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Originally posted by joyfulgirl

At first I thought something was wrong with my car CD player because the first CD I bought, Hope of the States, wouldn't play at all, and then My Bloody Valentine was so distorted I thought it wasn't playing right, lol. Then I realized, oh, this is how they sound.

I had done a lot of reading on them before purchasing Loveless (and had heard 3 songs from 'Loveless' also, otherwise I'm sure I would have been in the same boat. Sometimes if I havent listened to them for a while, I'll find myself messing with my headphones/volume to try to hear the lyrics.....then I remember what I'm listening to.

They're definitely considerably different than most people are used to, so dont fret if you arent hooked immediately! Give it some time, and think to yourself "this came out in 1991". It's really amazing to me that it's nearly 15 years old, and it sounds more "modern"/inventive than so much of what you hear today. Oh yeah, try to listen to it fairly loudly too (that's what I do, and it always works for me!)

Incredible album, it's really affected the kind of music/genres I listen to lately.

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Originally posted by u2popmofo
On a related tangent, how do you guys feel about Ride? I heard the song 'Vapour Trail' last week, and havent been able to get enough of it since then. Their 'Nowhere' album is now at the top of my "buy ASAP" list. Let me know any info or feelings you may have about them.
Yes, yes, do listen to Ride, a decidedly underappreciated band (in relation to people like Stone Roses, Pixies etc). Actually I think that whole era of Creation Records is probably worth a listen, if you're able to find say compilations etc. Some is quite "shoegazer-y" but that's where Ride is different. They take atmospherics and throw in 60's style guitar and play it LOUD!!!!! I like all their stuff, their later stuff became more psychedelic as Andy Bell went off on one too many trips, but still worth a listen.

Also I wholeheartedly recommend listening to House of Love. Also a Creation band of the late 80's, they had chiming guitars like no other (sorry Edge, but!). I recommend their first album "House of Love" or the singles "Destroy the Heart" and "Christine" (which was No. 1 single as voted by NME readers in 1988 I believe).

I luv'em all!

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while i appreciate the innovative guitarwork and the influence on much of the alt-rock of the 90s (smashing pumpkins comes to mind), i don't understand all the adoration this album gets. maybe i need to listen to it some more.

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