that lives up in the rocks behind the house. You can only see about half his length in the picI haven't seen him all winter, he always reappears bigger and glossier than ever. My dog lets me know when he is on the move. We call Gusto a "German Crocweiller Snake Hound" he has a unique bark for snakes, lizards or's the echidnas that really get him going...
CASS!!!! shut up!!!
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Paper Gods
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Originally posted by cass
Monty Python
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@ the replies to this thread. sorry, this thread is too funny! even though i hate spiders and other creepy crawlies, these stories cracked me up!!

ps- another way to kill them is to wack them with a rolled up newspaper! it always works! or you could get one of your guy friends to come over and kill it. guys don't seem to be scared of bugs...
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Originally posted by souLnation2002
[B or you could get one of your guy friends to come over and kill it. guys don't seem to be scared of bugs... [/B]
You know I was only just resently mentioning my spider incident to a male friend of mine and I was asking him what was the best thing to do in these situations and he said the best thing to use is a boyfriend- so there you go I need to get a boyfriend- lol!!!!

and Cass, how amazing I actually went to Nambour High School for year 11 & 12, I finished in 1995 so maybe I might know of your niece and I dont or havn't lived in Mudjimba from where I currently live in Coolum, Mudjimba is only about 10ks south and by the way that snake pic is terryifying- yuk!!!!!
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Originally posted by souLnation2002
@ the replies to this thread. sorry, this thread is too funny! even though i hate spiders and other creepy crawlies, these stories cracked me up!!

Mine WASN'T funny. I am emotionally wounded for life.

I guess its good to know someones day is brightened partially due to me.
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A friend recently woke up one morning to find a cockroach crawling across her boyfriend's back. She ended up breaking up with him and he moved out.

The irony here is that HER father owns an extermination business...

(PS - this is not an urban legend...)

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